6 Best WorkWave Route Manager Alternatives for Powerful Route Optimization

6 Best WorkWave Route Manager Alternatives for Powerful Route Optimization
keyKey Takeaways:
  • WorkWave Route Manager, a dispatch management tool is used by the business owners for its capabilities like driver management and order management.
  • Due to non-intuitive interface and unavailability of driver performance delivery businesses prefer other altrnatives.
  • Alternatives to WorkWave include Routific, Optimoroute, Upper Route Planner, Samsara, and many more.
  • All kinds of businesses can benefit greatly by including Upper Route Planner into their workflow for everyday delivery operations.

If you are familiar with delivery route management, you have probably heard about WorkWave Route Manager. 

WorkWave Route Manager is a dispatch management solution that business owners use for features like driver management, order management, and more. Despite its many best features, the innovative software application has a few drawbacks and many thriving competitors that deliver a higher efficiency level.

Today we are looking at some of these efficient alternatives at managing delivery and service operations, maintaining optimum delivery, ensuring customer satisfaction, and managing delivery reps – all at once. These 6 WorkWave route manager alternatives are some of the finest delivery management apps out in the market today.

To ensure smooth functioning (minus the dreadful manual efforts) and save substantial costs, here are some defining pointers that business owners must consider before committing to other systems or an alternative route planner:

  • Does the alternative keep the customers informed about their packages and orders?
  • Does the alternate route planner cater to the needs of the small, medium, and large-sized businesses?
  • Does the route planner allow the drivers to send the proof of delivery to the server?
  • Can the customers use the interface of this app to attach instructions for the delivery of their products?

Now, let’s dive into the WorkWave route manager alternatives.

Why Should Delivery Businesses Look for an Alternative to WorkWave Route Manager?

Although WorkWave Route Manager is an affordable option for many businesses, other route planning software offers better benefits at rivaling prices. Here are a few drawbacks of this smart software that make it unreliable for delivery management.

  1. Non-intuitive interface

    WorkWave Route Manager’s interface is not known for its user-friendliness. Not only is the UI quite outdated, but a new user will also take significant time to get familiar with the interface.

  2. Unavailability of driver performance

    Unlike other software solutions out there, WorkWave Route Manager does not offer a bird’s eye view of driver performance. This analytics feature is handy for businesses to analyze the driver behaviour and patterns to adjust and improve.

  3. Notifications as add-on

    Last but not least, WorkWave Route Manager offers notifications as an add-on as opposed to a necessary feature. In addition to better communication within the team, customers can also benefit significantly from transparency through notifications.

6 Best WorkWave Route Manager Alternatives to Consider

  1. Upper Route Planner

    CTA image

    Upper Route Planner

    A Simple-to-use route planner that every one is talking about.

    • Save up to 95% of planning time
    • Save up to 40% of time on the road
    • Plan 500 stops at once

    Upper Route Planner is a premium and cost-effective delivery route planning application. The routing and scheduling software application is intuitive, user-friendly, and incredibly feature-rich. Businesses, small or big, can significantly benefit from integrating Upper Route Planner into their daily delivery operations workflow.

    Best Features:

    • Excel importing

      On Upper Route Planner, teams can import up to 500 stops in just a click, and the robust algorithm will have optimized local delivery routes ready for drivers to use for delivery. Certain businesses that still rely on traditional Excel spreadsheets for order collection can implement this feature without much overhead.

    • Single-click dispatch

      Communication is critical in delivery. Send your drivers the most optimized routes with a click of a button. This simplifies the process of driver dispatching and is a simple but effective feature to have.

    • Route optimization

      What better way to elevate a delivery business than route optimization! Route optimization is an essential feature for any route planning software. With Upper Route Planner (delivery management software), companies can now plan efficient routes that save time and reduce up to 40% fuel costs.

    Great For:

    Businesses that cater to a broad audience through delivery like flower delivery, food delivery business, furniture delivery, meal-kit delivery, courier delivery, cleaning services, retail delivery, and more.


    1. The Essential plan comes with limited but great benefits at $80 per month for up to 3 drivers
    2. The Growth plan is a premium package with the best in segment features at $160 per month for up to 5 drivers
    3. The Custom plan is rolled out to meet the flexible needs of businesses. For pricing, you need to directly get in touch with the Upperinc team.

    Available on:

  2. Samsara

    Samsara, an innovative cloud solution, is one of the top fleet management tools. Available in the form of web and intuitive smartphone apps, Samsara equips business teams to dispatch drivers quickly, even to the last minute, planning better and more efficient routes, and much more. It is a feature-rich, customer-centric application and highly suitable for heavy-duty businesses like construction companies.

    Best Features: 

    • Live GPS tracking

      Samsara delivery management software is known for its live GPS tracking of orders and vehicles. Its ‘to-the-second’ GPS tracking ensures the highest route performance.

    • Customer support

      Samsara has an extensive customer support network (high-quality customer service delivery), not only in help desks and email communication but also as vast knowledge bases, documentation, webinars, and much more.

      One drawback of this coveted customer experience platform can be that the number of stops added (at a time) cannot exceed 20. This is a significant drawback considering most businesses are looking to scale, and a high-level business will run a large number of deliveries every day.

    Great For:

    • Ideal for businesses operating large fleets like freight management and construction companies looking to enhance customer experience.


    • Pricing is available after a demo only.

  3. Routific

    Yet another route optimization and delivery management software, Routific, is excellent for businesses looking to save time in route planning and deliver exceptional services to their customers. Companies can complete more stops with Routific and subsequently lower their cost-per-delivery charges down to a significant margin.

    Best Features:

    • Customize routes

      Using factors such as delivery window time, driver capacity, driver management, and more routes can be customized to your liking. Simply drag-and-drop stops between routes to customize it even further. It is also much easier to add or delete new orders mid-delivery.

    • Routific API and third-party integrations

      Routific delivery management software offers businesses the opportunity to link their existing workflow to Routific. Connect to Routific’s API to push orders directly to the platform, and Routific will do the rest for you. 

      Routific can also be seamlessly integrated into your Shopify store to run deliveries whenever an order is received. 

    • Maximize customer satisfaction with automated SMS notifications

      Keep your customers in the loop by sending email notifications and automated SMS notifications. It is a simple gesture of transparency that can do wonders for businesses looking to build loyal customer bases.

    Great For:

    • Ideal for grocery deliveries, meal prep businesses, florists, home delivery businesses, and more.


    • Essentials version for $39/vehicle per month, billed annually.

    • Professional version for $59/vehicle per month, billed annually.

  4. OptimoRoute

    OptimoRoute route optimization software is a revolutionary app built for route scheduling and optimizing. Its 50+ key features are built for medium to large-sized businesses that simultaneously handle a large volume of orders. A few coveted features on OptimoRoute include fast and accurate route planning, last-minute route changes, and improved business team efficiency.

    Best Features: 

    • Light mobile application

      The OptimoRoute mobile application is lightweight and consumes low data. No longer will you be stuck in a low network area with reduced data, waiting for routes to load.

    • Real-time order tracking and driver tracking

      The app is designed to track deliveries and drivers. You can receive accurate information about the driver’s current whereabouts and service history tracking. Get info about idle time, time spent in traffic, and more.

      Similarly, you can also track the order’s whereabouts, thereby relaying accurate ETA with customers using customizable notifications.

    • Optimize Routes and balance workload. 

      OptimoRoute ensures the delivery workload is evenly balanced between numerous drivers. This feature might seem like a small upside, but when driver capacities are fully utilized, they can run more routes and deliver more orders which further skyrockets productivity and sustains the product delivery value chain.

    Great For:

    • Businesses running essential delivery services like food delivery, eCommerce, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, HVAC, cleaning services, and more.


    • Lite version for $35.10/month per driver, billed annually.

    • Pro version for $44.10/month per driver, billed annually.

  5. DispatchTrack

    A highly scalable delivery platform and route optimization software, DispatchTrack is a complete solution for last-mile delivery. DispatchTrack is made to cater to large businesses, especially those with more than 50+ vehicles. DispatchTrack has all the solutions to convert last-mile delivery from a challenge to a productive and efficient process with live traffic updates, reduced fuel costs, and increased capacity utilization. 

    Best Features:

    • Reduced operational costs

      Reduce operational costs and late deliveries with DispatchTrack’s powerful route planning feature. Quick and easy route optimization allows faster delivery times. DispatchTrack considers factors like weather, service times, and more for producing the optimal routes for heavy-duty vehicles like freight trucks.

    • Real-time visibility

      DispatchTrack allows business teams to view the key business data at the right time. With its all-in-one dashboard, dispatchers can view every single vehicle with highlighted information like delays and failed deliveries. Business teams can then take immediate action to remedy this and proactively solve last-mile delivery issues.

    • Business brand identity

      Businesses can also display their brand identity on the customer’s tracking page to ensure an overall seamless user experience.

    Great For

    • Businesses in the industries of construction products, food, beverages, furniture, appliances, grocery delivery, healthcare, and more.


    • Pricing information is available on getting a quote directly from the website.

  6. DelivApp

    Lastly, yet another delivery management logistics software to look out for is DelivApp. Although on the more premium side of its pricing, DelivApp is a simple but effective on-demand delivery management platform.

    Best Features: 

    • Automate current workflow

      The DelivApp application allows businesses to integrate their current order management interface to DelivApp. The routing algorithm will then configure an optimal route for your business, reducing manual input and errors. 

    • Order scheduling

      Merchants utilizing the application can create entries for future order deliveries, and they can also assign VIP status to orders ensuring that priority orders are always delivered first. 

    • Configurable pricing

      With DelivApp, business owners can set customized delivery prices based on precise location data-  region, locality, location distance, and more. Plus, offer unique prices to all the different customers. 

    Great For:

    • Ideal for businesses in the food industry like restaurants, meal-kit delivery services, and more. 


    • Startup version for $139/month

    • Essential version for $159/month

    • Standard version for $429/month

    • Premium version for $839/month

Why is Upper Route Planner the best alternative to WorkWave Route Manager?

Here are a few reasons you should choose Upper Route Planner over other platforms.

  • Intuitive application

    The Upper Route Planner application is highly user-friendly. The interface is simple yet effective, avoiding unnecessary clutter. Because it follows a user-first approach, business teams can use the application with much ease and little to no prior knowledge.

  • Proof of delivery

    proof of delivery

    Businesses can now reduce back-office load by directly collecting proof of delivery. Drivers can do this is in a few ways. Through digital signatures, capturing photo proof, and additional driver notes, drivers can successfully complete each delivery task. In addition to reducing paperwork, proof of delivery will also be reflected in the reports generated to monitor the success rates of deliveries accurately.

  • Scheduling optimization software 

    A feature that puts Upper Route Planner at a higher level than its competitors is route scheduling. This is a useful feature for businesses that handle more extensive commitments with long-standing clients. With Upper Route Planner, you can schedule routes months in advance. In doing so, companies can gain a much higher level of productivity.

  • Powerful analytics capabilities

    reports and analytics

    Businesses that scale newer heights always analyze what is working and, most importantly, what is not working. Rectifying poor performance through better strategy allows companies to stand out from the rest. With Upper Route Planner, this is now easily possible.

    Upper Route Planner’s analytics lets you generate and download reports, analyze individual driver performance, get total tasks performed by the drivers, and so much more.

Choosing an Alternative Route Planning Software to WorkWave Route Manager

Many businesses rely on WorkWave Route Manager for their daily route planning needs. Although the application is helpful in many ways, it falls short in some aspects. Companies focusing on better, all-rounded performance can find superior alternatives to WorkWave route managers.

Since complex delivery operations is an integral part of many businesses, investing business capital into the best application to support supply chain sustainability is reasonable. Before deciding on a technological solution, careful deliberation is needed as it quickly makes or breaks your entire business strategy. And the platform that captures this sentiment ideally is Upper Route Planner.

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