MyRouteOnline vs Badger Maps: Which is Right for Your Business?

keyKey Takeaways:
  • MyRouteOnline is more suitable for delivery businesses and offers credit-based pricing plans, while Badger Maps is designed for sales businesses and charges a fixed per user for annual plans.
  • MyRouteOnline stands out for its simple user interface and delivery-specific routing constraints, while users love Badger Maps for its Lasso tool and sales territory mapping.
  • MyRouteOnline and Badger Maps lack some essential functionalities, like Proof of Delivery and active driver tracking. This prompts several users to look for alternatives that are equipped with multi-user support and advanced route optimization algorithms at affordable prices.

Name a business that involves on-ground people to cover multiple stops or visits but doesn’t need speed and efficiency. 

Can’t think of one, can you? Simply because there’s none.

Whether you manage deliveries, door-to-door maintenance services, or on-field sales visits, quick and effective operations are non-negotiable and can make or break your business.

Route planning and optimization top the list of factors that help achieve this by letting you create the most efficient routes to reduce transit time and operational costs. And this is the reason why businesses are increasingly implementing route optimization software

Two prominent players in the route planning software industry are MyRouteOnline and Badger Maps. Both these software allow businesses to plan and optimize their delivery, field service, or sales routes, boosting operational efficiency.

How did we analyze and compare both platforms?

To ensure a fair and exhaustive assessment, our team garnered information based on our industry expertise and analyzed public user reviews on reputable platforms like Capterra and G2. Additionally, our developers and in-house routing experts tested and compared both platforms based on their features, usability, and user-friendliness. 

So, let’s take an in-depth look at the comparison between the two.

MyRouteOnline vs Badger Maps: A Quick Comparison

  • Features
    Badger Maps
  • Active driver tracking




  • Proof of delivery




  • Save planned routes for future use

    Available only in high-priced packages



  • Multi-user support

    Only in high-priced plans



  • Unlimited number of stops per route




  • Multi-depot planning




  • Vehicle loading constraints




  • Drag-and-drop functionality




  • Territory creation through circling location pins or delivery radius




  • Zoning/Territory management




  • One-click dispatch

    Limited and possible only via TomTomGo






    No credit card required

MyRouteOnline: Best for Field Sales and Service Requirements

MyRouteOnline: Best for Field Sales and Service Requirements

Founded in 2009 by the father-daughter duo Dr. Baruch Axelrod and Inbal Axelrod, MyRouteOnline is among the leading free route planners. However, if your number of delivery addresses exceeds 6, you need to upgrade to a paid version to optimize routes. This software enables you to import multiple addresses and creates optimal routes for your delivery drivers.

This easily navigable mobile and web-based routing software offers credits-based pricing plans focused on meeting your routing requirements. Using MyRouteOnline, you can define the average stop duration for your deliveries that you want to consider during route planning. 
Equipped with saved routes and time- and distance-based route optimization, MyRouteOnline is ideal for basic routing needs unless you need advanced features like proof of delivery and live tracking.

MyRouteOnline pricing plans

MyRouteOnline pricing plans

MyRouteOnline pricing has multiple packages based on address credits where 1 unique address equals 1 address credit. These packages are segregated as per the range of features they offer. 


  • Price: $24 for 50 address credits
  • Includes: 50 address credits, 24/7 customer support, import Excel, Drive, Dropbox, export & email routes, MyRoute Driver’s App, single-user support
  • Best for: Small delivery businesses with a handful of delivery addresses


  • Price: $49/month (recurring billing) or $59 on the pay-as-you-go subscription model
  • Includes: 500 address credits, all Basic features plus ‘Save & Reload Routes’, delivery tracking, 350 addresses per route, and multi-user support
  • Best for: Mid-sized delivery businesses requiring multi-stop route planning and optimal sequencing of more stops per route


  • Price: $99/month ( billing) or $109 on the pay-as-you-go subscription model
  • Includes: 1200 address credits, all Classic features, plus unlimited users and API integration
  • Best for: Large-sized delivery businesses handling huge delivery order volumes daily


  • Price: $399 on the pay-as-you-go subscription model
  • Includes: All Premium features plus 500 features per route 
  • Best for: Enterprises serving customers country-wide or beyond domestic borders


  • Price: $799/pay as you go
  • Includes: 15000 address credits
  • Best for: Enterprises involved in global delivery services 

Key strengths of MyRouteOnline

Here are the key features or strengths of MyRouteOnline.

1. Flexible data import: MyRouteOnline allows you to import data, such as addresses or contacts, via Cloud Storage platforms like Google Drive or Dropbox or from Excel, CSV, and text files. This makes data import convenient, especially if you have your customer data in multiple formats saved across different locations online or offline. 

2. Route optimization: MyRouteOnline allows you to plan routes based on the maximum duration and stops per route, making route planning more flexible. It can also optimize routes based on time, distance, or departure, starting from the ‘nearest’ or ‘farthest’ stop first. 

3. Easy route adjustments & direction animations: This software enables you to drag and drop your stops on the map to rearrange their sequence, making it easy to accommodate last-minute changes efficiently. Using animated directions, you can also play and review your route before you or your driver start on it.  

4. Save and reload planned routes: This software allows you to plan delivery routes and archive them for future use. This helps you save time when planning optimal routes for the same addresses every time. While this is a useful feature, it is not available in the basic version, making it an expensive add-on for small businesses.

5. Integration: Zapier app integration lets you integrate over 5000 apps, including e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce or Shopify, time management platforms like Google Calendar, and emailing services like Gmail. This contributes to a seamless exchange of data across your existing business systems and improves overall work efficiency.

MyRouteOnline’s positive reviews

Cynthia M., Private Process Server, Legal Services

“As a Private Process Server, I have times that I am going to 20-30 addresses a day. If I had to enter each address and figure out the route myself it would take hours. In my business, time is of the essence for proper service, with MyRouteOnline, I enter the addresses and it plans my route for me and navigates each one. I just click next once I have completed an address.”

Saro T, Owner, Wholesale, 11-50 employees

“Optimizing, import-export features are user friendly.”

Lisa B., Owner, Construction, 11-50 employees

“Very easy to use and navigate, can input the addresses plan a route and save it and email to the team.”

MyRouteOnline’s Weaknesses

1. Complex and expensive pricing packages: MyRouteOnline’s pricing structure is complex and expensive. Moreover, the Basic version does not offer features like ‘Save and Reload Routes’ and ‘multi-user support, ‘ limiting routing capabilities.

2. Dependency on the support team: Even after buying the costliest plan offering 15000 credits, you may need to contact customer support to activate 1000 stops per route. This may cause inconvenience and delays in route planning and optimization.

3. Absence of active tracking: This software shows the progress of your route based on the manual updates that your delivery drivers make after visiting each stop. However, this tracking is passive and doesn’t help you monitor your moving vehicle’s exact location.

4. No proof of delivery: Unlike route planning software such as Upper, MyRouteOnline doesn’t enable you to capture your customers’ digital signatures or photos of delivered items as evidence of successful deliveries.

5. Missing one-click dispatch: MyRouteOnline lacks the functionality of dispatching planned routes to your field sales reps via text or email messages, unlike leading delivery management software such as Upper or Circuit Route Planner.

MyRouteOnline’s Negative Reviews

Erin T., Senior Scheduler, Mid-Market 51-1000 employees

“It can be quite slow at times, which impacts efficiency!”

Debbie R., Owner, Food & Beverages, 1-10 employees

“I found finding some streets hard to find in the software. Also, turns come up quicker than on the map at times.”

Shaun D S., Owner, Information Technology and Services, 201-500 employees

“Sure it’s got a good “entry” level price point. When I started going over their “benefits” I quickly found it to be a sort of “pay as you go” cell service plan. 1 credit is one address which can only be used once every 30 days. Well if I have to deliver or service customers more than once in a 30 day span…..what then? And the whole “optimizing”, 70% of the time resembled how my 10 year old would tell you of how to get to the ice cream shop. Was NOT impressed. Honestly…….Google Maps which is FREE gave me better directions than this. And customer support……I digress..”

Badger Maps: Suitable for sales businesses seeking standard route planning capabilities

Badger Maps: Suitable for sales businesses seeking standard route planning capabilities

Steve Benson and Aaron Tolson founded Badger Maps in 2012 with the vision of “mapping the data relevant to field sales or service executives to improve their work lives.” 

They introduce themselves as the “Maps for Field Teams” (as you can see in their tagline!). By enabling route planning for your sales reps or field service executives, Badger Maps paves the way to spending less time driving and maximizing visits. 

Besides, you can get weekly reports based on your on-field reps’ check-ins and check-outs to track their performance and get actionable insights to improve sales operations. 

It also focuses on features such as territory visualization, daily route view, and follow-up reminders, making it a viable option for sales businesses without advanced features like live tracking.

Badger Maps pricing plans


  • Price: $58 per user per month (billed annually)
  • Includes: Route optimization, Lead prospecting, training, reporting, and data management
  • Best for: Small teams of on-field salespeople 


  • Price: $95 per user per month (billed annually)
  • Includes: Everything in Business + Customization & compliance features
  • Best for: Large companies with multiple sales teams across different territories
Badger Maps pricing plans

Key Strengths of Badger Maps

The USP of Badger Maps is that it is designed keeping in mind sales or field service businesses and hence, go-to sales or service route planner software.

Here are the other features you can consider the strengths of this software. 

1. Lasso: This route planner software lets you circle your desired accounts with your mouse or fingertips to define sales territories and create efficient routes to visit them. You can also instantly assign these territories to your field agents based on their location.

2. Route optimization: Badger Maps helps optimize routes with multiple stops (100+) and create daily meeting schedules quickly. However, routes may sometimes not be as optimal and efficient as some more advanced solutions can create, especially when handling complex sales data.

3. Custom check-ins: Badger Maps allows you to create customized check-ins to record ongoing field activities. Your field agents or reps can attach photos or notes to each check-in entry to capture important details and maintain proof of completed appointments.

4. Color & Filter: Badger Maps enables your sales reps to customize the color of your pins representing addresses based on criteria like priority, customer type, or days since last check-in and filter them to view only the desired locations.  

5. Turn-by-turn navigation: This routing software gives your field teams the freedom to pick from the most prominent GPS apps, including Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Garmin, and Magellan for navigation.

Positive Reviews of Badger Maps

Eric E., Territory Manager, Medical Devices, 51-200 employees

“I really like the lasso feature. In 20 years of outside sales, it has never taken this little time to plan my daily calls.”

Verified Reviewer, Strategic Sales Analyst, Consumer Goods, 11-50 employees

The Badger team was amazing in setting up the program. Badger Mapping is also very easy to use and train people on.”

Verified Reviewer, Student, Biotechnology, 201-500 employees

“Great app for my small and medium business. Saves a lot of time by fixing routes, also keep documents, notes, and other related things altogether.”

Weaknesses of Badger Maps

1. Lack of versatility: As already evident, Badger Maps is a leading name in route planners for sales businesses. While this may be their USP, it makes Badger Maps infeasible for delivery businesses seeking Google Maps alternatives to create routes for multiple destinations.

2. No real-time tracking: While Badger Maps offers passive tracking of your sales professionals through custom check-ins, it may not be feasible for those looking to live track their field sales operations. 

3. Pricing: No matter the size of your field sales team, Badger Maps doesn’t offer optimized routes at a discounted price for annual subscriptions. Instead, it charges $59 for every user you add, making it more expensive than software solutions like Upper that support more users at a feasible price.

4. Missing in-app navigation: While Badger Maps enables navigation via a preferable GPS, switching between it and a GPS app may sometimes be distracting and cumbersome, especially when driving. Further, the dependency on a third-party navigation app may cause sales routes to be inefficient in the absence of a seamless sync between Badger Maps and your GPS app. 

5. Limited customization: Badger Maps doesn’t allow your team of sales executives to add or edit fields in an account themselves, causing their dependence on you for it. It hinders their ability to customize fields and fill the information on new lead accounts that may not fit the existing fields on the go.

Negative Reviews of Badger Maps

Phillip D., Marketing/Sales Manager

Some functionalities are lacking. I wish I could choose what we filter accounts on instead of being given a couple of categories seemingly at random. I also would like the pricing to be a bit more transparent. I did not realize that there was an account limit of 3000 unless we got the most expensive plan.”

Verified Reviewer, Strategic Sales Analyst, Consumer Goods, 11-50 employees

“Implementing more complex data was more of a challenge. They are still working on it over at Badger but it was difficult at the time of implementation.”

Lauren H., Sales Rep, Medical Devices, 51-200 employees 

The time I spend route planning now is cut to a fraction of what it was before. You can map basically as many points as you need to in one route, which I haven’t seen any other app do. I’ve been using the map filtering feature a lot as well, which helps me visualize everything and strategize a bit better. Overall super useful and time-saving.

Expert Insight?

While MyRouteOnline and Badger Maps offer basic route planning and optimization capabilities, their pricing structure is high. Moreover, they lack some crucial features like live tracking, one-click dispatch, and proof of delivery relevant to multiple industries, including delivery, sales, or field service businesses.

That’s why several users have found Upper as a better and versatile platform to serve their varying business needs based on their industry type. With Upper, you’ll find sophisticated routing features equipped with advanced features like live tracking, proof of delivery, and detailed reports & analytics, offered at competitive pricing plans designed to suit businesses of all sizes.

Pricing Comparison: MyRouteOnline vs Badger Maps

1. Pricing structure: MyRouteOnline’s pricing is based on address credits provided on the pay-as-you-go model, recurring monthly billing, or both for two packages out of five. On the other hand, Badger Maps’s pricing is based on a fixed amount per user per month for annual subscriptions. 

2. Stop limits: MyRouteOnline comes with address credits for each package and combines the pay-as-you-go model for some plans. On the other hand, Badger Maps doesn’t mention any such limit and charges a fixed amount for each user you add based on the type of your plan.

3. Feature availability: Some key features, such as ‘save & reload routes’ and ‘delivery tracking,’ are available only in MyRouteOnline’s high-priced plans. Similarly, Badger Maps reserves features such as customization & compliance or location-verified check-ins for the high-priced plan.

4. Customer support: While both MyRouteOnline and Badger Maps provide customer assistance, Badger Maps is more responsive and resourceful in guiding a new user through the setup process, as reported.

5. Billing options: While MyRouteOnline doesn’t mention any specific discount criteria, it does offer special rates or additional credits on plans for enterprise usage. Badger Maps doesn’t mention any such discount.

myrouteonline logo

Basic Plan


500 Stop


Route optimization

Additional stops at $24 each

Features offered

tick Basic route optimization

badgermaps logo

Business Plan


user per month billed annually


Route optimization

No specific information

Features offered

tick Route optimization


Essentials Plan:


3 users included


Route optimization

Save 20% flat

Features offered

tick Route optimization

tick Route scheduling

tick One-click dispatch

tick Live driver tracking

tick Customer notifications

tick Reports and analytics


Expert Insights on Pricing

Following consultations with industry veterans and in-depth market research, we’ve compiled a summary of pricing structures and primary considerations.

  • MyRouteOnline’s pricing can be more suitable for small or medium-sized delivery businesses.
  • Badger Maps offers per-user-based pricing that can be ideal for large-sized sales companies with thousands of contacts.
  • MyRouteOnline’s complex pricing structure with both credit-based and monthly recurring billing models in some plans may make comparing and picking the right plan cumbersome.
  • If you are looking for a more cost-effective solution with transparent pricing, Upper stands out as a superior software solution by offering:
  1. Unlimited route creation
  2. Transparent pricing without additional charges
  3. A comprehensive feature set
  4. High scalability and flexibility
  • While Circuit and Routific may be suitable for businesses with specific needs and budgets, Upper’s overall value proposition and adaptability make it a preferred choice for delivery businesses seeking advanced routing solutions and long-term growth potential.
  • Upper offers competitive monthly subscription rates and discounted annual billing options, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses of all sizes.

Key Feature Comparison between MyRouteOnline and Badger Maps

1. Route planning & optimization

Both route planners are good for route optimization. MyRouteOnline considers time, distance, maximum route duration, and vehicle constraints to suit delivery businesses. 

Badger Maps provides the Lasso tool to define sales territories and optimize routes for them, making it the right fit for field sales.

2. Live tracking

MyRouteOnline and Badger Maps provide passive tracking of on-field sales reps or drivers based on manual check-ins or delivery updates by field executives. This helps delivery/sales managers assess the route progress and make informed decisions.

3. Reports & analytics

While both the software provide summary activity or delivery reports, MyRouteOnline offers it in only one highest-paid package. Not only that, it mentions the provision of monthly reports in that plan only upon request.

4. Customer notifications

MyRouteOnline allows for setting up email and SMS notifications with ETAs. This feature keeps recipients informed about their delivery status, estimated arrival times, and any changes or updates. In contrast, Badger Maps doesn’t provide this functionality in any of their two plans.

5. Route and dispatch management

MyRouteOnline allows you to create and send saved route plans to drivers via email or SMS. While Badger Maps doesn’t allow you to send planned routes directly to your sales reps, it enables visualizing opportunities and optimizing routes to visit them.

6. Route adjustments

Real-time route modifications are crucial to accommodating priority or schedule changes or unforeseen situations like unfavorable weather. Both platforms enable easy stop adjustments, account reallocations/addresses, and route re-optimizations based on changes, and hence, they match in this department.

7. Customer support

Badger Maps offers more support options, including email, calls, demo videos, interactive training, and podcasts. It even runs Badger Sales University, which offers sales courses. However, MyRouteOnline has limited resources to learn more about the tool, making it challenging to operate.

Expert Insights on Overall Functionality

MyRouteOnline and Badger Maps both provide essential features for route planning.

  • Both MyRouteOnline and Badger Maps are efficient route-planning software with optimal route optimization capabilities. However, MyRouteOnline is more focused on catering to delivery businesses, while Badger Maps is suitable for field sales businesses. 
  • MyRouteOnline is popular for accommodating different time, distance, traffic, or vehicle constraints applicable to the delivery industry, making it ideal for businesses with varied delivery requirements. 
  • Badger Maps is designed to solve the routing problems that traveling salespersons face and provide features like lead prospecting, making it a good fit for sales businesses.

While both MyRouteOnline and Badger Maps are renowned names in their respective industries, it is advisable to consider your specific routing requirements, budget, and pain points before picking a solution.

If you are looking for an alternative one-stop solution that provides features relevant to both industries, Upper may be a potential option.

Upper Expert Opinion on Overall Functionality
  • Advanced features at competitive prices: Upper offers advanced route optimization algorithms, real-time tracking, proof of delivery, delivery time windows, and dynamic customer notifications at competitive prices, ensuring your business’s scalability. 
  • Route scheduling: Upper’s dynamic delivery route scheduling software lets you plan pickup and delivery schedules for months in advance, considering drivers’ working hours, delivery, or service time windows. It saves planners 10 hours a day. 
  • Flexibility: Upper’s transparent pricing and custom features, such as color-coded priority stops, drag-and-drop route adjustments, and vehicle load distribution, make it a go-to choice for businesses of all sizes.
  • Dedicated customer support: Upper provides dedicated support managers, technical consulting services, and extensive customization options for personalized assistance and optimized delivery or sales operations.
  • Eco-conscious routing: Upper creates clean non-overlapping routes that may lead to multiple drivers crossing the same area, wasting their time and fuel. These efficient routes reduce the number of trips to deliver items, reducing fuel consumption and vehicle emissions. 

So, while Circuit and Routific have their strengths, Upper offers a more holistic and adaptable solution. This makes it a better choice for businesses seeking advanced routing solutions and long-term scalability.

Here’s what Upper’s users have to say.

Upper user review

Frequently Asked Questions

The key difference between MyRouteOnline and Badger Maps lies in their niche industry and pricing structures. While MyRouteOnline is more focused on delivery businesses, Badger Maps is ideal for field sales businesses. Moreover, MyRouteOnline’s pricing is primarily credit-based, unlike Badger Maps, which charges a fixed amount per user.

There is no fixed answer, as your choice depends on your industry and business requirements. If you are a delivery manager or long-haul trucker, MyRouteOnline may be more suitable, as it considers load constraints. If you run a field sales business, Badger Maps can be your go-to software, as it provides comprehensive territory management.

Yes, but in different ways. While MyRouteOnline is a freemium tool that allows you to plan routes up to 6 stops without subscribing to a paid plan, Badger Maps provides a 7-day free trial to users.

Easy import/export of customer data, active driver tracking, service or delivery time window, real-time route adjustments, data analysis, and proof of delivery are some essential features to look for when choosing route planning software.

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