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Whether you are a delivery driver or an entrepreneur trying to streamline your delivery operations, you must need route optimization software. Most probably, you will be using one. The ability to create the most efficient routes, allocate drivers, and monitor progress in real-time can make all the difference in meeting customer expectations and optimizing resource utilization.

Tookan, a renowned route planning software, aids businesses in managing their fleets, assigning tasks, and monitoring deliveries on the go. However, as the market evolves, you will need to look out for options to choose in place of Tookan.

When talking about Tookan alternatives, you will get a list of route planners that work in their own way and have their own set of features. This is where you will need a guide to get clarity on which route planner suits best to your business.

In this blog, we will have a look at the 10 best Tookan alternatives that you should consider to revolutionize the way you plan your routes and manage them.

So, let’s get started!

What is the Need for Considering Tookan Alternatives?

Despite Tookan being a useful route planning tool, there are a few reasons that tempt users like you to switch to a better option.

Reasons you should consider opting for Tookan alternatives:

Looking at these reasons, you might wonder whether renewing your Tookan subscription is worth it or not. Especially when you are paying a higher price, you won’t expect to pay more for some basic features.

The alternatives of Tookan have this included at a single price. So let’s dig more into the Tookan alternatives to know them better.

Top 10 Tookan Alternatives, Competitors & Similar Software

1. Upper

Upper tops the list of Tookan alternatives because of its robust route planning and optimization capabilities. Along with route planning, it offers many other features that ease your business operations, that too at no additional costs. Whether you have a delivery, pick-up, or service business, if you need route planning, Upper is a better choice than Tookan.
Make route planning and optimization
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Upper compared to Tookan

Better route planning: Upper uses an advanced route optimization algorithm that sets it apart from Tookan. With dynamic route optimization capabilities, Upper ensures that your delivery or service routes are not only efficient but also adaptable to changing conditions. This means reduced travel time, minimized fuel consumption, and improved overall productivity for your business. All-industry supportable: One of the standout features of Upper is its remarkable versatility across industries. Unlike Tookan, which is suitable only for delivery and logistics businesses, Upper caters to a wide range of businesses, from e-commerce and food delivery to field services and healthcare. More features, no add-ons: Upper comes fully loaded with a wide range of features right out of the box, unlike Tookan, which requires you to buy add-ons for even basic features like route optimization and ETA notifications. Apart from route planning, Upper provides many features like quick driver dispatch, driver tracking, API integration, excel import, and many more. Upper comes fully loaded with a wide range of features right out of the box, unlike Tookan, which requires you to buy add-ons for even basic features like route optimization and ETA notifications. Apart from route planning, Upper provides many features like quick driver dispatch, driver tracking, API integration, excel import, and many more. Easy to master: Upper stands out for its user-friendly interface and intuitive design, making it remarkably easy to learn and use. While Tookan has a steep learning curve for some users, Upper prioritizes simplicity without compromising on powerful features. With a shorter onboarding time, your team can quickly adapt to the route planning app and start benefiting from its capabilities.
Pricing comparison between Tookan and Upper:

Standard Plan

No discount offered 700 tasks/month Additional tasks at $0.15/task

Growth Plan

Save 20% flat with annual billing Upto 3 Users Free $31.99/month per user added
HURRY UP! What Are You Waiting For? Growth Plan now at $240/mo (flat 20% discounted rate)
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Detailed feature comparison between Tookan and Upper:

Feature Tookan Tookan UpperUpper
Route Optimization Available for an additional cost Inclusive in the subscription
Tasks/Month Limited Unlimited
Additional Costs Under higher-priced tiers Accessible across all plans
Specify Pickup & Delivery in the Same Route right right
Live Driver Tracking right right
Expected Time to Arrive (ETA) right right
Export to Garmin wrong right
Curbside Delivery right right
Route Swapping Between Drivers wrong right
Reverse Routes wrong right
Customer Notifications right right
Proof of Delivery right right
Stop priority wrong right
Multi-selector tool wrong right
Integration right right
Analytics and Reports right right
Dedicated Support Manager wrong right
No credit card required

You must also take into account the following exceptional features of Upper:

  • Plan and optimize routes with multiple stops and allot drivers to them immediately.
  • Add addresses and customer details manually or import them directly from your Excel or CSV file.
  • Create one-time as well as recurring routes. Also, plan instantly or days in advance.
  • Assign drivers to optimized routes and dispatch them immediately.
  • Send routes to drivers in their driver apps or via Email and SMS.
  • Swap routes among multiple drivers in case of sudden plan change or emergency.
  • Duplicate entire routes and edit them if required.
  • Plan pickups before/after/in between deliveries.
  • Send delivery notifications and accurate ETAs to your customers.
  • Get the latest locations of drivers using live driver tracking.
  • Verify the unverified addresses and delete/edit the incorrect ones.
  • Simply reverse the routes and avoid re-planning them.
  • Select multiple stops using the multi-selector tool and make quick modifications.
  • Generate reports to keep a track of the performance of your drivers and stops completed.
  • Integrate existing system or third-party apps to Upper using API integration.

What People Say About Upper

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Ben Parker,

Delivery Manager of Flavors2Go
Ben parker
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2. OptimoRoute



OptimoRoute is another route optimization and scheduling software designed to streamline and enhance delivery and field service operations. With its intelligent algorithms and user-friendly interface, OptimoRoute empowers businesses like yours to plan and manage their routes efficiently, reducing travel time, fuel costs, and overall operational expenses. Let’s have a look at some of the features OptimoRoute offers:
  • Automated route planning optimizes routes for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Get accurate ETAs with live driver tracking.
  • Simple operations to assign and manage delivery orders.
  • API integration enables easy integration with existing systems
  • Gets feedback from customers automatically
  • Get a detailed analysis of delivery operations and driver performances

OptimoRoute compared to Tookan

While both OptimoRoute and Tookan offer route optimization solutions, subtle differences set them apart in terms of their features and results. OptimoRoute allows you to create optimal routes that minimize travel time and expenses. The platform’s emphasis on real-time adjustments ensures that routes remain adaptable to unexpected changes, offering a level of flexibility that empowers businesses to handle dynamic delivery scenarios efficiently. OptimoRoute also excels in providing comprehensive driver communication and tracking features, enhancing transparency throughout the delivery process. Even though Tookan offers a variety of features, OptimoRoute takes a more precise and adaptable approach, making it a great option for businesses. Talking about the price, OptimoRoute costs $39/month per vehicle, while Tookan charges $99/month. OptimoRoute provides 30 days of free trial, and on the other hand, Tookan provides 14 days of free trial. If you still want to explore more, check OptimoRoute alternatives.

3. Routific



The next alternative of Tookan is Routific, a delivery management software ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. If you don’t have much expectations from the software and are just looking for basic functionalities, Routific could be your pick. Routific gathers use data like address, time windows, and distance to plan efficient routes. Since it has helped numerous businesses to save on fuel costs, no wonder why it is rated 4 out of 5. Along with route optimization, Routific comes with a bouquet of features that enhances your business operations in one way or another. Now, let’s explore some features offered by Routific:
  • Get easy route planning and optimization capabilities
  • An intuitive interface makes it easy to operate
  • Map-based and timeline route plan view for better visibility
  • Generate proof of delivery at every stop
  • Add custom fields to make it more aligned with your business
  • Get the exact location of your drivers to stay updated

Routific compared to Tookan

Many features of Routific resemble Tookan, but the considerable difference is that Routific offers basic features in its Essentials plan. Still, you are required to pay $19/month additional if you want to send accurate ETAs and delivery-related notifications to your customers. If you are looking to integrate any existing system, Routific offers API integration, while Tookan doesn’t. This makes Routific more adaptable to its customers’ requirements. Talking about ease of use, customer service, and value for money, Routific surpasses Tookan, which makes it a considerable alternative to it. The price of Routific starts at $49/month per vehicle and offers a 7-day free trial. Check out Routific alternatives here.

4. Route4Me



When talking about route planning for logistics, Route4Me stands as an efficient tool, eventually getting itself added to the list of Tookan alternatives. It is ideal for SMEs, agencies, & large business enterprises involved in routing and logistics services. You can plan routes with multiple stops easily with its route optimization capabilities. If you have a list of addresses ready, you can just upload them in Route4Me, optimize routes, and dispatch drivers to those routes immediately. Here are the top features of Route4Me:
  • Built-in navigation to get accurate directions
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android devices
  • Telematics getaway to gather critical data from vehicles
  • Geofencing enables you to monitor driver activities and get real-time alerts
  • Send scheduled notifications to customers

Route4Me compared to Tookan

Route4Me is a costly option compared to Tookan. So, if you do not have budget constraints and are willing to choose a better delivery management platform at a higher price, Route4Me can be your pick. The starting cost of Route4Me is $199/month, but despite having a high price, it allows you to add up to 10 drivers. So, you can go for Route4Me if you have a fleet of drivers to manage. While Tookan is ideal for a very small number of business categories, Route4Me expands its suitability to almost all business industries requiring route planning. About ease of use and value for money, Route4Me tops in users’ views. Route4Me is supported in mobile-based as well as web-based platforms, while Tookan is only available on mobile-based platforms. If both Route4Me and Tookan seem costly to you, check out Route4Me alternatives here.
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5. Samsara



The next Tookan alternative, Samsara, is suitable for large enterprise businesses. Samsara is one such company that provides routing solutions along with a varied array of products. The products of Samsara are mostly chosen by delivery businesses looking to plan their delivery routes and enhance their last mile delivery operations. The product list includes GPS tracking devices, AI dash cameras, and camera connectors. Samsara is a well-known tool for collecting data like driver behavior, vehicle diagnostics, and maintenance schedule. The features of Samsara are listed below:
  • Get risk factor reports and behavior insights
  • Enhance driver safety by detecting unsafe driver behavior
  • Integrate with third-party systems to manage everything in one dashboard
  • Boost vehicle performance and lower fuel consumption using asset optimization

Samsara compared to Tookan

Comparing Samsara with Tookan, you are gonna get the best tracking and driver performance reports. Using it you can make your logistics operations better. Many users have claimed that the customer support of Samsara is not up to mark, while in Tookan, you will get timely resolution to your issues. Unlike Tookan, Samsara provides a 30-day free trial to help new users get their hands on it. Samsara provides customized pricing after knowing your business requirements. Although it is a costly alternative to Tookan, making it unsuitable for small businesses. So, if you have a large fleet to manage and a heavy budget to spend, Samsara can be your choice. Dig more into the differences, and go through Samsara alternatives.

6. eLogii



If you are an HVAC or field service company looking for Tookan alternatives, eLogii could be your ideal pick. Though eLogii provides 3 plans (Starter, Premium, and, Professional) to choose from, their price is not made public. eLogii is different from other route planning tools, as it provides route planning based on stops and not drivers or routes. So, until you have tasks available in your monthly plan, you can plan unlimited routes with unlimited drivers. Here are some of the key features of eLogii:
  • Multi-depot route optimization to dispatch drivers from multiple depots
  • Mileage tracking to monitor fuel consumption
  • Live ETAs to keep your customers updated
  • Multiple routing options like dynamic routing, multi-stop, multi-day, and return to depot routing
  • Emergency dispatch to keep your drivers on the go
  • Multiple proof of delivery options

eLogii compared to Tookan

The key difference lies in the number of stops both allow you every month. Also, in eLogii, you can plan pickups individually without corresponding drop-off locations. The vehicle tracking system of eLogii detects improper driving. eLogii enables you to plan and optimize routes considering various constraints, including vehicle capacity and time windows. eLogii provides a 14-day free trial. Also, don’t forget to check eLogii alternatives in case you need them.

7. LogiNext Mile



LogiNext Mile is a prominent last-mile delivery optimization platform. Leveraging advanced technology, LogiNext Mile specializes in providing businesses with features to streamline their delivery operations. The platform offers real-time tracking, intelligent route optimization, and efficient dispatch management, ensuring that you effectively plan and execute your delivery schedules. Now, let’s look at the features LogiNext Mile offers:
  • Easy scanning to validate delivered items
  • Offers multiple payment options, including cash on delivery
  • Error-free invoicing, even for partially delivered orders
  • Collect customer feedback to identify the scope of improvements
  • Provides a user-friendly interface
  • Get live traffic updated to reroute drivers if needed

LogiNext Mile compared to Tookan

On-site customer satisfaction data entry and collect-at-delivery payment systems set LogiNext Mile above Tookan in front of users’ eyes. According to some users, there is a difference in the feature set in the Android and iOS versions of LogiNext Mile. Based on time preferences, traffic conditions, and weather conditions, LogNext Mile enables you to reroute existing delivery schedules for accurate routing. While LogiNext Mile provides a 14-day free trial, its pricing model depends on your specific requirements. Consider checking LogiNext Mile alternatives too.

8. Onfleet



OnFleet is a well-known last mile delivery software used worldwide. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, OnFleet allows you to optimize routes, assign tasks to drivers, and monitor real-time delivery progress. Even after route completion, you can get a detailed history of each delivery made. Also, you can send accurate ETAs and customer notifications to keep them updated about the deliveries. Some important features of OnFleet are listed below:
  • Auto-assign unassigned tasks to the shortest route or closest driver
  • Generate proof of delivery for better transparency with customers
  • iOS and Android apps for easy operations
  • Easily integrate existing systems using API integration
  • Get access to historic data for up to 90 days
  • Customers get automatic SMS updates

Onfleet compared to Tookan

One of the major differences between both is the industries they serve. Onfleet is ideal for delivery businesses, while Tookan is more suitable for on-demand delivery businesses. Onfleet does not provide color coding feature that makes driver indications hard to understand. It provides driver performance metrics so you get better visibility into your drivers’ performance. The pricing structure of Onfleet starts from $500/month, which makes it a costlier Tookan alternative. Although the free trial of both Tookan and Onfleet is of 14 days only. Have a look at some of the best Onfleet alternatives.
Route planning and optimization
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9. Shipday



Another alternative to Tookan is Shipday. It is a delivery management software ideal for many small or medium-sized businesses like grocery, food, restaurants, ghost kitchen, or other similar local delivery business. Shipday’s user-friendly interface and integration capabilities make it a valuable tool for businesses looking to streamline their delivery processes, reduce costs, and elevate customer experiences. This delivery management software comes with various features like automatic delivery dispatch, live driver tracking, and customer notifications. Here are the key features of Shipday:
  • Plan, optimize, and assign deliveries
  • Modify routes instantly using a mobile app
  • Collect proof of delivery and customer reviews post delivery
  • Get instant support using email, phone, or chat
  • Get dispatch management and order management capabilities
  • Get customized reports using real-time data

Shipday compared to Tookan

Shipday allows integration with various systems like Shopify, WIX, and WooCommerce. Apart from Windows and Mac, Shipday is supportable in Linux also. Meanwhile, both of the software are available on web-based and mobile-based platforms. Shipday does not provide inventory management, while Tookan offers the same. Shipday’s pricing starts from $29/month, which makes it an affordable option for Tookan. It also provides a 30-day free trial, which is longer than Tookan, i.e., 14 days. Not satisfied with Shipday too? Check out Shipday alternatives to find the perfect one for your requirements.

10. Motive



Motive, formerly KeepTruckin, is users’ one of the favorite choices when it comes to automating operations. Until now, Motive has powered over 120,000 businesses with its solutions and products. Motive is suitable for small businesses and enterprises across various industries like delivery, field service, agriculture, food & beverage, trucking & logistics, and construction. Motive provides a wide array of safety and compliance products to install in your delivery vehicles to improve your operations. Let’s look at the features Motive offers its users:
  • Optimize route, assign drivers, and track them
  • Tracking and telematics to have better visibility of drivers’ whereabouts
  • Better safety measures and features
  • Get better insights into drivers’ performance with reporting feature
  • Get whole fleet management in one platform

Motive compared to Tookan

Motive provides the best customer support compared to Tookan and all other fleet management software. They provide 24/7 customer support in 5 languages to serve better. Motive is easy to use and is available on web and mobile-based platforms. While Tookan just provides routing features, Motive is more than that. You will get accurate tracking and reporting capabilities that transform your delivery operations. Motive does not provide a free trial. Talking about pricing, the price of Motive depends on the services and products you wish to opt for. Also, give a look at Motive alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What exactly is Tookan?
    Tookan is a delivery management software that enables businesses to plan and organize their delivery routes. Along with route planning, it also provides various other features like driver dispatching, reporting, driver tracking, and API integration. The goal of Tookan is to help businesses streamline their delivery operations along with fuel and time saving.
  • In which features Tookan lag?
    Despite providing many features, Tookan’s route optimization capabilities are not up to mark. It lags in providing accurate, optimized routes, unlike some of its alternatives, such as Upper. It needs technical help, as many users have reported downtime. After paying such a high price, users are still dissatisfied with Tookan’s features and services.
  • Can Tookan be customized to match specific operational requirements?
    Yes, Tookan allows customization of the customer-facing app and driver interface to align with your brand’s identity. You can also set up customized route preferences in route optimization based on your operational preferences.
  • Why is Tookan expensive?
    The base plan of Tookan is itself expensive at $99/month. Still, they charge add-on amounts for basic features like customer notifications. This is the reason Tookan is comparatively expensive.
  • Is the subscription plan of Tookan task based or driver based?
    Tookan offers a task based subscription plan, which means once you opt for it, you will get tasks or address credits every month to spend. You can plan unlimited routes with unlimited drivers until you have monthly tasks left in your balance.


Living in 2023, the digital era, asks for many automation advancements, be it any business. Especially in the fleet management and delivery business, users require a smart solution that does multi-tasks, enabling them to stay on one platform and still get efficient results. Tookan is one such solution, but because of some drawbacks, it has, people urge to find an alternative to it. This is where this detailed guide comes to the rescue. We hope this article has helped ease your choice dilemmas. It is advisable to remember to choose an ideal route optimization and delivery management software solely depending on your requirements. But when talking in general, one tool that works best for every business category is Upper. It is an all-in-one delivery management software that helps you plan routes, dispatch drivers, integrate third-party systems, collect proof of delivery, generate reports, and track drivers. They also provide a to help you get started.
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