6 Top Drink Carriers for Delivery Drivers in 2024

As one of the most significant industries that meet everyday human needs, food and beverages have seen a minute-by-minute increase in market share.

They have long been regarded as an excellent field to conduct business. As a result, many stakeholders want to participate in this lush land of advantage, particularly in the beverage business.

The worldwide beverage business is anticipated to be valued at $1.86 trillion by 2024, with Asia-Pacific gaining a competitive advantage.

This article will provide a brief description of the beverage industry, including data on the overall evolution of this massive business and information on the beverage segment’s statistics, features, and competitive level.

The below content will also focus on how a good drink carrier aids in solving the beverage industry’s problems and what is the best drink carrier for delivery drivers.

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An Overview of Beverage Delivery

We’ll need some background information before delving into the specifics of each beverage type’s characteristics and how tough it is.

  • The Beverage industry’s evolution

    Even though beverages have been around for a long time, including historic varieties like wine and beer, the industry has only recently emerged. 

    The increasing number of manufacturers, diverse layout and packaging, production methods, and final market-ready items demonstrate this rise.

  • Beverage industry’s economic significance

    According to estimates from the beverage industry, the market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 3.1 % from 2019 to 2024.

    The beverage industry has benefited business owners, customers, and society recently.

To be more explicit, the beverage market encompasses both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, is earning billions of dollars in annual income, and assisting millions of people in escaping unemployment.

What Are The Key Features of An Ideal Drink Carrier?

1. Insulation

Drink carrier bags should include inside coverings and dividers to keep beverages at the perfect temperature and ready to serve. 

This also makes the carrying bags ideal for delivering drinks throughout town, whether you’re offering a hot cup of coffee at the workplace in the morning or cold beer at a picnic.

2. Drink Dividers

Other than carrying beverages, the beverage bags should be able to be easily converted to suit other uses. 

They must comprise two (or more) detachable insulated drink dividers that users can eliminate to make the bag fit trays of food or a mix of food and beverages.

Each divider should be able to hold three to four drinks, totaling six to eight cups.

3. Shoulder Straps

You won’t have any trouble carrying your beverages if you have many drink carrier bags with shoulder straps.

Adjustable straps make carrying them easier and free up your hands to hold other items. You wouldn’t have to put the bag on the floor to get to the drinks.

4. Velcro Closure

The Velcro clasp on drink carrier bags makes getting in or out of them simple. 

This means you won’t have to worry about annoying snags or zipper breaks, which could cause delays during delivery.

How Does an Effective Drink Carrier Benefit the Beverage Delivery Business? 

1. Multi-Functionality

As the name suggests, drink carrier bags can be used for various things. Coffee travel cases, meal delivery pouches, travel drink carriers, and recyclable cup holders are all options. 

They’re ideal for barbecues, grocery shopping, office parties, family get-togethers, picnics, Uber Eats, Grubhub, DoorDash, Favor, Postmates, and Instacart deliveries.

In a drink carrier bag, you may transport a wide range of liquids, foods, and beverages, including soups, milkshakes, smoothies, energy drinks, beer, coffee, tea, juice, and more. Unlike a car’s cup holders, drink delivery bags can be transported from one place to another.

2. Reusability

Biodegradable materials such as cotton canvases, polypropylene, jute, HEMP, and RPET make various drink carrier bags. You can hold them with one hand and place them safely in your car.

These materials are not only eco-friendly but also durable, allowing you to reuse the bags multiple times. Some bags offer removable dividers and help you save space for more drinks.

With all of these distinct characteristics and benefits, it’s clear that drink carrier bags are the ideal bags for transporting and distributing beverages. These are the best drink carriers for coffee cups as they have a solid base, simple fold, and offer simple and convenient storage.

Challenges Around Beverage Delivery

Although it is as good as it is; the beverage industry has certain problems.  

The global food chain is among the most complicated yet critical logistical programs since our civilization requires it to be sustainable. 

While we may believe that the food and beverage industry is highly tuned and impervious to corruption, it is always evolving and facing numerous problems. 

Commonly, these problems pertain to the transportation and storage of beverages and can be explained below.

1. Increasing demand for food shipping traceability

There was a time when traceability of shipping was a luxury feature that very few customers would pay for. Those days are long gone. 

Today’s food and beverage exporters and receiving customers demand traceability that meets rising beverage safety standards and satisfies their customers’ desire for peace of mind.

Multiple consumer agencies have reported that the beverage-buying public is becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of beverage contamination throughout the supply chain.

According to OSHA and various food and beverage safety experts, most beverage-borne illnesses begin or spread within the food supply chain.

The requirement for buyers and consumers to document the who, what, where, and when of every component of the beverage distribution chain, not just for consumers’ safety and brand protection but also for legal reasons, has sparked an increase in the need for more precise traceability standards.

2. Lack of communication between food supply chain members

While recent technological advancements have increased communication channels and opportunities, there are still gaps in the beverage supply chain.

Several actors are involved in the supply chain. There are times when things slide through the gaps with so many people and companies, each having its transportation and communication means.

There are numerous occasions when individuals in the same commodity’s supply chain never contact. This can lead to various issues, including product delays, higher growth of bacteria, food poisoning, and spoilage.

To reduce these potentially difficult issues, improving the food supply chain’s communication process should be a focus.

3. Transportation and Storage

Another factor that comes to light is the right measures to prevent beverage spoilage. 

During transportation, beverages are often spoiled due to broken packages resulting in loss and wastage. 

In such cases, getting the right beverage carriers becomes extremely important. But before we jump onto that, let’s have an overview of beverage delivery.

Solution For Beverage Delivery – Best-suited Drink Carriers For Delivery Drivers

Have trouble deciding which carrier to use for your beverage delivery business? Here is a list of some of the most common choices.

1. Outdoor Sport collapsible cup carrier

Ideal due to: Convenient storage

This drink container is made of sturdy polyester and is lightweight and collapsible. It accommodates six warm or cold beverages in a strong frame with a firm base, separated by a divider.

The big handle on the caddy-style carrier makes it comfortable to carry and can be folded flat for storing when not in use.

2. Rubbermaid deluxe carry caddy

Ideal due to: Adjustable sizes

This robust caddy-style carrier can hold up to eight 32-ounce cups or bottles, perfect for large drinks. The drink holder has an ergonomic design with a comfortable, easy-grip handle.

The reusable drink holder is also really easy to clean — rinse the plastic in case of spills!

3. Drink Caddy portable drink carrier

Ideal due to: Adjustable sizes

This drink carrier in the shape of a bag is durable polyester and can accommodate both hot and cold beverages. It contains a separate storage section for XXL beverages and movable partitions for XXL beverages.

Three sizes are available, each holding two, four, or six drinks. The folding disposable drink container is also environmentally beneficial.

4. Footprint 4-cup drink carrier

Ideal due to: Biodegradability

These paper drink carriers are constructed of biodegradable fiber that has been reprocessed. They can hold up to four drinks, with sizes ranging from 8 to 32 oz.

They’re also microwavable and water-resistant, making them extremely long-lasting — but they’re not designed to last indefinitely.

You can get bulk pages in quantities of 100 or 300.

5. Kraft drink carrier with handles

Ideal due to: Cost

Up to four 20-ounce glasses can be carried in these collapsible cardboard holders. They include a solid carrying handle and are made of tough, moisture-resistant cardboard.

You may also fold them flat when not in use and recycle them once you’ve finished using them. However, as previously stated, they will not last as long, so buy in quantity.

Solution For Beverage Delivery – Ideal Hot Bags For Delivery People

As a delivery driver, you’ll be transporting more than just drinks – you’ll also be transporting meals! You want to minimize spills, just like with beverages.

There’s also the issue of temperature to consider: A hot meal should, in theory, remain hot until it reaches the diner. A hot bag can convey food safely while simultaneously providing warmth.

Here’s a rundown of some of the most common kinds of hot bags in use by delivery drivers.

1. Rubbermaid ProServe delivery bag

Ideal due to: Longevity

These insulated food delivery bags are made of nylon and polyester and provide temperature control for hot and cold items. It’s lightweight but strong and water-resistant, making it simple to clean.

The big identification glass on the side makes it easier to label deliveries and keep them organized.

2. NZ Home insulated grocery bag

Ideal due to: Pricing

This takeaway bag features twin handles on the front, rear, and sides, allowing you to carry it wherever you like.  

The catering bag comprises polypropylene cloth, a compact PE foam insulation, and an aluminum inner layer.

The bag sits upright and may be hand-washed to maintain stringent hygiene precautions.

3. Cherboll insulated delivery backpack

Ideal due to: Adjustable storage

This insulated bag has two shoulder straps, allowing you to use it as a backpack while freeing up your hands. It contains two detachable dividers to keep food organized and an upper zip for packing and unloading.

Three-side zip pockets provide additional storage for items such as customer receipts.

Strengthen Your Beverage Delivery Game With Upper Route Planner

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Drink carriers come in various shapes and sizes, including

  • Pulp trays
  • Drink carrier bags
  • Caddies

Transportation and storage are major challenges in the beverage delivery industry. A good drink carrier bag omits the possibility of accidents and wastage of beverages and is therefore important. They handle hot or cold drinks and can offer a sturdy frame to deliver important drinks.

The ideal drink carrier bags are multiple drink carrier bags. They have a larger capacity than a regular drink carrier bag and are functional. They can simplify the delivery services and ensure that the drinks are safe till they reach the customer’s door. You can earn more money and can complete secure deliveries.


Beverage delivery drivers need to go through many ups and downs in order to provide best delivery experience. Referring to the challenges in this industry, we suggest you to get delivery route planner. It can assist you find optimal routes more easily and its automated delivery process won’t take long for clients.

As a result, customers would be highly satisfied with your service. We hope now you understood what are challenges and how to tackle them. Book a demo with us and find how delivery route planner can make your job easier.

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