Circuit Pricing: Breaking It Down for You

  • Circuit’s entry-level plans are affordable and feature-rich, but their stop-based pricing makes it less suitable for businesses looking to expand beyond 1,000 stops per month.
  • Circuit charges extra for each stop that goes beyond the limit included in their plan, making it expensive for businesses looking to scale delivery operations.
  • Looking for alternatives? Try out Upper as its pricing has a slight edge over Circuit route planner cost and provides advanced features like in-app navigation and contact book management.

What brings you here? 

Have you heard of Circuit while on your quest for the best route optimization software but are unsure whether it’s worth your investment? 

Or do you want to compare Circuit’s pricing against competitors’ to determine the most feasible option? 

Or you are already using Circuit but wondering if you could go for a plan upgrade?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, you may be delighted to know you are in the right place.

This blog on Circuit pricing serves as your exhaustive guide to the software’s pricing tiers, the features it offers, and how it compares to other route planning and optimization software

By the end of this blog, you will have gained valuable insights that will help you make an informed decision about your new purchase or upgrade.

So, let’s dive in.

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Circuit for Teams Pricing Plans 2024

circuit pricing plans

Following is the tabular comparison of Circuit for Teams’ different pricing tiers.

Starter Essentials Standard Pro
Pricing Starts at $100 per month Starts at $200 per month Starts at $250 per month Starts at $300 per month
No. of stops included 500 1,000 1,000 1,000
Best for Micro to small businesses Small to mid-sized businesses Mid-sized businesses to large businesses Large businesses to enterprises
Price per additional stop $0.04 $0.05 $0.06 $0.07
No. of dispatcher roles 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
No. of drivers 5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Circuit Pricing Plans Explained

Circuit’s pricing starts at $100 per month and goes up to $300 monthly. 

Below are the details of Circuit’s pricing tiers.

1. Starter: $100 per month

The ‘Starter’ package lets you add up to the first 500 stops to plan routes for them. 

Whether you add them all in one route or spread them across multiple routes, you must pay $0.04 for each extra stop you add beyond this limit. 

Further, this plan allows you to add only 1 dispatcher and up to 5 driver roles. It provides the driver delivery app, customer notifications, and proof of delivery.

However, you can’t access delivery analytics or export route data for deliveries made only up to 14 days ago. It may not suffice for large businesses that need to analyze trends and initiate improvement measures based on the data collected over a longer period.

This plan perfectly fits micro to small businesses looking to fulfill basic delivery route planning requirements. 

2. Essentials: $200 per month

The ‘Essential’ plan extends the number of stops to 1,000. However, every additional stop may cost $0.01 more than in the Starter plan, as the price per extra stop is $0.05. 

It allows you to create unlimited dispatcher and driver roles and leverage delivery analytics for the past 90 days. 

This plan suits small to mid-sized businesses that need to optimize routes with more stops to expand delivery operations faster. 

However, this plan is missing major customer-facing features, such as SMS and email delivery notifications, dynamic ETAs, and proof of delivery.

3. Standard: $250 per month

The ‘Standard’ plan keeps the number of stops allowed the same, 1,000. However, the price per additional stop is $0.06, higher by $0.01 compared to Essential.

Another aspect is the duration for which you can leverage delivery analytics and export route data on past deliveries. This plan has upgraded the duration from 90 days to 1 year. 

It is a perfect match for medium—or large-sized businesses looking to make informed decisions based on historical data gathered over a long period.

The fact that the number of stops stays the same while the price per additional stop increases may cause delivery costs to surge, though. 

4. Pro: $300 per month

The ‘Pro’ plan is the most comprehensive, but the number of stops remains the same.

The price per additional stop is $0.07, which drives up your delivery costs fast while providing no flexibility in the number of included stops allowed (that could’ve been provided in the most expensive package on their list!)

The duration you can access delivery analytics or export route data for past deliveries has no bounds on this plan. 

It is ideal for large businesses or enterprises that can afford to pay a high amount for additional stops without letting this significantly hamper their return on investment. 

Circuit Route Planner Price vs Competitors’

Software / Aspect Circuit Upper Routific Route4Me
Pricing Model Stop-based User-based (minimum 3 users included at a flat rate) Vehicle-based User-based
Price range (per month, billed monthly) $100 to $300 $150 – Custom $49 to $93 $200 – $450 (minimum 5 users across all plans)
Stops / Tasks included 500 – 1000 250 – Custom Not applicable Not applicable
Free version
Free trial 7 days 7 days 7 days 7 days
Minimum users Not applicable 3 – 5 Not applicable 5
Annual discount on pricing
In-app navigation
Contact management
Curbside delivery ✅ (payable add-on)
OCR address scan
Vehicle capacity constraints ✅ (payable add-on)
Multi-depot management ✅ (only in the most expensive plan)

All the software options provide a free 7-day trial. However, only Circuit and Upper provide a free version that allows you to plan routes with up to 10 stops.

Circuit route planning software enables you to create unlimited routes as long as your total stops don’t exceed 500 or 1000, based on your plan. You need to pay extra for each stop you add when your stops exceed this number.

Upper’s software overcomes this constraint by allowing unlimited routes with no limitations on monthly total stops, making it easier and more affordable to scale delivery operations.

As Routific’s pricing is vehicle-based, it may be feasible for large businesses with fleets of trucks that can afford to pay a fixed amount for each vehicle. This is because Routific charges the same price for each vehicle, irrespective of its type.

However, for a small business with a large fleet of bicycles and scooters and low delivery capacity, Routific may not be an economical choice. Moreover, their base package contains only route optimization and dispatch of routes to drivers, making it quite limited in terms of features. 

Route4Me may be a perfect fit for those who mix and match variably priced modules to fulfill delivery requirements. However, they don’t provide ‘route optimization’ and ‘time-window configuration’ in their entry-level package, making it more expensive. Moreover, user-based pricing may not be a cost-effective option for smaller teams. 

Is Circuit worth the pricing?

Circuit for Teams is solid delivery dispatch software for businesses with multiple drivers and dispatchers. 

Circuit’s advantage is that their entry-level pricing tier includes almost all the features, like the number of stops or the maximum period for which you can access past delivery analytics, but with some limitations.

However, even in their most expensive plan, they provide up to 1000 stops. Any additional stop requires an extra price, which may cause your delivery costs to surge, limiting scalability. 

Circuit caters to small businesses with limited budgets and moderate delivery volumes. However, their stop-based pricing makes it less suitable for those looking to scale and expand their delivery addresses beyond 1000. 

Looking for a Good Circuit Alternative? Take a Look at Upper

Upper’s route optimization software is a powerful and budget-friendly alternative to Circuit, as it does not have a stop-based pricing structure.

Aspect / Software
Pricing tiers Starter, Essential, Standard, and Pro Essentials, Growth, and Enterprise
Discount on annual billing No discount offered 20%
Route limits Unlimited routes with a limit on total stops per month based on the plan Unlimited routes across all plans
Additional stop per charge $0.04 - $0.07 based on the selected plan Not applicable

Unlike Circuit, Upper doesn’t charge a single cent above the plan’s price, whether you have 1000 deliveries or 5000. This makes Upper ideal for small businesses with a handful of stops or large enterprises with thousands of addresses alike. 

We are considering Circuit’s and Upper’s entry-level package pricing details to understand how Upper has a competitive edge. 

Let’s assume you have to cover 1500 addresses per month. Circuit’s basic plan, ‘Starter’ (priced at $100), allows only up to 500 stops. 

So, you must pay an additional price for the remaining 1000 stops. 

Price per stop = $0.04 

The total price for 1000 extra stops = 1000 x 0.04 = $40. 

The plan’s total cost becomes $100 + $40 = $140 per month. Thus, the yearly cost of the plan becomes $140 x 12 = $1660.

On the contrary, Upper’s ‘Essential’ plan starts at $120 per month (billed annually). It lets you create unlimited routes, each with up to 250 stops. 

So, Upper’s yearly cost, $120 x 12 = $1440, stays the same whether the total stops are 1000, 2000, or more, fostering scalability.  

Upper’s pricing tiers are designed to provide cost-effective solutions for businesses of all sizes. With competitive monthly subscription rates and discounted annual subscriptions, Upper offers significant cost savings compared to Circuit.

Moreover, while Upper and Circuit offer a wide range of route planning and delivery management features, Upper has a slight edge as it provides various features that Circuit lacks, such as: 

  • Route quality: Upper creates the most optimal routes that don’t involve crisscrossing or overlapping. It helps avoid drivers’ frustration and maximize the ease of navigation.
  • Analytics and reporting for unlimited days: Upper lets you access reports and analytics from up to N days in the past.
  • In-app navigation: This feature lets drivers navigate planned routes from within the app, eliminating the need for switching between apps and enabling focused driving.
  • Contact management: This feature allows you to create and maintain a contact book for recurring clients’ address details. You can import and map these destinations as stops to expedite route planning.
  • Custom field management: This functionality allows you to create or delete fields, specify their types, or change their names to meet specific industry demands.
  • Vehicle capacity constraints: Upper allows you to define vehicle load constraints, including volume or weight of goods for optimized load distribution.

Overall, Upper enables more flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency, making it a superior Circuit alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, to an extent. Circuit offers an affordable entry-level plan for new startups with low to moderate delivery volumes. However, it may not suit businesses looking to scale their delivery operations as its stop-based pricing structure increases overall delivery costs when your stops exceed 1000.

For mid-sized businesses with moderate stop volumes (under 1,000/month), Circuit could be the perfect fit for its feature-rich plan.

Yes, but only to an extent. The Starter plan is ideal for small retailers with monthly deliveries under 500. The Essentials, Standard, and Pro plans suit courier companies and large retailers with 100 stops. Any business with over 1000 addresses per month may face difficulty scaling operations as the additional price per stop drives up overall delivery costs.

Yes, Upper outshines Circuit for Teams in terms of pricing. Unlike Circuit, they don’t charge an additional amount beyond the plan’s price, irrespective of the total number of stops.

Final Thoughts on Circuit Pricing

Circuit for Teams is ideal for businesses needing route planning and delivery management features at competitive prices. 

The entry-level plans are affordable and include most delivery-specific features, including route optimization, route spreadsheet upload, a mobile app for drivers, and dynamic ETAs. However, they limit the number of stops or duration of data access.

However, Circuit’s stop-based pricing can be expensive for businesses that must scale their operations beyond 1,000 monthly deliveries.

Thus, Circuit works well for small businesses with budget constraints and moderate delivery volumes but becomes economically infeasible for those looking to scale their operations. Suppose you are looking for a cost-effective alternative platform with unlimited stops and features, like contact management, in-app navigation, and custom field management. In that case, that Circuit lacks, you can consider Upper. You can also use the to test its features before buying a subscription.

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