RouteXL Alternative for Medium and Large-sized Businesses

RouteXL Alternative for Medium and Large-sized Businesses
keyKey Takeaways:
  • RouteXL has limited capabilities, for anyone who needs to manage several drivers and make hundreds of deliveries per week.
  • There are other alternatives of RouteXL each with its own pros and cons.
  • The advance delivery scheduling of Upper Route Planner helps to schedule routes for months in advance.
  • Badger Maps is also an alternative but it does not offer proof of delivery and is quite expensive too.

RouteXL is a multi location route planner app for individuals and small-scale delivery businesses. It sorts addresses to minimize the overall duration of the route and finds the best route for deliveries, pickups, and services.

RouteXL is a good option. But its features and functionalities are not enough for a medium or large-scale business making hundreds of pickups and deliveries each day.

Businesses that have multiple drivers to manage and hundreds of customers to reach throughout the day, will be unable to achieve that using RouteXL.

For that purpose, we have a bunch of RouteXL alternatives mentioned in this blog. Let us walk you through each of them.

Reasons To Look For an Alternative to RouteXL

RouteXL is a decent option. But it has several constraints. 

  • RouteXL is an ideal option for organizations with 1 to 10 employees. In that sense, it is quite limited in its offerings. 
  • Also, considering the features, it has a select few functionalities which would not be enough for a small or medium-sized delivery business.
  • Even though it offers drag & drop, and driver management, RouteXL has limited functionality for anyone who has multiple drivers to manage and make hundreds of deliveries throughout the week. 
  • No matter what your priority is – ease of use, affordability, user rating, or value for your money, there are several other tools out there that could be a great match for your needs.

4 Best Alternatives To RouteXL

  1. Upper Route Planner

    upper route planner

    Upper Route Planner is the best alternative to RouteXL for last mile delivery businesses or any business that has a team of drivers operating on a daily basis.

    We help businesses of all sizes in scaling their delivery service with our route planning and optimization capabilities.

    Route scheduling and optimization provide a smoother and less time-consuming delivery experience.

    Look at why Upper Route Planner works as the most suitable alternative to RouteXL.

    Upper Route Planner Features

    1. Excel Import: Add up to 500 stops by simply importing an Excel sheet full of addresses. Avoid the hassle of manually adding each address to the route.
    2. Route Scheduling: Plan deliveries a few months in advance. Create more efficient routes for months in advance with our route scheduling feature. At the time of delivery, you pull out the route and send it to your driver.
    3. Route Planning & Optimization: Upper Route Planner helps you save hours of planning time by optimizing routes instantly. Optimize each route with real-time constraints like priority stops, time windows, and driver availability.
    4. Proof of Delivery: Drivers can click pictures and collect customer signatures for each package delivered. Electronic proof of delivery helps your drivers report successful deliveries.
    5. Parcel Info: Parcel info includes information like Parcel Count, Placement in Vehicle, and Parcel Photo. Dispatchers can attach these details to each order for easy identification of the parcel in the back of the delivery vehicle.
    6. One-click Driver Dispatch: Why dispatch routes to each of your drivers separately? With Upper Route Planner, users can divide a list of addresses into several routes. Businesses can dispatch the routes to your drivers with a single click.
    7. Customer Notifications: Businesses can send automated SMS notifications and email notifications to keep the customers informed about their delivery. It helps improve visibility into the delivery process and boosts customer experience.
    8. Reports & Analytics: Identify areas of improvement and make better decisions by generating delivery reports.
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    Upper Route Planner

    A Simple-to-use route planner that every one is talking about.

    • Save up to 95% of planning time
    • Save up to 40% of time on the road
    • Plan 500 stops at once

    Best Used For

    A variety of industries like Meal Delivery or delivering food parcels, Furniture Delivery, Post & Courier Delivery, Inspection Services, Maintenance Services, Sales Reps, and Weed Delivery.


    • Essential plan: Starting from $80 per month for up to 3 drivers
    • Growth plan: Starting from $160 per month for up to 5 drivers
    • Enterprise planContact for more details


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    • Badger Maps

      Badger Maps is another good alternative to RouteXL, especially if you’re looking for a routing solution for your field sales team. 

      Compared to regular delivery teams, field service teams need some extra features from a route planning tool. 

      BadgerMaps Features

      1. Route Optimization: Provides the fastest route to reach all your stops. 
      2. Route Mode: Helps you check and manage your entire day’s route without any distractions.
      3. Lasso: Circle a set of points on the map to group them geographically and reassign to your team instantly. 
      4. Color & Filter: Color & highlight specific points to filter them for cross-sell or upsell. 
      5. Teams: Provides detailed, custom check-in reports for your teams. 
      6. Check-ins: Creating custom check-ins, adding photos to them to collect the right data from the fields is easier. 
      7. CRM Integration: Do an easy 2-way sync between any CRM you use.
      8. Leads: Find ideal leads in the field by using keywords like industry, business name, and product type.  
      9. Reminders: Get follow-up reminders and never forget to contact a prospect on time. 

      Pros & Cons

      • Easy to use with a shallow learning curve.
      • Helps monitor covered areas and plan work efficiently.
      • Helps save a ton of time and you don’t miss the chance to call on sales prospects.
      • Does not offer proof of delivery.
      • The software is expensive.
      • Sometimes, the location shown in the maps is inaccurate.

      Best Used For: 

      Medical Device Sales, Pharma Sales, Construction Sales, CPG Sales, Beverage Sales, Technology Sales, Dental Sales, Agricultural Sales, Manufacturing Sales, Wholesale, Insurance, and Financial Sales.


      Badger Maps has two pricing plans, as follows:

      1. Business

      The Business plan costs $59 per user, per month. 

      You get access to route optimization capabilities along with basic CRM integration and weekly reports. 

      1. Enterprise

      The Enterprise plan costs $105 per user, per month.

      You get access to all the features in the Business plan and additional features like advanced CRM integration, set custom roles, and permissions, and one-on-one account training with Badger representatives. 

      Customer Reviews

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    • Speedy Route

      Speedy Route is a route planning tool that supports delivery drivers & traveling salesmen by planning their routes & directions while covering multiple locations throughout the day. 

      Speedy Route is available in the United States, the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe, as well as in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the Far East, South America, and other parts of the world.

      Speedy Route Features

      1. Route Planning & Optimization: Speedy Route re-orders the locations you enter into the best optimal order. Every location is visited once before returning to your start location in the quickest way possible. It provides full driving directions between all stops.

      1. Plan for Multiple Vehicles: Speedy Route can plan your route for a single vehicle or multiple delivery vehicles. It will produce the optimal route for the number of delivery vehicles you have available. The calculated route might not use all the vehicles available if the optimal route can be achieved using fewer vehicles.

      • Allows you to add up to 500 stops.
      • Simple interface and easy to use.
      • Takes longer to download organized route.
      • No proof of delivery or customer notifications.

      Best Used For

      Web-based route planning platform that helps delivery drivers & traveling salesmen plan routes, directions & location timeboxing while visiting multiple sites, for multiple vehicles.


      1. $69/month: Up to 5 drivers, 500 stops per route
      2. $99/month: Up to 10 drivers, unlimited stops per route

      Customer Reviews

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    • Descartes Route Planner

      Descartes Route Planning software offers tools to maximize fleet efficiency and mobile resource utilization. It helps businesses to decrease costs, improve delivery service, and boost productivity.

      Businesses can create optimal routes using fewer trucks, miles, and drivers. It offers easy mobile integration for real-time tracking, performance, compliance, etc. It helps streamline planning and productivity for mobile workers.

      Descartes Features

      1. Route Planning & Optimization: Descartes uses advanced algorithms and AI to deliver results in both strategic and real-time dynamic daily planning.  Sophisticated planning capabilities allow businesses to create optimal daily, same-day, and multi-day routes.
      2. Appointment Scheduling: Descartes’ cloud-based solution allows real-time appointment scheduling for pick-up, delivery, or service commitments. Real-time scheduling keeps fleet operations productive by increasing responsiveness and customer satisfaction.
      3. Dispatching & Tracking: Coordinate drivers and dispatchers to streamline operations and enhance customer service. Assigning new orders and managing exceptions become easier with Descartes.
      4. Mobile app: The mobile app provides information, workflows, and necessary tools to drivers. Drivers can use the mobile app for route execution, scan on and scan off orders, picture and signature capture, and creating invoices.
      5. Fleet & Driver Performance Management: Descartes offers monitoring, reporting and coaching solutions tp help drivers perform at their best. Descartes blends advanced route planning and execution, with real-time vehicle and driver performance monitoring seamlessly.
      6. Telematics & Compliance: Receive advanced visibility and reporting of driver on-road activity that reinforces best practices for safety and performance. Businesses can stay on top of regulatory mandates for North America, the UK and European Union.

      • Easy to use with a good interface.
      • Offers telematics, real-time tracking, and compliance.
      • Lots of unnecessary data entry required to submit a routing request.
      • No proof of delivery.

      Best Used For

      Useful for carriers (air, ocean, ground), forwarders and LSPs, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, business services, and govt/regulatory agencies.



      Customer Reviews

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    Why Should You Consider Upper Route Planner As An Alternative for RouteXL?

    Here are some of the major reasons why you need routing software like Upper Route Planner to manage your delivery route planning. 

    1. Save Time & Resources: Having dedicated resources to plan & schedule routes means spending way too much money and time on route planning & optimization. Salvage time and resources with Upper Route Planner’s automated and efficient route planning
    2. Advanced Delivery Scheduling: You don’t need to worry about managing your delivery planning manually with Upper Route Planner. Quickly schedule routes for months in advance with our advanced scheduling and optimization algorithm. 
    3. Scale Delivery Operations: With optimal routes, it becomes easier for your drivers to deliver their orders on time. Covering more stops with each route and scaling delivery operations then becomes possible for your delivery team. 
    4. Increase Revenue: When your drivers are able to cover more stops and deliver more orders within the same time and with the same amount of resources, business revenue automatically gets a boost.
    5. Improve Customer Experience: With features like customer notifications, proof of delivery mixed with timely deliveries, you can boost customer experience. These are things that help you retain customers and improve brand loyalty.

    Optimized Route Schedules Are Just A Click Away

    Sign up to Upper Route Planner and start optimizing delivery routes for your business.

    On Choosing a RouteXL Alternative

    For businesses offering door-to-door service, pick-ups and deliveries throughout the city need a robust tool to help them support through their route planning process. Having a powerful route planning software helps.

    RouteXL is a good option. But does it fit all your requirements? If it doesn’t, you must try out the alternatives mentioned above.

    Upper Route Planner is one of the best options for any kind of business handling multiple drivers and their schedules. It has all the necessary features, is affordable, and helps you scale your delivery process.

    If you are looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to plan and optimize local deliveries and driver schedules, Upper Route Planner is your best bet. Try out our and see how it suits your requirements.

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Rakesh Patel
Rakesh Patel

Rakesh Patel is the founder and CEO of Upper Route Planner, a route planning and optimization software. With 28+ years of experience in the technology industry, Rakesh is a subject matter expert in building simple solutions for day-to-day problems. His ultimate goal with Upper Route Planner is to help delivery businesses eliminate on-field delivery challenges and simplify operations such as route planning, scheduling, dispatching, take a proof of delivery, manage drivers, real time tracking, customer notifications and more. He loves sharing his thoughts on eliminating delivery management challenges via blogs. Read more.