How to Ace Your Delivery Driver Interview Questions: Expert Tips

keyKey Takeaways:
  • The Delivery driver’s interview usually starts with a basic introduction of candidates and their experience with different delivery apps.
  • Some behavioral questions may pop up from the interrogator to determine a candidate’s ability to handle difficult situations.
  • The interview process also includes questions regarding the use of safety protocols and driving records as well.

Getting a job as a delivery driver is not necessarily the easiest thing—especially if you are competing against highly competent and experienced job seekers. There are chances that you may fail to crack those interviews as 75% of recruiters may not show interest in your profile.

When applying for a delivery driver job, the interview is your chance to showcase your skills and prove that you’re ideal for the position. It could be difficult because you may get some tough questions in the process.

So, to help you understand what your potential employer expects of you, we have come up with delivery driver interview questions.

11 Common Delivery Driver Interview Questions from Recruiters

Here are the top 11 delivery driver interview questions for delivery drivers that will help crack the difficult interviews:

1. Introduce about yourself 

When an interviewer asks you, “Tell me about yourself,” the hiring manager wants to know whether you have the skills and experience to do the delivery jobs. You can answer this as per your previous delivery experience or if you are fresher, give your career insights.

Sample Answer:

I’m a hard worker who loves to learn, and I think of myself as a team player. My recent job was delivering pizza, which taught me to be on time and get things done without being told. 

I’ve also worked at my local grocery store, where I learned how to work with different customers, keep track of inventory, and ensure that everyone gets their groceries promptly.

2. What do you like about working as a delivery driver?

Most interviewers are looking for answers that fit into one of three categories when asking, “What are your favorite aspects of working as a delivery driver?”:

  1. The job itself
  2. The company you work for and the people you work with
  3. The pay

Sample answer:

I love the flexibility of working as a delivery driver. It’s effortless to plan my days around my personal life, delivery schedule, and other commitments, and I get to make some great money while doing something I love.

My favorite thing about every day is meeting new people. I like making small talk with my customers, getting to know them over time, and talking about their lives.

3. What motivates you to become a delivery driver?


The interviewer wants to know that you are passionate about the job and have a good reason for wanting it. They want to be able to see that you’re motivated by more than money and that you’ll be able to work hard in delivery driver positions.

Sample answer:

I have always been interested in driving, and I enjoy the independence and freedom of the job. I am also very good at working with customers, and being a delivery driver would be an excellent way to use my excellent customer service skills.

4. Why should we hire you as a delivery driver?


When the interviewer asks, “Why should we hire you as a delivery driver at our company?” They want to know that you have a strong work ethic and will always strive to do your best. 

They want to see that you are a hard worker who always puts your best foot forward. 

Sample Answer:

I’m the type of person who is always looking to help others. I volunteered at my church to teach Sunday school and worked with my neighbors to organize a garden where we all grew our vegetables.

Regarding delivery driving, we all must work together as a team. That’s why I’ve always been a great collaborator: I stepped up without hesitation when there was an issue or someone needed help.

My ability to interact with people and get along with them will make me a great addition to your organization and one you won’t regret hiring!

5. Tell me how you can handle time-sensitive deliveries?


The interviewer is interested in your ability to handle unexpected traffic situations and adapt.

They want to know that if something goes wrong you’ll be able to think on your feet, find a solution, and make sure things go back on track.

Sample answer:

I was delivering a package to a customer, and it was very late in the day. The customer hadn’t been home for hours, but there were lights on inside the house. 

Then I thought about how much time I had wasted waiting for someone who wouldn’t return. Instead of waiting, as part of the delivery job I would leave them a note explaining why they didn’t get their package and then deliver it to them the next day.

The next day when I returned, they were happy to see me and got their package delivered right away!

6. Give an example of when you used time management skills 


The interviewer wants to know how you’ve used your time management skills in a real-world situation.

Sample answer:

One of my best examples of delivery service time management was when I was a delivery driver in XYZ company. I had to be able to plan routes in advance and then manage my time on the road to meet those goals. It’s not easy, but it’s also not rocket science—you just have to think about what you’re going to do before you do it and then make sure you stay on track.

7. How would you deal with heavy traffic?

How would you deal with heavy traffic


When an interviewer asks you how you’d deal with heavy traffic, they’re looking for a few things. First, they want to know if you can think on your feet and adapt to new situations. They also want to see if you have self-awareness and confidence.

Sample answer:

I would deal with heavy traffic by using my navigation system to find the best route, and then I would ensure that I had been given a delivery window to work around it. 

If there were no way to avoid traffic, I would call the customer to let them know what was going on and if they needed anything else from me, whether that be a new time or give the customer updates on what was happening.

8. Tell me about your past driving record


The interviewer wants to know if you are a safe driver and have a clean driving record. They want to see if you have had any major accidents or tickets and how often you drive. They also want to know if you have ever driven under the influence of alcohol or drugs and whether or not you have been arrested for DUI.

Sample answer:

I have been driving for over ten years now. I have never had a single accident, made careless mistakes, and my record is clean.

9. What are your strengths?


When an interviewer asks you about your strengths, they’re looking for three things:

  • A specific skill or ability that you possess
  • An example of a time you’ve used that skill or proficiency in a work or educational setting.
  • A reason why they should care about this skill or ability

Sample answer:

I am a team player, and I work well with others. I enjoy helping my co-workers when they need to be there for them when they need support.

I also have good communication skills, so I can effectively communicate with people from all walks of life. This skill has helped me succeed in my previous jobs because it allows me to understand and communicate with all types of clients, which is very important in the delivery driver industry.

10. What are your weaknesses?


The interviewer wants to know your weaknesses and how you plan to work on them.

Sample answer:

My weakness is that I’m never satisfied with the quality of my work. I’ll always look for ways to improve, check for delivery instructions, and ensure that every customer who comes in is treated like they’re my favorite person.

For me, nothing is more important than making sure that your customers are happy and comfortable, and I want to make sure that happens every time.

11. How do you deal with an angry customer?


When an interviewer asks you how you deal with an upset customer, they want to know your strategy for preventing and resolving conflicts. They want to see if you can think on your feet and respond appropriately, given the situation.

They also want to see if you have any experience dealing with customers who have been upset or angry.

Sample answer:

I deal with upset customers by listening to what they say. I understand their point of view and any frustrations they may be experiencing. 

Then, I apologize for any inconvenience they may have experienced and offer them compensation for their troubles. Finally, I work with the team of delivery drivers or my manager to resolve the issue in the best way possible.

Beneficial Tips to Ace Driver’s Interview

When going through the delivery driver interview process, it is vital to be prepared. Here are tips that can help you ace your delivery driver interview:

  • Always read the job description carefully when going for a delivery driver interview and spend time researching the job and the organization.
  • Stay focused on your goal, remain calm, and have a clear idea of salary expectations before going. 
  • Be on time as a delivery driver candidate. If you show up late, it will reflect poorly on your professionalism and punctuality. This is especially true for food delivery drivers or drivers who’ve got time-sensitive delivery patterns jobs.
  • Dress appropriately and professionally for the delivery driver interview. 
  • Work on your communication skills beforehand and use proper English when speaking during the delivery driver job interviews. 
  • Ensure that you come up with a few delivery driver questions to ask in advance of your interview so that you can better understand what it takes to become a driver.
  • Double check and remember to bring your driver’s license, car insurance card, and any certifications or licenses related to your job.

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Firstly, you should talk about yourself, your education background and previous driving records. Also, let the interviewer know how you will deal with difficult customers over call. You should speak more about your method to tackle late deliveries , and ability to handle parcels.

When interviewing for a delivery driver job, it’s essential to look ready to work. That means wearing clean, ironed, and wrinkle-free clothes that fit you properly. If you’re going for a more formal look, consider bringing a blazer or suit jacket.

Every driver must perform the basic methods of entering and leaving traffic, making right and left turns, changing lanes, and turning around their own car, commercial vehicles, and trucks.


These are some common interview questions for you. You should make sure you’re physically fit, have experience driving, and can remain calm during contingencies. You must be confident about your background check, knowledge, and should actually enjoy driving.  

During your interview, talk about how much you want to be part of the delivery driving team and how much you’d love to help customers with their needs. Show your enthusiasm by emphasizing how much you look forward to working with the company.

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