A Comprehensive Guide to Zeo Route Planner Pricing

  • Zeo Route Planner offers a tiered pricing structure designed to accommodate businesses of various sizes. However, it’s important to carefully evaluate whether their pricing model aligns with your routing needs.
  • For businesses seeking alternatives, it’s worth comparing Zeo to other route planners, like Upper. Also, examine Zeo’s feature set, including whether it provides advanced capabilities like real-time tracking or API integrations.
  • When assessing Zeo against other route planning solutions, look beyond the initial price point. Consider the long-term cost implications as your business scales, the flexibility of its pricing model, and how Zeo’s specific features align with your operational requirements.

Looking for an efficient route planning solution that fits your budget and business needs? Wondering how Zeo Route Planner stacks up against the competition? You’re in the right place.

In this guide, we’ll explain Zeo’s pricing structure, compare it to other popular route planners, and help you determine whether it offers the best value for your investment. Whether you’re considering switching to Zeo or exploring your options, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s dive in and find the perfect route optimization solution for your business

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Zeo Route Planner Pricing Plans for 2024

Zeo Route Planner offers flexible pricing tiers designed to cater to the needs of individual drivers and fleet managers. Let’s find out how these tailored options can optimize your route planning and logistics operations for 2024.

1. Single drivers

Here’s how Zeo Route Planner structures pricing for individual drivers:

Aspects Monthly Yearly
Pricing USD 15 per month USD 13 per month
Discounts No discounts 20% annual discount
Free trial 7 days 7 days

2. Fleet managers

Going ahead, let’s explore what Zeo Route Planner has in store for fleet managers:

Aspects Monthly Quarterly Yearly
Monthly pricing USD 35 per seat USD 32 per seat USD 29 per seat
Annual discount ✅ (20% annually)
Best for Businesses with basic route optimization Growing businesses with a need for real-time visibility Established businesses
Features offered
  • Adding stops using a spreadsheet
  • Customize routes based on preference
  • Instantly dispatch routes to drivers
  • Track driver progress in real-time
  • All features are the same as those offered in the monthly plan
  • All features are the same as the quarterly and monthly plan

Understanding Zeo Route Planner Pricing Plans

Zeo Route Planner offers flexible pricing plans tailored to meet different business needs. Businesses can choose from monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions based on their preferences and budget constraints. 

Here are the main features included in these plans:

  • Manage seats easily: Seamlessly add or remove drivers to seats as needed, ensuring you pay only for active seats rather than for all drivers.
  • Track routes from the web: Monitor routes created exclusively through the web platform for enhanced control and oversight of delivery operations.
  • Assign and remove drivers: Allocate or remove drivers easily from seats to optimize human resources and enhance operational efficiency.
  • Real-time driver tracking: Continuously monitor drivers’ exact locations in real-time to ensure precise tracking, maintain control over delivery schedules, and optimize logistics.
  • Create routes on mobile: Drivers assigned to specific seats can conveniently create and manage routes directly from their mobile devices, providing them with added flexibility and ease of use in managing deliveries.

Zeo Route Planner’s pricing plans are designed to be flexible and cost-effective, helping businesses streamline delivery operations while managing seats and tracking routes efficiently.

Zeo Route Planner Pricing Compared to Competitors

Here’s a quick overview comparing Zeo with its competitors in the market:

Aspects Upper Circuit OptimoRoute Route4Me
Pricing $39 to $47 /user/month (depending on the plan) $100 to $300 per month (depending on the plan) $35.10 per driver per month $40 per month per user
Route optimization Paid add-on
Time windows
Delivery instructions
Curbside delivery Included in all plans Paid add-on
Custom field
Vehicle load constraint
Scan printed manifests

Is Zeo Route Planner Pricing Justified?

Pricing is a key consideration for businesses, especially small businesses with tighter budgets when it comes to delivery management software.

Zeo takes a more flexible and customized approach, unlike competitors with fixed pricing structures. The company customizes pricing based on each client’s unique requirements, allowing businesses of all sizes to find affordable plans without compromising essential features.

With advanced functionalities like route optimization, real-time tracking, and reporting, Zeo Route Planner enhances delivery efficiency and customer satisfaction, making its pricing worthwhile with tangible benefits. Despite being competitively priced, the Zeo Route Planner maintains high quality and functionality standards.

Exploring Alternatives to Zeo Route Planner? Consider Upper

Looking beyond the Zeo Route Planner? Consider Upper, an AI-driven route optimization software designed for scalability and efficiency.

upper route planner

While Zeo Route Planner offers reliability, Upper stands out with its advanced route management capabilities, flexible pricing, and user-friendly interface to meet evolving business needs.

Moreover, businesses using Upper can assign faster routes, import stops seamlessly from Excel files, and manage logistics efficiently. 

But why choose Upper over Zeo? Let’s explore Upper’s pricing to understand what it offers:

Aspects Essential Growth Enterprise
Pricing $50/user/month ($150 minimum for 3 users) $60/user/month ($300 minimum for 5 users) Customizable
Number of users 3 users 5 users 5+ users
Stops per route Up to 250 stops Up to 500 stops 500+ stops
No. of routes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Driver app

Why Upper over Zeo Route Planner?

  1. Simplified pricing plans: Upper offers the Essential and Growth plans with a 20% discount, while the Enterprise plan allows customization to fit specific business needs. Each plan provides features without hidden costs and allows up to 3 or 5 free users. However, Zeo operates strictly on a per-seat monthly basis.
  2. Easy access to a free trial: Zeo and Upper offer free trials without requiring payment details upfront. While Zeo limits trial users to 12 stops, Upper allows users to add stops up to 500, offering an extensive trial experience suitable for businesses.
  3. Integrations: Upper integrates with third-party applications like CRM and other crucial tools for optimizing delivery operations. This flexibility helps businesses streamline workflows and boost productivity without disrupting existing operations.

Transparent Pricing for Your Deliveries

Switch from Zeo's complex pricing to Upper's transparent plans, offering a 20% discount and essential features without hidden costs.


Understanding Zeo Route Planner’s pricing options is crucial for optimizing your logistics strategy. Whether you opt for monthly or annual subscriptions, aligning costs with your operational needs is important. Take advantage of Zeo’s free trial to experience how its route optimization, real-time tracking, and reporting features can streamline your operations.

Take advantage of Upper’s free trial for a personalized experience. Upper offers powerful features such as dynamic route planning, optimized multi-stop routes, and seamless integrations. Thus, based on your trial experiences and insights from this guide, you can decide which best enhances efficiency, controls costs, and maximizes productivity in your operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Zeo Route Planner offers a 7-day free trial before committing to a paid plan. This trial period allows fleet owners to experience firsthand how Zeo Route Planner can streamline logistics operations and improve efficiency.

Yes, Zeo Route Planner provides a discounted rate for annual subscriptions, allowing you to save significantly compared to monthly plans. Opting for annual subscriptions saves you money and ensures you have continuous access to all the advanced features without any interruptions.

Zeo Route Planner offers transparent pricing that includes all core features in each plan. We recommend reviewing the plans on their website for specific details about Zeo’s plans and upgrades. But, for those interested in an alternative route planning software with pricing transparency and additional features, consider exploring Upper.

Zeo Route Planner stands out with its flexible pricing, route customization options, and robust plans tailored to diverse needs. Zeo’s adaptable platform saves time and reduces route planning, making it ideal for small businesses aiming to optimize logistics efficiently and affordably.

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