How to Add Multiple Destinations in Google Maps on iPhone?

Among various web-based services of Google, Google Maps is a real-time location navigator that helps you reach one destination to another using your mobile device. Along with Apple Maps, Google Maps is also available on iOS, and it is the most preferred navigating software among the delivery business owners to design their delivery routes.

Delivery business owners need a tool that guides them from one delivery destination to another considering all the route factors. But what if a driver wants to make a route with multiple stops? What if the driver wants to cover these routes faster? What if these apps’ limitations prevent users from planning a long efficient route for their favorite trips?

This blog answers such questions and provides a detailed guide for iPhone users to plan multi-destination routes on Google Maps.

Steps to Add Multiple Stops in Google Maps Using Mobile Application

Google Maps is accessible in both ways, via application and web browser. Google Maps app is easily available on your iOS mobile device and can be installed from the App Store. 

If you already have installed it, follow the below-given steps.

Step 1: Open the App

Open the Google Maps app on your iPhone.

Open the App

Step 2: Find Your Destination

You will see a search bar at the top of your screen. Click on it, enter, and choose the first destination you want. You can also pin the location by manually finding the destination on the map, and it’ll automatically set the location name.

Find Your Destination

Step 3: Get Directions

You will see a blue “directions” button in the bottom left corner. Tap on it, and it’ll make up the new route from the first destination to the final destination. You will get various options for routes considering traffic and distance factors and you can choose anyone from them. Also, make sure to select any one of your travel modes, whether it is a car, bike, or public transit to get the accurate directions.

Get Directions

Step 4: Add Stops

Now, if you want to add more stops, tap on the three dots icon and tap on “Add stop.”

Add Stops

Step 5: Rearrange the Stops

Another search bar will appear, enter the location name or pin the location manually from Google Maps just like you did earlier. This way, you can add up to nine stops only. Google Maps app does not allow you to add more than 10 stops (including your initial point).

You can rearrange the stops by hovering the stops up and down using “=”.

Rearrange the Stops

Step 6: Tap on “Finished” and “Preview”

When you are finished adding stops, tap on “finished,” so it will create an entire route with multi-stop directions, and tap on “preview” to start your journey.


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How to Optimize Multi-Stop Routes on iPhone?

Planning multi-stop road trips with friends or family? Want to optimize and share routes with your delivery drivers? New in the city and struggling to plan sightseeing spots? Well, you definitely need an efficient route planner tool. Multi-stop route planning can be done in the following ways.

1. Using Google Maps

Google Maps is the most used application among all iOS users. You can easily add single or multiple destinations and get a route instantly. Google does not create a single route but it provides various route options and then you have to select the fastest route from them. But if you want to optimize the multi-stop route, you have to manually drag and drop the stops and refer to the map simultaneously.

In this way, you can optimize and make an optimized route in Google Maps. Through this process, you optimize the route and not the Google Maps itself because Google Maps is the navigation tool and not a route optimization software.

But, it has a major drawback. You can only add up to 10 stops, including your initial spot. If you are willing to add more than 10 stops, it is not possible. So if you are dealing with a number of stops, you will have to add multiple batches of 10 stops.

Also, Google Maps does not create an optimized route i.e., Google Maps shows the route according to the sequence of your stops. Optimized routes are the routes that cover all the stops in less time and with minimal fuel usage. So, it helps you save fuel and time. If you are a delivery business owner, optimized routes are like a cherry on the cake.

2. Using Route Planner

Another option is optimizing routes using route planner apps. Upper Route Planner for iOS is the best option among all iOS applications because of its route optimization feature. 

Upper Route Planner optimizes and provides a route that covers all the stops in minimum distance and time to avoid taking a longer-than-necessary route, thus saving time and fuel costs.

Additional Benefits of Using Upper Route Planner

An iOS route planner, Upper Route Planner, serves robust features. It is developed using industry-leading route optimization AI that does not have limitations like the addition of limited stops. You can add up to 500 stops using Upper, unlike Google Maps, which allows only 10 stops.

Also, with Upper, you can import an excel sheet of addresses to eradicate adding addresses manually. When dealing with lots of addresses, this feature makes the process hassle-free. With the “Route Scheduling” feature, you can schedule future routes in advance to prevent any last moment hassle.

Another reason to opt for route planner applications if you are a delivery driver is that you cannot assign multiple destinations to multiple delivery drivers in the Google Maps app. You can just add additional destinations to a single driver. But, in Upper Route Planner, you can plan routes for multiple drivers within a few clicks.

Why Choose a Better Option When You Can Get The Best?

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Search for Google Maps by visiting the Google Maps website and give away necessary permissions. Then, you have to follow step:1 to step:6 given above.

In Google Maps, you can add up to 10 stops, only including your initial point. If you are planning to make up a longer route with more than 10 stops, try Upper Route Planner. It is a route optimization software that lets you optimize up to 500 stops in no time.

Open Google Maps > search and choose destination > tap on blue directions button > tap on three dots icon > tap on “search along route” > tap on gas station icon > select the gas station and tap on “add stop.”

Final Note

Everybody wants to reach their destinations faster. Google Maps could help you reach your destinations quickly, but what if you are planning for many stops along the route? In such cases, only route optimization software could get you on track. True delivery route planner app like Upper Route Planner optimizes the route that helps you save fuel costs and travel time and lets you add more stops than Google Maps.

So, keep updating your tools and switch to a more ingenious solution.

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