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OptimoRoute Pricing Plans 2024

Lite Pro Custom
Price (billed monthly) $39 per driver $49 per driver Not publicly available
Best for Businesses seeking basic route planning needs for smaller delivery volumes Businesses with more complex routing needs, including advance weekly planning for large delivery volumes Businesses requiring the most comprehensive and customizable plan to meet their unique demands
Orders allowed at a time 700 1000 > 1000
Free trial 30 days 30 days Not applicable
Features included Mobile app for drivers, drivers’ route history export, and live tracking Everything in Lite plus analytics, weekly planning, proof of delivery, and delivery customer feedback Everything in Pro plus pickup & delivery, multi-day long-haul routes, and commercial routing

OptimoRoute Pricing Plans Explained

OptimoRoute offers three plans to suit different business sizes and needs: Lite, Pro, and Custom. 

While all three plans include route optimization, the number of stops they allow simultaneously differs. 

OptimoRoute’s monthly packages don’t require you to sign a contract, so you can cancel the plan without penalty.

Here’s a detailed breakdown:

1. Lite

The ‘Lite’ plan allows for planning orders (deliveries or pickups) not exceeding 700 at a time. It provides every basic route planning feature to manage your routes, including mobile apps for drivers, route history, live driver tracking, and web service API.

However, if you are looking for more advanced functionality, such as real-time order tracking, customer feedback, and analytics, this plan doesn’t provide them. 

In terms of pricing, it is the most affordable plan, priced at $39 per driver per month (billed monthly), making it ideal for small businesses with lower delivery volumes who have just started.

2. Pro

The ‘Pro’ plan provides everything in Lite and advanced features, such as geofencing, customer feedback, proof of delivery, and real-time order tracking. However, this plan costs $49 per driver, $10 more than Lite’s. 

The ‘Pro’ plan is perfect for businesses looking to scale their operations and need to plan up to 1000 deliveries and pickups at a time. 

Equipped with high-end features, such as in-depth analytics and enhanced last-mile visibility through real-time order tracking, Pro forms a perfect fit for mid-sized businesses to help them with their complex routing needs.

3. Custom

As the name indicates, this ‘Custom’ plan is designed to meet highly specific routing needs for large-sized businesses or enterprises that handle over 1000 monthly stops. 

This plan also provides everything in Pro and more features, such as commercial routing, pickup & delivery optimization, and multi-day routing. Plus, you get technical consulting and complete access to expert support.

While there is no information on the price per driver per month, you can contact their sales team for a personalized quote based on your unique business needs. However, the price of this plan will most likely be higher than that of Lite and Pro.

OptimoRoute Pricing vs Competitors’

While some OptimoRoute alternatives, such as Upper and Route4Me, provide user-based pricing, the other software solutions, such as Routific, provide vehicle-based pricing.

Here is the tabular comparison of the top 4 alternatives to OptimoRoute:

Software / Aspect OptimoRoute Upper Onfleet Route4Me Routific
Pricing Model Driver-based
($39 – Custom)
$40/user/month ($120 /month minimum (Includes 3 users)) A flat rate with a limit on maximum tasks
($550 – Custom)
User-based pricing (5 users included)
($200 – $450)
($49 to $93)
Price range (per month, billed monthly) $39 – Custom $150 – Custom $550 – Custom $200 – $450
(minimum 5 users)
$49 to $93
Stops / Tasks included 700 – Custom 250 – Custom 2000 – Custom Not applicable Not applicable
Free trial 30 days 7 days (no credit card required) 14 days 7 days 7 days
Annual discount on pricing ✅ (10% only) ✅ (20%) Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable
In-app navigation
Contact management
Curbside routing ✅ (as a payable add-on)
OCR address scan
Traffic-aware routing
Multi-day routing

OptimoRoute features a driver-based pricing model that doesn’t include a certain number of drivers within their plans. 

While it allows you to upgrade or downgrade your monthly price based on the number of drivers, this flexibility may be offset by the high price per driver. This may make it an expensive option for those looking to hire more drivers and expand their delivery operations.

Upper, on the other hand, charges a flat-rate fee for up to a fixed number of users based on the plan you pick, which prevents your plan costs from escalating, compared to OptimoRoute.

While Onfleet allows unlimited users, it caps the total number of deliveries in each plan. The difference between the price of Launch (the entry-level package) and Scale (the second package) is $1265 – $550 =  $715, which small businesses may find difficult to afford.

Routific’s vehicle-based pricing may be advantageous for large businesses with mixed fleets consisting of trucks, vans, or bikes with adequate budgets to pay the fixed price per vehicle. However, this per-vehicle pricing may not be economically feasible for small businesses, as they need to pay the same amount for any small or big vehicle.

While Route4Me may appear as a perfect solution for those looking to pay for only the modules or functionalities, they must meet their delivery needs and leave the rest. However, you may want to consider it as their entry-level package doesn’t provide basic routing functionalities, such as ‘route optimization’ and ‘time-window configuration’.

Is OptimoRoute Worth the Price?

OptimoRoute’s pricing model is completely driver-based. The final price of any plan depends on the number of drivers you add, whether one or a thousand. 

It may be ideal for seasonal businesses that need to hire extra drivers during seasonal peaks to fulfill high orders and relieve them when the demand goes down. 

However, none of their pricing plans don’t provide even a single driver by default. This may lead to a steep incline in overall delivery costs for non-seasonal businesses looking to add more drivers to expand delivery areas, making it a costly solution.

OptimoRoute is a potential solution for those with a small fleet of permanent drivers that prioritize flexible driver-based pricing to meet fluctuating demands across the year. Businesses with no aim for expansion shortly may also find it helpful. 

Looking for a Good OptimoRoute Alternative? Take a Look at Upper

While OptimoRoute starts charging the moment you add a single driver, Upper’s Essential plan allows a minimum of three users.

Upper also empowers you to set users as ‘Admin,’ ‘Dispatch Manager,’ and ‘Driver’ and edit their roles based on your internal hierarchical changes. 

To sweeten the deal further, Upper provides a 20% discount on annual plans, compared to OptimoRoute, which provides only a 10% discount. This offers higher cost savings for those seeking discounted rates in return for their year-long commitment. 

Here’s a video to help you know how Upper can be your best bet in terms of features.

Moreover, Upper has the upper hand when it comes to providing advanced functionality that OptimoRoute lacks, such as: 

  • Route quality: Upper creates the most efficient routes, saving you hours spent in Google Maps, manually planning routes, and helping decrease time on the road and fuel costs. It also ensures that routes that don’t involve crisscrossing or overlapping. It helps avoid drivers’ frustration and maximize the ease of navigation.
  • In-app navigation: This feature helps drivers navigate planned routes from within the app, eliminating the need to switch between apps, minimizing distractions while driving, and enhancing safety. 
  • Contact management: This feature allows you to create and maintain a contact book for recurring clients’ address details. You can import and map these destinations as stops to expedite route planning.
  • Custom field management: This functionality lets you create or delete fields, specify their types, or change their names to meet specific industry demands.
  • Traffic-aware routing: This feature enables you to optimize routes based on real-time traffic patterns to minimize delivery delays due to congestion. 

Overall, Upper enables more flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency, making it a superior OptimoRoute alternative. 

Upper - Rich in Features and Affordable in Prices

Implement Upper for advanced functionality like in-app navigation, traffic-based routing, and contact management at competitive prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

OptimoRoute is suitable for small business owners with a handful of drivers. However, the pricing of plans can increase rapidly as they add multiple drivers, leading to scalability challenges.

Small-sized businesses with fewer drivers, especially those facing seasonal demand peaks, can benefit from OptimoRoute’s driver-based pricing model. It enables them to add or remove drivers based on fluctuating delivery demands and pay only for as many drivers as they need.

OptimoRoute is ideal for small retailers with monthly deliveries under 500. The Essentials, Standard, and Pro plans suit courier companies and large retailers.

No, OptimoRoute has straightforward pricing. However, the price per driver may lead your delivery costs to increase fast as you expand your delivery staff.

Yes, OptimoRoute provides a 30-day free trial period during which businesses can explore its features and functionalities before making the final purchase.

OptimoRoute provides a driver app to download to their mobile devices to view and follow delivery routes, check notes, and collect proof of delivery.

OptimoRoute provides FAQs, help topics, web service API, email, and help desk. However, OptimoRoute customers can access expert phone support only when they opt for the Custom pricing plan.

Final Thoughts on OptimoRoute Pricing

OptimoRoute’s driver-based pricing can be a go-to solution for businesses that need to add or remove drivers based on seasonal demand fluctuations. It provides flexibility for businesses of all sizes, as you pay only for the number of drivers you hire. 

However, OptimoRoute may not be a great option for businesses looking to expand delivery teams. It also lacks advanced functionality, such as in-app navigation and traffic-aware routing,  essential to improve service or delivery efficiency.

Upper fills this gap by giving you the best pricing flexibility and high-end features like curbside routing, in-app navigation, and traffic-based routing. If you want, you can consider to test all the features before purchasing the plan.

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