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Route planning is playing a pivotal role in achieving operational excellence as the reliance of modern businesses on streamlined logistics and efficient deliveries is increasing. WorkWave RouteManager has long been recognized as a solution catering to these needs, promising route optimization and management capabilities.

However, in the pursuit of excellence, it’s essential to scrutinize and evaluate your tools periodically. Even tools like WorkWave RouteManager have their hiccups. That’s why we’re here – to steer you towards WorkWave RouteManger alternatives that might just navigate those bumps better.

Why Consider Alternatives to WorkWave RouteManager?

WorkWave RouteManager has garnered attention as one of the best route optimization software, but it’s not without its drawbacks. Here are some crucial limitations of WorkWave RouteManger that may prompt you to consider exploring alternatives:

Here’s why you need to look for Track-POD alternatives:

So, if these issues are causing problems in your delivery process, there is no need to worry. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at WorkWave RouteManger alternative solutions that can help make your route planning process easier.

Top 8 WorkWave RouteManager Alternatives, Competitors & Similar Software

1. Upper

Upper’s delivery routing software is a comprehensive tool designed to simplify logistical operations for businesses. With Upper, you can effortlessly plan efficient routes, ensuring well-planned deliveries and optimized schedules. Upper’s intuitive interface allows for easy data import, route customization, one-click dispatch, last-minute adjustments, live driver tracking, and even functionality for proof of delivery. You can even keep your customers in the loop with built-in automated notifications. Whether you’re a small delivery business or a larger enterprise, Upper caters to your route planning needs with its robust features and reliable performance.
Make route planning and optimization
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Upper Compared to WorkWave RouteManager

Transparent pricing: Upper takes the guesswork out of pricing. Unlike WorkWave RouteManager’s vague pricing structure, Upper offers transparent and competitive pricing plans, ensuring you know what you’re getting and what you’re paying for. Integrated driver tracking: Upper’s advanced packages come with integrated driver tracking, a feature notably absent in WorkWave RouteManager’s basic tier. This feature provides you with insights into your drivers’ progress as they navigate their routes. Built-in notifications: Upper recognizes the importance of communication. Unlike WorkWave RouteManager’s add-on notifications, Upper offers built-in, automated notifications that keep you and your customers informed at every step of the delivery journey. Streamlined data import: Say goodbye to the frustration of handling complex spreadsheets. Upper simplifies data import, allowing you to effortlessly upload and modify route data, saving you valuable time. Intuitive user experience: Upper prioritizes usability. Its user-friendly interface minimizes the learning curve and simplifies navigation, eradicating the initial challenges faced by users of other platforms. Exploratory freedom: Upper believes in letting you explore before committing. It offers a , allowing you to fully grasp its capabilities before making a subscription decision. It’s a significant contrast to the absence of a trial with WorkWave RouteManager
Pricing comparison between WorkWave RouteManager and Upper

RouteManger Plan

3 vehicles included No discount offered 10,000 order/day optimization limit Notifications are add-ons

Essential Plan

3 users included Save 20% with annual billing Unlimited optimizations Built-in, automated notifications
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Detailed feature comparison between WorkWave Route Manager and Upper:

Feature workwave WorkWave UpperUpper
Route Optimization right right
Optimization Limit 10,000 orders per day Unlimited
Driver Mobile App right right
Set Stops Priority wrong right
Specify Pickup & Delivery in the Same Route wrong right
Live Driver Tracking right right
Expected Time to Arrive (ETA) right right
Parcel Info wrong right
Curbside Delivery wrong right
Route Swapping Between Drivers wrong right
Reverse Routes wrong right
Customer Notifications right right
Proof of Delivery wrong right
Integration right right
Contact / Address Book wrong right
Custom Fields wrong right
Analytics and Reports right right
Customer Support right right
Free Trial wrong right
No credit card required

Here are the key features offered by Upper:

  • Effortless CSV and Excel import for bulk stops
  • Multi-vehicle optimization for efficient fleet management
  • Time window management for on-time deliveries
  • Urgent delivery prioritization for critical deadlines
  • Accurate ETAs enhancing customer communication
  • Seamless integration with third-party platforms
  • Advanced reports and analytics for insights
  • Store customer details in a centralized address book
  • Dedicated driver app for efficient route management
  • Proof of delivery with photos, signatures, and notes
  • Automated customer notifications for transparency
  • Live driver tracking for progress monitoring

What People Say About Upper

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Ben Parker,

Delivery Manager of Flavors2Go
Ben parker
Route planned
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2. Onfleet



Onfleet is an extensive logistics software that empowers businesses to excel in the world of last-mile delivery. From managing intricate routes to ensuring real-time driver visibility and optimizing delivery schedules, Onfleet offers a comprehensive toolkit that empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of the delivery landscape. As the demands of the industry continue to evolve, Onfleet stands as a reliable partner, empowering businesses to make deliveries with excellence and scale operations seamlessly. For a diverse range of features and capabilities to enhance your delivery management strategies, you can even explore Onfleet alternatives. Key features of Onfleet:
  • Streamlined dispatch and routing for efficiency
  • Advanced route optimization for optimal planning
  • Real-time fleet tracking and analytics for informed decisions
  • Seamless integration via developer-friendly API
  • Automatic SMS notifications and accurate ETAs to keep customers informed
  • Dedicated driver app for user-friendly route management
  • Effortless proof of delivery collection for transparency

Onfleet Compared to WorkWave RouteManager

When it comes to choosing the right route optimization software, Onfleet stands out with its unique features and advantages over WorkWave RouteManager. One key distinction is Onfleet’s flexibility, offering unlimited users and tasks at a flat fee, ensuring your operations remain cost-effective even during peak demand. Unlike WorkWave, Onfleet grants lower-paying users access to essential functionalities like location tracking and customer notifications, ensuring that vital tools are available across the board. Moreover, Onfleet provides Zapier integration, simplifying the process of connecting with a multitude of software tools effortlessly. As for pricing, Onfleet’s per-task pricing structure, coupled with accessible features even at the basic level, makes it an attractive and cost-efficient choice.

3. Track-POD



Track-POD is an innovative and all-encompassing logistics solution designed to transform last-mile delivery operations. Featuring map-based planning, route optimization with precise ETA, and dynamic prioritization, Track-POD empowers fleet managers to create seamless and efficient delivery routes. The platform’s robust features extend to offline mode support, barcode scanning, customizable proof of delivery (POD) templates, and vehicle maintenance, ensuring every aspect of delivery management is covered. Backed by transparent pricing models and comprehensive reporting and analytics, Track-POD is set to revolutionize the way businesses manage their last-mile logistics. Key features of Track-POD:
  • Map-based route planning and optimization, allowing for bulk order selection
  • Define precise route costs based on various parameters
  • Easily integrate recurring routes or milk runs into your routing strategy
  • Offline mode to operate even in low coverage areas
  • Gather electronic signatures and photos as proof of delivery
  • Utilize barcode scanning for efficient order tracking
  • Conduct vehicle checks before, after, or during routes
  • Set up geofencing to automate driver check-ins
  • Live chat with dispatcher to enhance coordination
  • Provide automatic SMS and email notifications to customers

Track-POD Compared to WorkWave RouteManager

When it comes to choosing between Track-POD and WorkWave RouteManager, Track-POD offers some distinctive advantages over WorkWave. Starting with pricing, Track-POD’s transparent approach offers the choice of paying per vehicle or per order, while WorkWave RouteManager strictly adheres to per-vehicle pricing. This transparency extends to Track-POD’s inclusive feature offering, eliminating the need for paid add-ons and delivering all features within the package. In contrast, WorkWave RouteManager’s model might lead to unexpected expenses for additional functionalities. Also, both route planning software provide map-based planning and ETA-driven route optimization. However, Track-POD’s granularity in considering driver breaks, priorities, vehicle types, and recurring routes offers a tailored approach, while WorkWave RouteManager may fall short in certain areas. Furthermore, Track-POD’s offline mode ensures seamless functionality even in areas with poor connectivity, whereas WorkWave RouteManager lacks this capability.

4. eLogii



eLogii is a progressive end-to-end delivery and field service management platform. It is designed to revolutionize operations through advanced planning, routing, and dispatch solutions. With its cloud-based approach, eLogii offers scalability and seamless integration with existing systems for present and future delivery needs. Leveraging data-driven insights, eLogii empowers delivery businesses to achieve logistical excellence by optimizing efficiency and enhancing customer experiences. As part of your search for efficient delivery management software, you can even explore some eLogii alternatives that offer similar capabilities to cater to your specific delivery business needs. Key features of eLogii:
  • Automated logistics with route planning and dispatching features
  • Unparalleled route optimization, capable of handling countless constraints
  • Real-time tracking and customizable notifications for seamless re-optimization
  • Robust security features including signatures, barcodes, and age verification
  • Single/multi depot, shared fleet, and live operations management capabilities
  • Advanced features such as geofencing, parent-child hierarchy, and analytics

eLogii Compared to WorkWave Route Manager

eLogii outshines WorkWave Route Manager in several key aspects. Firstly, eLogii ensures that essential real-time functionalities are accessible to all users, while WorkWave segregates these features based on user tiers. Secondly, eLogii provides an edge in Proof of Delivery (POD) options, including barcode and QR code scanning, as well as cash-on-delivery confirmation across all its packages. On the other hand, WorkWave limits these capabilities to its basic offerings. Lastly, eLogii introduces pricing flexibility by offering a task-based pricing model, accommodating any number of vehicles, and providing a more adaptive and cost-effective solution.
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5. Circuit



Circuit emerges as a pivotal player in the delivery management industry, driven by its aim to optimize routes, enhance efficiency, and simplify the intricate process of route planning. With an efficient driver app and comprehensive delivery software, Circuit empowers businesses to save money by reducing delivery costs by up to 20%. It focuses on streamlining the intricacies of route planning. The platform boasts a diverse range of features, including live tracking, route optimization, customer notifications, and more, all designed to foster seamless last-mile delivery experiences. Key features of Circuit:
  • Efficient route planning, optimization, and assignment for dispatchers
  • User-friendly app for drivers
  • Automatic customer notifications for accurate ETAs and tracking
  • Import delivery data, upload spreadsheets, and connect to third-party platforms
  • Live route tracking and editing for real-time issue resolution
  • Dynamic customer updates and flexible proof of delivery capabilities
  • Extensive delivery analytics for performance assessment
  • Integration with API for seamless data import/export

Circuit Compared to WorkWave Route Manager

In the comparison between Circuit and WorkWave Route Manager, Circuit showcases notable advantages. Firstly, Circuit offers live route tracking in all its packages, bridging the gap between dispatcher and driver, unlike WorkWave’s basic package. While both platforms lack certain features at entry levels, Circuit provides live location data through GPS, which contributes to improved customer service. Furthermore, Circuit introduces a free version, catering to solo drivers, offering route automation and optimization for up to ten stops. If you’re interested in exploring other solutions that offer efficient route optimization and delivery management capabilities, you can check out Circuit alternatives.

6. MaxOptra



MaxOptra is at the forefront of innovation in fleet operations, offering a transformative approach to delivery management. Its multi-drop route planner streamlines route organization, ensuring optimal stop sequences. The software’s focus on customer communication through automated updates, including estimated time of arrival (ETA), sets it apart. Moreover, MaxOptra’s electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) captures signatures, photos, and comments, fostering trust and transparency. Backed by a dedicated support team and seamless integration options, MaxOptra empowers businesses to optimize and dispatch routes, enhance communication, and elevate overall efficiency. Key features of MaxOptra:
  • Dynamic route optimization based on various constraints
  • Multi-drop route planner for quick and efficient organization of routes
  • Customer communication through email, SMS, and website widgets
  • ePOD functionality with signatures, photos, and comments
  • Integration with third-party applications through an open API
  • Add-on features like multi-day optimization, barcode scanning, truck routing, and real-time ETAs

MaxOptra Compared to WorkWave Route Manager

MaxOptra and WorkWave Route Manager vie for supremacy, with MaxOptra offering notable distinctions. MaxOptra’s modular approach lets users customize their software experience by selecting relevant add-ons, providing the flexibility to cater to specific needs. The drag-and-drop interface of MaxOptra simplifies route planning, contrasting with reviews that often label WorkWave’s interface as cumbersome. Moreover, MaxOptra’s basic Optimiser and Track and Trace packages are priced at £35 (approx. $44.56) per vehicle per month, making them more budget-friendly than WorkWave. However, the differentiation lies in commitment terms, with MaxOptra requiring a year-long agreement while WorkWave offers a rolling monthly commitment.

7. OptimoRoute



OptimoRoute is an extensive solution designed to revolutionize mobile workforce organizations. With its advanced route and schedule optimization capabilities, this platform empowers businesses to achieve maximum productivity levels while enhancing customer experiences. By seamlessly importing orders and efficiently planning routes, OptimoRoute ensures optimized multi-stop journeys that accommodate various parameters. The integration of real-time tracking, live order tracking, and proof of delivery capabilities provides businesses with comprehensive control and visibility With flexible pricing plans catering to diverse needs, OptimoRoute offers smart technology for real-world operations. Key features of OptimoRoute:
  • Import and optimize thousands of orders
  • Calculate working hours and driver costs
  • Customize routes based on priority, time windows, and other constraints
  • Track live driver locations and provide an estimated time of arrival
  • Send real-time SMS and email notifications to customers
  • Mobile app for drivers to manage routes, orders, and navigation with ease
  • Proof of delivery for seamless delivery documentation
  • Collect customer feedback at the moment of service
  • Automatically generate reports from route data
  • Plan routes for up to 5 weeks in advance

OptimoRoute Compared to WorkWave RouteManager

OptimoRoute stands out with its focus on advanced planning and real-time tracking features. Its comprehensive approach to route optimization and customization, along with features like live tracking, customer feedback, and proof of delivery, positions it as a powerful alternative to WorkWave RouteManager. If you’re looking for OptimoRoute alternatives that offer similar capabilities and functionalities, you’ll find a range of options to explore. OptimoRoute’s flexibility and attention to real-time updates make it a suitable choice for businesses seeking efficient operations and customer satisfaction.

8. Routific



Routific offers an innovative route planning solution designed to elevate local deliveries. With a focus on efficiency and profitability, Routific streamlines delivery routes, reducing them by up to 40% compared to manual planning. Real-time tracking, SMS notifications, and accurate ETAs ensure customers are engaged and informed throughout the delivery process. The platform’s intuitive driver app, featuring GPS tracking and proof of delivery capabilities, empowers drivers while maintaining accountability. Routific’s Route Optimization API seamlessly integrates its advanced optimization algorithm into applications with ease. Key features of Routific:
  • Keep customers informed with SMS notifications and delivery tracking links
  • Driver app for live GPS tracking, proof of delivery (POD), and navigation
  • Highly accurate Estimated Time of Arrival (ETAs) using Machine Learning
  • ML-powered Route Optimization API for fast integration into applications
  • Measure the performance of entire fleet with end-of-day reports and analytics
  • Collect signatures and photos using the driver app for record-keeping

Routific Compared to WorkWave RouteManager

Routific’s unique strength lies in its dual focus on route optimization and customer engagement. Its emphasis on shorter routes, real-time tracking, and automated notifications enhances both efficiency and customer satisfaction. WorkWave RouteManager offers robust route optimization as well, but Routific excels at providing a more holistic customer experience. Businesses seeking to balance cost-efficiency with exceptional customer service might find Routific’s approach appealing. While both WorkWave RouteManager and Routific offer robust route optimization, it’s worth exploring Routific alternatives that prioritize customer experiences in addition to efficient delivery operations.

</span >9. Shipday



If you are dealing with thousands of delivery orders, then Shipday will help you organize deliveries more efficiently. Advanced delivery management software is mostly used by local delivery businesses such as grocery delivery, alcohol delivery, or pizza delivery services. As soon as you dispatch orders, you can track the driver’s location and, at the same time, keep customers informed with SMS notifications. As a result, you can have more happy customers and an increased retention rate. Using Shipday, you can plan the fastest routes and auto-dispatch them prior to the delivery day. You can retrieve delivery data from any third-party app via the integration feature. Additionally, drivers can also access route details on their mobile phones. Main features of Shipday:
  • Automatically dispatch routes to drivers
  • Barcode scanning and ID verification
  • Real-time tracker for better on-field visibility
  • Integration with third-party apps
  • Custom reporting for more data information
  • Driver app to send routes and necessary notes

Shipday Compared to Track-POD

Speaking about comparison, there is a slight difference as far as prices are concerned. Agreed both Shipday and Track-POD charge you based on drivers or orders, but prices may vary. On Track-POD, you get an S plan for $285 monthly, including 1,500 orders, which means you pay $0.19 per order. Similarly, you need to pay $299 for the business advance plan on Shipday, where you will get 1000 orders included. After that, you will be charged $0.25 per additional order. Besides pricing, Shipday has a simple interface and user-friendly dashboard, which are not present on Track-POD. Price: Just like Track-POD, Shipday also has 4 subscription plans. You can avail of its basic plan, Starter, for free, while its top plan, Business Advanced, will cost you $299 per month. In case you want to try a free trial, you will get it for 30 days in the form of a professional plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the key features of WorkWave RouteManager?  
    WorkWave RouteManager offers features such as route optimization, dispatching, driver mobile app, live tracking, ETA calculations, proof of delivery, integration, customer notifications, and analytics and reports.
  • Is WorkWave RouteManager suitable for businesses of all sizes?  
    WorkWave RouteManager is designed for businesses of various sizes and industries, offering route optimization and delivery management solutions that can be customized to meet different operational needs.
  • Is there a trial version available for WorkWave RouteManager?  
    Unfortunately, there is no trial version available for WorkWave RouteManager, which can make it challenging to thoroughly explore its capabilities before committing to a subscription.
  • Which WorkWave alternative is best suited for small businesses with a limited fleet size?  
    Upper is well-suited for small businesses with limited fleet size. It offers cost-effective plans with transparent pricing, scalable features, and a user-friendly interface that caters to businesses of various sizes.
  • Which of the WorkWave alternatives provides a free trial period?  
    Yes, alternatives like Upper, Circuit, and Routific offer a free trial period, allowing you to explore their features and capabilities before making a subscription decision.
  • Which WorkWave alternatives can help reduce delivery costs significantly?  
    Software like Upper and OptimoRoute are known for their advanced route optimization algorithms, helping businesses optimize routes and reduce delivery costs through efficient planning and scheduling.


In the pursuit of efficient logistics and streamlined deliveries, exploring WorkWave RouteManager alternatives can lead to transformative improvements in your operations. While RouteManager has its merits, its limitations can hinder your delivery processes. We’ve introduced you to a selection of robust alternatives that offer unique features and benefits, catering to businesses of all sizes and needs. Among these alternatives, Upper stands out as a comprehensive and intuitive solution that brings precision to your route planning. With transparent pricing, advanced features, and a user-friendly interface, Upper ensures optimized deliveries and enhanced customer communication. So, take Upper’s to experience its capabilities firsthand and elevate your delivery operations to unmatched levels of efficiency.
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