Best Flashlights for Delivery Drivers in 2024 – Top 4 Picks

keyKey Takeaways:
  • For delivery drivers, flashlights are necessary equipment since they increase visibility and safety in low-light conditions.
  • Take into account factors like durability, battery life, and beam distance while choosing a flashlight for delivery use.
  • In the long run, a rechargeable flashlight can save money and reduce waste.
  • Delivery drivers can enhance their efficiency, safety, and overall performance on the job by using a high-quality flashlight.

For a delivery driver, the night shift is much more difficult than daytime duty.

Do you have to deliver hot pizzas in a 30-mins turnaround timePeakPlus flashlight?  

Or do you have to deliver Amazon or FedEx packages?  

You must know that you need a quality flashlight from a reputable brand regardless of your delivery job type if you work night shifts.

We recently found that many night shift workers are looking for high lumen flashlights that provide adequate light to work comfortably at night.

Therefore, we have curated a listicle of some of the best flashlights for delivery drivers with comprehensive details to make your job easier and save you time.

So without any further ado, let’s dive into the quintessential details!

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List of 4 Best Flashlights for Delivery Drivers

1. GearLight high-powered LED flashlight S2000

The S2000 flashlight’s exceptional beam output of 1200 genuine lumens renders it incredibly portable and handy in a backpack or a survival kit, or an automobile glove box. It is 20 times brighter than traditional incandescent lights and three times brighter than average LED flashlights. This device runs on four AA batteries (not included).

You can store it in the household or emergency pack for its zoom capability, but it can also be placed further away with the “near” setting for a close-up view of distant objects or moved farther away for a broader view.

This flashlight is meant to be extremely durable, withstanding drops of up to 10 feet and drowning in water.

If you’re a delivery driver, you need a high-quality flashlight to avoid problems at night. The robust design, paired with its lightness, makes it a quality flashlight. It is also ideal for use in the house, walking dogs at night, and fishing.


  • It has an intuitive zoom function.
  • It is water and drop resistant.
  • It offers different modes of usage.
  • It provides a one-year manufacturing guarantee.
  • It delivers bright light with an intensity of 1200 genuine lumens.

2. Outlite S1000 portable handheld LED flashlight

The LED flashlight’s long-lasting battery life allows it to easily illuminate a 100-square-meter room or focus on things up to 1000 feet distant.

It is a long-lasting, ultra-bright LED lamp. Its intense LED produces a dazzling floodlight and even a focused spotlight. It also requires three AAA batteries to operate. This flashlight is also water resistant, slip resistant, and has an anti-fall structure. It is designed specifically for rough usage.

Outlite flashlights can withstand splashing water from any direction. It comes with two additional O rings that can be replaced in the flashlight, making it waterproof. It is built of a robust aluminum alloy layer and can withstand a 10-feet drop.

It includes an adjustable focus and five different lighting modes: low, medium, high, strobe mode, and SOS emergency. Because of its wide-to-narrow beam zoom capability, it is great for usage around the household, driving, making deliveries, dog walking, and camping.

Outlite flashlight is another best flashlight for nighttime running. It is quite portable, and it can fit in your tool kit, pocket, backpack, or handbag. This flashlight also has a comfortable hand rope design for convenient storage and instant access.

It offers exceptional value at a reasonable price. You can keep it in your delivery van or truck and use it on a daily basis. Outlite flashlight is similar to the military tactical flashlights seen on TV shows, commercials, and shopping networks but at a far lower price.


  • Outlite has an extra-long handle that is specifically built and included for striking.
  • The spotlight of this flashlight is bright enough for detection at longer ranges.
  • It can illuminate a large area in a circular floodlight.
  • You can simply carry it in your pocket because of its small size.
  • It has an anti-slip surface and provides a firm grip.
  • It has five modes of operation, which is really beneficial.

3. PeakPlus rechargeable tactical flashlight LFX1000

The PeakPlus flashlight incorporates High LED Lumens, which are 10 times stronger and brighter than regular incandescent flashlights. It can be operated using either a rechargeable battery or 3 AAA batteries.  

It is another best flashlight for delivery drivers and other individuals who are frequently assigned nighttime duties.

This high-quality portable flashlight is anti-abrasive, water resistant, and skidproof. Its robust design makes it ideal for outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, camping, and trekking. PeakPlus flashlight can also be used as a powerful home emergency light.

The PeakPlus rechargeable tactical flashlight offers a modular design with a zoom feature and five illuminating modes: medium, low brightness, full, SOS, and strobe. It has an adjustable focus and works as a spotlight, projecting a powerful beam of light up to 200 yards ahead. This flashlight can also be used as a mini floodlight to illuminate a large area.

The PeakPlus staff is dedicated to guaranteeing maximum customer satisfaction and is pleased to provide a one-year money-back guarantee to any customer who is dissatisfied with their purchase.


  • It is a lightweight flashlight with a high-strength anti-shock body.  
  • It offers weather resistance and water resistance.  
  • It has five light modes available.  
  • It has an adjustable zoom focus functionality.  
  • It can be operated with two power sources.

4. YIFENG XML T6 ultra bright LED flashlight (tactical flashlight)

The YIFENG XML T6 flashlight is one of the best LED flashlights for delivery drivers since it has a bright, adjustable light. It has a powerful spotlight for long-range observation up to 600 feet away and a circular floodlight for illuminating broad areas.

This flashlight promises longevity of up to 100,000 hours or more. It can be adjusted for different uses thanks to its adjustable focus. It has a high-performance design and is made of high-quality aircraft alloy. It is also skidproof and water resistant (IPX-6) in construction, making it suitable for everyday usage.

The lights of the YIFENG XML T6 flashlight can be switched between five different modes: high, middle, low, strobe, and SOS. You can hard-press the provided button to turn it on and of and slightly press it to change lighting modes.


  • The flashlight can be used effectively and efficiently because of its compact design.  
  • It includes a double waterproof rubber ring.  
  • It comes with a high-quality LED bulb that can produce over 1000 lumens.  
  • The focus point of the flashlight can be adjusted according to the user’s requirement.  
  • It is built of hard-anodized aluminum that can resist external scratches and chips.

Now that you’ve all the relevant details of these flashlights, compare them and finalize the one that best suits your job requirements.

5. Anker rechargeable bolder LC40 flashlight

Anker’s Bolder LC40 is another best flashlight for delivery drivers. It has five light settings: high, low, medium, strobe, and SOS.

It includes a 400-lumen Cree LED light which is comfortable for usage in small spaces, residences, or workplaces. When powered by the superior 3350mAh rechargeable battery that is part of the package, the lifespan of this LED tactical flashlight can be increased to 50000 hours.

It’s a good flashlight because of its sturdy aluminum body and non-slip surface, which keeps it steady in your palm even when you’re driving in harsh weather conditions. It is ideal for usage in a wide range of conditions, including heavy rain and windy climate.

The Anker flashlight comes with the following items:

  • welcome guide
  • rechargeable battery
  • Micro USB cable
  • 18-month worry-free warranty


  • It is a rechargeable tactical flashlight.
  • The LC40 sparkles even in the rain, thanks to IPX5 protection.
  • In Medium Mode, the 3350mAh battery can last up to 20 hours.
  • You will always have constant lighting with LC40.
  • It is portable due to its compact size.
  • Its anti-slip surface provides a secure grip.

Critical Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Flashlight for Nighttime Deliveries

If you’re going to spend your hard-earned money from making deliveries, you should purchase a quality flashlight with a long battery life that’s specifically tailored to your job’s requirements.

When purchasing a flashlight for delivery drivers, keep the following things in mind:

1. Type of light

LED lights produce a brighter and more powerful beam than typical incandescent bulbs. However, they frequently lack spectrum, affecting how much farther away you can see things. 

If you’re using a flashlight to locate a residence or an apartment address from your vehicle in the dark, this can be time-consuming.

2. Sturdiness

As a delivery driver, you must be resourceful and continue working even when the weather is unfavorable. This also applies to your flashlight.

Look for durable flashlights that are constructed of sturdy materials, such as heavy-duty plastic that is also water resistant. Another durable and lightweight material for a flashlight is aluminum alloy.

3. Lumens

Lumens are essentially units of measurement for the amount of light emitted by a lightbulb or any other light source. The higher the lumen count of a flashlight, the brighter it will be. 

Likewise, a flashlight with fewer lumens is going to be dimmer. Lumens are not to be confused with watts, which basically indicate the amount of energy consumed by a bulb.

4. Dimensions and weight

You already have a lot to haul if you are in the delivery business field. When your hands are already full of shipment packages, you don’t want to add a gigantic flashlight to the bunch.

Look for lightweight, portable flashlights. In terms of light efficiency, many standard models surprisingly deliver a powerful flash.

5. Modes of lighting

Many recent flashlight models have different parameters for brightness (normal or super-bright mode), beam size (wide or narrow beam), and even light color.

For instance, if you want to focus on addresses of resident buildings without throwing light into somebody’s window, go for a flashlight with a changeable focus beam that can go from broad to narrow instantly.

6. Options for carrying the flashlight

You can’t be concerned about your flashlight slipping out while juggling delivery packages. Look for flashlight models with molded grips and non slip finish that are convenient to carry.

A wrist strap is also a useful addition, as it allows you to keep your hands free while still keeping your flashlight within easy reach.

7. Power source

Imagine how it would be if, in the middle of a night shift, your flashlight bails on you. This is why it is wise to figure out your preferred power source for your flashlight. Determine whether you want a regular power source or a rechargeable battery power source.

If you use AA or AAA batteries, have some extras in the glove compartment of your delivery van. If you go for a rechargeable flashlight, be sure to charge it on a regular basis. Extended battery life is particularly important for rechargeable models.

Now that you know about the many variables that you need to consider before buying a flashlight, it will be easy for you to choose one from the list of the best flashlights for delivery drivers in 2022.

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A high-quality flashlight is certainly not going to be the least expensive on the market. If you want a quality product that matches your needs, expect to spend at least $35. Some flashlights can also cost up to $70 or $100.

Another best flashlight for delivery drivers is the GearLight S2000. The gadget is useful to have on delivery duties because it is a high lumen and portable flashlight.

Yes, delivery drivers must always carry a rechargeable flashlight at night since the lighting conditions at the delivery destination cannot be predicted. Therefore, it is a good idea to carry a flashlight with rechargeable batteries and a couple of extra charged batteries.


Being a delivery driver is a challenging job, as you need to overcome many obstacles to perform multiple deliveries. These top 4 flashlights would prove to be a handy option, especially when you are on duty at night time. Referring to these driver’s essentials, it would be now easier for you to pick any one of them.

We understand how drivers need to be at their best while performing multi-stop deliveries. Just like flashlights, you need an effective route planner which can direct you to the shortest routes. It allows the route optimization option so that you don’t get stranded while following your route plan. Try Upper for free to get a better idea of how it works.

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