Know What’s The Cheapest Way to Ship Large Packages in 2022?

The global cargo shipping industry crossed over $11.09 billion tons in 2021. The industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.8% within 2021-2026.

The scale in the shipment industry is due to the increasing demand for online shopping and changing consumer behavior. 

Being a business, you must be looking to minimize the delivery cost to help you maximize the profits and scale your business operations. But the delivery costs can go up when it comes to large packages.

So, how can you minimize the cost of freight shipment?

What’s the cheapest way to ship large packages?

Let’s find out.

What is Freight Shipping?

The freight shipping process involves couriering or sending heavy or large goods to be delivered using traditional parcel posts.

Different shipping and courier companies have specific weight sizes and limit restrictions to define their shipping categories.

For example, courier service providers like FedEx or UPS consider freight shipment for products measuring longer than 108 inches or weighing more than 150 pounds. At the same time, DHL caps their international shipping at 44 pounds.

There’s a major difference between freight and parcel shipping that multiple business owners are not aware of. Have a look:

Is Freight Shipping Different from Parcel Shipping?

The freight shipment process works differently compared to smaller parcels or packages. Here are some basic differential points that can help you understand both the shipment processes.

  • Change in the delivery time

    Freight shippers provide you with the estimated arrival time, but unlike Priority Mail Express, USPS Priority Mail,  or small-parcel shipping options, there’s no guarantee of on-time delivery.

    The nature of the freight shipment makes it difficult to predict and estimate the exact time of arrival of the products. The long and complex shipment process can encounter different hiccups that can hinder the ETAs. While the smaller packages can arrive at the destination within a specific time.

  • Product disclosure

    Freight shipments travel with a bill of lading (BOL) that informs the couriers about the product information they are delivering. The courier service providers must know about the product they are processing during the freight shipment.

    The BOL acts as a contract with freight shipments that can help to settle the dispute if something is lost or damaged during the processing. It should be accurate and filled, which can help you remain on the safer side.

    While shipping a small package can be less complex, the details of the products are not given that much priority. Both parties handle the loss and damages with compensation or other means that help to streamline the delivery process.

    Some courier service providers ask for parcel details to ensure complete transparency.

  • Durability and density

    The major difference between freight and parcel shipping is the density of the goods, not just the weight or size. The shipping rates of the products get affected because of the change in the density.

    When you choose a non-freight parcel, heavy items are priced higher than light ones. But with freight shipments, heavier items are not necessarily priced higher than light ones.

    For example, ping-pong balls are priced higher during a freight shipment than bricks because they are less durable, less dense, and likely to get damaged during transit.

    While ping-pong balls are delivered in small parcel packaging, they’re priced less than bricks.

But different freight shipment methods can cost you differently. Look at the broad range of freight shipment methods for shipping large boxes.

What are Different Methods of Freight Shipping?

Some common freight shipping methods are

1. Less-than-truckload (LTL)

The LTL method is considered Less-Than-Load (LTL) and is designed for small loads or quantities shipped using different freight means. 

The product should be between 150 and 15,000 pounds to fall out of the LTL category. You should always check the default value of the LTL freight shipment with the shipping carriers, as each has its limits and rules.

Your consignment is combined with other customers to complete one container space and deliver it successfully to the desired location. Sharing the space with other customers can help you minimize the shipping costs but increases the risk of damage.

It’s advised that you don’t choose LTL if you have an important fragile consignment. Also, don’t use large boxes that can eat up the freight shipment space and limit your volume during the LTL shipment.

2. Full truckload (FTL)

You can choose FTL or Full Truckload if you have a large consignment that requires a dedicated truck to complete the freight shipment. The load weighed more than 15,000 pounds can be put under the FTL shipment category. 

The shipment mode is costly compared to the LTP because an entire container space is used for your consignment, and there’s no sharing with other customers. Irrespective of the space consumed within the container, you need to pay the full amount for the FTL freight shipment process.

But the shipment is processed faster, and there are reduced chances of product damage which can help you deliver a quality customer experience. 

3. Partial truckload (PTL)

The hybrid solution between LTL and FTL is considered partial truckload or PTL. The shipping rates are less than FTL because you don’t pay for a single trailer and can send more goods than LTL.

The shipping companies prefer the PTL shipping services, allowing businesses to achieve their desired shipping results with finesse.

You can choose PTL freight shipments if the goods are between 5,000 to 38,000 pounds.

4. Expedited

The expedited shipping ensures that your goods are delivered faster than the regular transit time. Different freight means you can ensure smooth and fast delivery that can help you reduce the delivery time.

There are minimal delivery stops in expedited freight shipping, which can be considered the fastest means to transport your goods from pickup to delivery.

But what’s the cheapest way to ship large packages?

The Cheapest Way to Ship Large Packages 

You can use a few specific inexpensive ways to freight and achieve your desired shipment results. Have a look:

1. Associate with freight brokers

A freight broker is a company or individual who acts as an intermediary between a customer and the authorized shipping carriers.

You can connect with leading freight brokers who can help you achieve the desired results. Freight brokers can help you find reliable freight companies based on your requirements to ensure that you deliver the consignment within the desired dates.

You can get competitive pricing from freight brokers that can help you ship large consignments at lower prices. Being a new or occasional freight shipper, you can choose freight brokers who can provide tailored solutions because of their experience in the freight industry.

2. Courier Services

Another cheap shipping option to ship packages is associating with the freight shipment service providers. You can compare service providers’ prices like USPS, DHL, or FedEx ground.

You can get lower prices depending on the dimensional weight and class of the product. Look at the features of different top service providers.

  1. USPS

    The United States Postal Service offers a wide range of shipping solutions and mail types. You can also avail the overnight shipping options offered by the freight shipment providers. USPS has broadly categorized easy shipment of large packages.

    You can use flat-rate boxes for your products that weigh less than 70 pounds. It offers medium, small, and large flat rate boxes. The larger the shipment box, the higher the price.

    The company takes one to three days to ship the freight and uses Priority Mail to complete the delivery process. Flat-rate shipping is the cheapest option offered by the company for shipping your packages.

  2. FedEx

    FedEx shipping services offer quality air, water, and ground shipping options. You can compare the shipping costs of different services the company offers, which can help you make a better decision.

    It offers heavy and oversized package delivery services. Ground shipping has a limit of 250 pounds and 108 inches in length. The delivery time of FedEx is one to seven days depending upon the location, quantity, and shipping method.

    If you want to ship heavy packages, you can check the FedEx Freight option, and the shipping cost can be calculated by the package’s overall weight and size. You can create a bill of lading and get tailored quotes from the shipment provider.

  3. DHL

    DHL shipping solution is excellent for your international transportation issues. The freight company has strong tie-ups with multiple airlines globally and can help you achieve your target with finesse.

    The air freight services offered by the company deliver same-day delivery results and other affordable shipping options. 

    The company also offers economical shipping methods that take five to seven days to complete the freight shipment process. You can also avail yourself of special cargo handling, day-definite international shipments, and temperature-controlled environmental features.

    Analyze these top freight service providers and choose the most economical shipping method these companies offer.

3. Perform self-delivery using Upper Route Planner 

The last cost-effective method you can use for shipping pallets is by using a professional route planner for your crew. You can create the delivery fleet to help you resolve your delivery issues and help you achieve smooth last-mile deliveries.

Creating a new delivery fleet can cost you an initial investment, but it’s great for your long-term business growth and sustainability. You can bypass the dependency on other courier shipping carriers and achieve your desired delivery goals.

You can control the customer experience and personalize your delivery operations to ensure you stand out. 

Choose a quality route planner that can help you minimize the complexities of managing your delivery operations and ensure you can automate your scheduling, dispatching, and monitoring of your delivery operations.

You can choose Upper Route Planner as your preferred route planner that can boost your delivery operation results and increase the efficiency of your delivery business.

The software can provide an extra edge to your delivery ecosystem and help you achieve your shipment targets without compromising the quality of service.

We’ll discuss more of the functionalities of the software in the latter half, but let’s first discuss the benefits of freight shipping for your business.

Benefits of Freight Shipping

1. Easy transportation of large packages

Freight shipment offers you the opportunity to transport large shipments across the country or internationally. You can choose different types of shipping methods that can help you in the delivery process and ensure that you deliver a quality customer experience.

2. Safety and security

Freight shipments travel with a bill of lading (BOL), highlighting the details of the freight products and making the individuals aware of a specific freight shipment. It can help you resolve conflicts in case of damage or losses and ensure you increase the security and safety of the deliveries.

3. Flexibility

When you try to ship large packages using freight shipment, you must focus on saving a few bucks. Freight shipment offers you the option to save money by choosing different inexpensive freight shipment methods.

You can have the flexibility to choose a customized shipment type that can help you achieve your desired business outcome in a highly cost-effective manner.

How to Ship Large Packages using the Upper Route Planner?

Choosing an Upper Route Planner for your delivery crew can help you master the art of self-delivery and achieve great success with your delivery processing. You can create a foolproof and organized large shipment processing ecosystem that can help you minimize the delivery cost and improve your profits.

Within a few clicks, you can get real-time tracking of the delivery operations and streamline your management process. You can create a smooth communication link between your on-ground delivery workforce and management team to help unlock better business performance.

Upper can help you handle the multiple-stops routing process with finesse and ensure that you can stand out from different businesses in your industry. You can upload multiple delivery addresses and dispatch your large delivery fleet with a few clicks.

 The software’s ability to create multiple routes at once and analyze the real-time traffic, weather, and ETA updates to deliver optimized and shortest delivery routes. 

You can provide your customers with an excellent experience that can help you scale your business to new heights and increase your profits. 

Upper Route Planner can help you create detailed reports for optimizing your existing delivery business performance and ensure that your employee works on their areas of improvement.

Avail the 7-day trial period now and ship large packages with Upper seamlessly.

Ship Large Packages at Minimal Cost

On Upper, schedule your package deliveries months in advance. Fulfill your target with fewer resources and reduced operational costs by using a fully automated delivery process.


The cost of the freight shipment depends on the shipment type, product density, size, and multiple factors. Different courier companies charge different shipping charges, but you can create a self-delivery ecosystem to help you minimize the shipping cost.

Freight cost is calculated by the density, size, and type of shipment preferred by the freight shipper. Sometimes, larger shipments can be priced at a high price that can help you increase your profits and minimize the operational cost.

Oversized items are the ones that don’t fit in a specific shipping container, parcel, or box. The oversized items can also be called heavy-weight items that cross the standard barriers of different courier companies. You might be charged extra for the oversized items, which can increase the delivery cost.

Deliver Large Packages At a Highly Affordable Price

Delivering large packages at an affordable price can help you increase your profits and ensure a quality customer experience. You can choose self-delivery options to help you remove the dependency on different courier service providers and freight brokers.

Integrate a professional route planner like Upper Crew Route Planner that can streamline your delivery operations and ensure you can deliver large delivery products at cost-effective prices.

Try the now and experience the change.

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