7 Efficient Trucker Trip Planners to Consider for Drivers

keyKey Takeaways:
  • Strategic trip planners like Waze, SmartTruck Route, TransFlo, and Upper optimize routes for efficiency and compliance.
  • Route planning ensures safety, cost-effectiveness, and timely deliveries.
  • Practical tips empower truckers to master efficient route planning.

Each day, truckers have a lot of trips to complete. They must meet client shipping deadlines while also maintaining their safety while driving, keeping their truck maintained to ensure top performance. To help you with this, choose any one of the top trucker trip planners.

However, planning a trip for a truck driver is more difficult than just plotting the shortest or fastest route. A trucker’s daily schedule takes into account a number of variables, including adding extra stops and scheduling those stops appropriately to avoid construction and lengthy traffic delays.

We have covered everything you should know about the trucker trip- from truck driver trip planner apps for planning and dispatching delivery to tips for truckers. So, let’s drive your journey easier with trucker trip planners.

Trucker Trip Planners to Find the Best Routes

To make your trucker work easier, using trucker trip planner apps is an ideal choice. The app reduces the workload of the business owner and trucker by providing route planning, GPS navigation, driver alerts, and stops for rest. 

Hence, the apps are there to save you from extra work. We have listed out the 7 best trucker trip planner apps that will help truckers to streamline their driving journey.

1. Waze

Waze is a navigation software that helps to navigate directions. It is a famous GPS because it solves common issues, such as heavy traffic, estimated time of arrival, and fuel efficiency. Also, it helps truckers to know nearby rest areas and gas stations. Waze is a great app that accepts real-time user input. This opens up a variety of advantages to help truck drivers save money, including the ability to drive like a local even in a place they have never been.

Waze features 

  • Waze determines speed limits and considers vehicle weight to ensure compliance.
  • Real-time traffic reports, updated gas prices, and toll road avoidance help truckers make informed and cost-effective routing decisions.
  • Updated gas prices help truckers find affordable fueling stations, while toll road avoidance saves money on toll fees.
  • The toll road avoidance feature saves money on toll fees by guiding truckers through alternative routes.

2. TransFlo

TransFlo is another trucker trip-planning app that aids drivers in managing and enhancing load visibility and timely delivery of cargo. It can also provide you with current weather and traffic information. The last feature is load tracking, which keeps track of your movements while you’re transporting loads and relays your whereabouts to the carrier.

TransFlo is a trucking company that supports drivers in managing their daily workload. On their dashboard, TransFlo gives you instant access to crucial details like the weather, operating hours, and truck routing. 

The app facilitates load visibility management. Therefore, the truck driver is aware of fuel efficiency and when the load is becoming overweight. 

3. Trucker Path

In the US, Trucker Path is a popular trucker trip planner. It gives truckers access to petrol outlets, truck stops, weigh stations, and parking spaces that are appropriate for trucks. To track your drivers in real-time, it also incorporates GPS.

You can save additional money by avoiding unpaved roads, erroneous turns, and unnecessary tolls with the use of the best truck GPS app mapping and navigation system.

Trucker Path features

  • Weight station information helps truckers comply with regulations and prepare for inspections.
  • The mapping and navigation system considers truck-specific restrictions for safe and efficient routing.
  • Real-time traffic updates enable rerouting to avoid congestion and delays.
  • Weather conditions alert truckers to potential hazards and aid in planning for safe driving.

4. Sygic

For drivers of large trucks, it offers a number of practical advantages. According to reports, Sygic is the software that truckers download and use the most. A great deal of useful features, like speed limit and camera alerts, emission zone routings, truck stops, extra mileage tracking, police stations, and speed zones, are included in this trucker trip planner app.

The offline map can also take into account the characteristics of your particular truck, which you can import from Google Maps. Finally, it interfaces well with the most important fleet management tools.

  • Offline maps that consider truck characteristics
  • Warnings about speed limits and speed cameras
  • Truck stops, checkpoints, and speed limits
  • Routing emissions zones
  • Import Google Maps; key fleet management systems are integrated

5. SmartTruck Route

The trucking business has its own software called SmartTruck Route. By putting in your destination or utilizing the voice prompt on the app, you can rapidly find truck routes.

It enables you to recognize low bridges, stay away from neighborhoods, and avoid taking the wrong path, which would add stress and unnecessary miles.

For the most accurate route planning, you can optionally provide precise truck specifications. Both iOS and Android users can download the software. It aids trucks in avoiding tight curves, one-way streets, and congested areas. 

SmartTruck Route features

  • Voice navigation provides hands-free guidance for drivers on their routes.
  • Speed limit warning alerts truckers when they exceed the legal speed limit.
  • Weight scale information helps drivers locate nearby weigh stations for compliance.
  • Alternative route options enable truckers to choose the most suitable paths based on their preferences and road conditions.

6. Garmin

Truckers can choose from a variety of products from Garmin that are packed with time and money-saving capabilities. You can search for your preferred truck stops by brand or feature. The ordinary trucker may save time and money thanks to features on Garmin. This app provides real-time alerts for popular truck routes and truck-friendly parking locations, along with directions, and you can filter the information by brand or feature.

  • Specific truck routing considers vehicle dimensions and restrictions for optimized routes.
  • Load-to-dock directions guide drivers efficiently within complex delivery areas.
  • Often-used truck routes assist in navigating familiar paths quickly.
  • Real-time driver warnings offer alerts for upcoming hazards and road conditions.
  • Parking space information helps truckers locate suitable spots for their vehicles.

7. COPILOT Truck

Integration with most fleet management solutions is possible with COPILOT Truck. Trips can be tailored based on your individual cargo, vehicle, and required number of stops.

You can prevent delays by using the real-time traffic information provided by this app. By using COPILOT Truck’s PC*MILER routing, low bridges and other truck-restricted loads can be avoided. Spending less time on off-route miles will help you avoid fines, use less fuel, and save money.

This trucker-specific GPS app has important driver-specific features and can work with fleet management software.

  • With routing, low bridges and truck-restricted highways can be avoided.
  • With its non-distracting interior design, the cab helps you maintain your focus on the road.
  • Trips should be optimized for the particular vehicle, load, and number of stops.
  • Spending less will help you avoid fines and save on petrol.
  • Spending less time on off-route kilometers will help you avoid fines and use less fuel.
  • Utilize current traffic information to avoid delays, obtain a precise ETA, and deliver packages on time.

Why is Trucker Route Planning Important?

It is crucial to understand why effective trip planning for truck drivers is crucial before going into the specifics. Both truck drivers and business owners can benefit from a variety of resources to complete deliveries on time and at the correct destination. 

Planning is essential since it affects your delivery business, the time, money, resources, and the reputation of your drivers for delivering at a certain time. Here’s the importance of trucker route planning.

1. Efficiency

Effective route planning reduces needless side trips and guarantees that trucks follow the shortest and fastest routes to their destinations. This shortens the distance to be traveled, saves fuel, and keeps the car in better condition. As a result, truckers may go farther in less time, increasing their output and income.

2. Compliance

Regulations controlling truck size, weight restrictions, and the transportation of hazardous products vary between states and regions. These elements are taken into account by route planning software designed specifically for trucks, which directs truckers away from roads where they might contravene these laws. Drivers may keep their cars in good condition and avoid expensive penalties, legal issues, and other problems by following these regulations.

3. Safety

Trucker route planners take into account safety factors, including low bridges, routes with weight restrictions, and potentially dangerous situations like abrupt turns or steep inclines. With this proactive strategy, drivers are guided away from routes that can endanger the structural integrity of their vehicles or the safety of other road users.

4. Time management

Truckers can modify their routes as necessary thanks to accurate route planning that takes into account real-time traffic statistics and information about road closures. Drivers may keep to their timetables and make deliveries on time by avoiding crowded regions and choosing alternate routes.

5. Cost reduction

Numerous ways that good route planning results in cost savings. Opting for more fuel-efficient routes and avoiding toll roads can both dramatically lower operational costs. A trucking dispatch software is a technological solution that helps trucking companies reduce their business operational costs. Furthermore, route planners with up-to-date fuel prices assist truckers in locating the most cost-effective filling stations, resulting in immediate cost savings.

Handy Tips for Truckers to Efficiently Plan Routes  

1. Know your vehicle

Recognize your truck’s dimensions, weight, and cargo capacity. This knowledge is essential for choosing paths that adhere to rules and avoid barriers.

2. Check traffic and road conditions

Before you get on the road, examine the current traffic situation and the state of the roads. By doing this, you can avoid traffic jams, collisions, and road closures that might cause delays.

3. Avoid rush hours

Plan your route to avoid congested times if you can. This lessens the stress and delays brought on by dense traffic.

4. Study delivery and pickup locations

Become familiar with the delivery and pickup areas. It is time and effort-saving to be aware of information like entry points, parking options, and load-to-dock directions.

5. Keep up with regulations

Research the trucking laws in the states and regions you’ll be passing through. This guarantees observance and averts legal problems.

Optimize Your Trucking Routes Using Upper 

Upper is the all-in-one trucker trip planner you’ve been waiting for. Upper is a route optimization software that enables you to establish speed limits, add more stops, and optimize routes. It also enables curbside delivery.

With Upper, you can also modify your stops and accommodate consumers’ requests for priority service. Additionally, since Upper enables automated updates about delivery status, it never leaves your clients waiting for too long. Additionally, you can alter the default text of notifications whenever you wish to. Upper will make sure you arrive at your location without incident or deliver packages with digital proof in addition to designing truck routes.

Plan Unlimited Routes for Your Trips on Upper

Don’t rely on ordinary apps for finding truck routes. Instead, get Upper to create the most efficient routes for your trip without any manual dependencies.


Yes, Google Maps will help you to check the routes, estimate times of reaching, and directions for the destination. However, it is limited to that as it does not allow optimized routes to avoid heavy traffics. If they want to step up a little bit and plan routes for a team of drivers, Upper is a great option as well.

You can map and optimize routes by using the trucker trip planning app. You can check the routes by using GPS and plan the fastest routes for the truck drivers.

Yes, every trucker trip planner provides GPS, which helps truckers to navigate the directions. Moreover, it helps them to plan in advance to take the shortest route during rush hour.

To track live locations, an online navigation system is a good option. However, route planning software will be an ideal choice for truckers as it will help you to find the best route and stops.

Truck driver trip planning comes with consequences as well. Not only will a lack of trip planning lead to more stress, fewer profits, and diminished peace of mind, but it also creates a long list of specific problems:

    • Being unable to find food and rest stops
    • Spending hours without rest
    • Getting stuck in dangerous places overnight
    • Missing important truck stops


Truck drivers prioritize planning trips because it facilitates easy route planning. Start using Upper, though, if you want to make the path travel smartly and effectively. This is due to the fact that bad route planning cannot always create delays. In the event that you work in distribution or logistics, the route planner can serve as your virtual assistant.

Therefore, let Upper assist you in locating the most effective ways and prevent needless worry. Join our today to get started traveling.

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