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Circuit Route Planner

by Circuit Route Planner
  • 3.2Driver Management
  • 3.9 Dispatch Management
  • 4.0 Live Driver Tracking
  • 3.9 Customer Support

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  • 4.9Driver Management
  • 4.8 Dispatch Management
  • 4.9 Live Driver Tracking
  • 5.0 Customer Support


Are you in search of a reliable route-planning solution? With over 100k drivers regularly using Circuit Route Planner, it’s evident that this software has gained significant popularity in the market.

Available in two variants – one for solo drivers and Circuit for Teams for dispatchers managing multiple vehicles – this tool excels in optimizing multi-stop routes for enhanced operational efficiency.

But amidst the array of route planners available, you might wonder: Is Circuit Route Planner the ideal choice for your business?

In a market full of alternatives, it’s essential to assess whether this software aligns with your route optimization needs. Let’s delve deeper to find out.

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  • Two separate options for individual drivers and businesses with teams of drivers and dispatchers.
  • Detailed historical reports and analytics for better insight into business operations and cost-saving opportunities.
  • Automatic archiving of all data for quick access to resolve queries or disputes.
  • Ability to edit and modify active delivery routes for maximum flexibility.
  • Automatic customer notifications via email and SMS for inbound shipments.
  • Flexible proof of delivery options, including photo capture and signature.
  • Cost-effective solution with the ability to add delivery notes and re-optimize routes on the fly.


  • Higher price compared to other route planner apps in the market.
  • Limited number of drivers included in the base package, with additional drivers incurring extra costs.
  • Higher cost for adding extra drivers compared to competing software solutions.
  • Lack of route customization and modification options once the entire route plan is generated.
  • Lack of integration with WM (Warehouse Management) systems.

Circuit Pricing

The next step is to assess the pricing plans offered by Circuit Route Planner to see if it is truly a viable option for your business needs. Circuit mainly offers its services in four tiers, all of which come with a different set of features and prices.

With the pricing and plan information given below, you can select the one that best suits your company’s needs. So, here’s the Circuit Route Planner pricing:

Circuit Pricing Plan

Circuit Route Planner Pricing Comparison

When considering any product, it is important to assess whether its capabilities, features, and functionalities are justifying the investment. In the case of Circuit Route Planner, recent price increases have raised concerns about its value proposition.

To determine if Circuit Route Planner is truly worth the investment, it’s crucial to compare it to a competing route planning solution. Upper emerges as a strong contender in this scenario, offering similar features at significantly lower prices. This affordability allows businesses to kickstart their routing processes without hesitation.

Despite its same features, Circuit’s expensive pricing may not offer the best value when compared to Upper’s more affordable rates. Businesses seeking a cost-effective route planning solution may find Upper to be the more attractive option.

Price Plan For Team Logo teamCurve arrow





Enterprise Contact for details
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Free Trial Available

Price Plan For Solo Logo soloCurve arrow

Upper Solo


Unlimited stops
Free Trial Available
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Unlimited stops
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Is the Circuit Route Planner Worth the Price?

The recent price increase of Circuit Route Planner has raised questions about its value proposition. If other solutions can offer similar features at a lower price point, it makes more sense to explore those alternatives.

Let’s take a closer look at Circuit’s features and compare them to a more affordable alternative, such as Upper. Despite Circuit’s features, its expensive pricing, especially after the recent increase, may not offer the best value.

Upper, on the other hand, provides a robust set of features at lower prices, making it a more appealing option for businesses seeking cost-effective route planning solutions. Let’s have a detailed look at the feature comparison of Circuit Route Planner and Upper.

Feature circuit circuit
Data Import wrong right
Route Optimization right right
Service Time right right
Time Windows right right
Curbside Delivery right right
Route Scheduling right right
Pickup & Delivery Options right right
Parcel Location & Info right right
Driver’s App right right
One-Click Driver Dispatch right right
Reorder Routes Manually wrong right
Proof of Delivery right right
Reassigning Routes right right
Barcode Scanning for POD wrong right
Export Routes right right
Stops Priority via Color Coding wrong right
Reports & Analytics right right
API Integration right right
Expected Time to Arrive right right
  • Features circuit Upper
  • Data Import



  • Route Optimization



  • Service Time



  • Time Windows



  • Curbside Delivery



  • Route Scheduling



  • Pickup & Delivery Options



  • Parcel Location & Info



  • Driver’s App



  • One-Click Driver Dispatch



  • Reorder Routes Manually



  • Proof of Delivery



  • Reassigning Routes



  • Barcode Scanning for POD



  • Export Routes



  • Stops Priority via Color Coding



  • Reports & Analytics



  • API Integration



  • Expected Time to Arrive



  • No credit card required

What People Say About Upper

Ben parker

Saved 10 hours per week & delivering 3x more meals with Upper. It’s easy to take proof of delivery, the speed is great, it’s super super fast!

flavors2go Ben Parker, Delivery Manager of Flavors2Go
Ben parker

Key Features of Circuit Route Planner

A Circuit Route Planner is a software often used to optimize multi-stop delivery routes. It includes a number of features for managing delivery operations efficiently and effectively. Some of the key features include:

1. Route planning:

Route planning is a feature used by businesses to optimize their delivery routes. The key advantage of automated route planning is that it saves time, fuel, and other resources.

Circuit uses algorithms to calculate the most efficient route based on starting and ending locations, number of stops, and time constraints. Overall, route planning and optimization help to save hours of planning time and create the shortest routes for multiple drivers.

Routing- planning zoom

2. Driver tracking:

Circuit’s interface allows you to track the location of your drivers. It provides real-time driver tracking and updates to know the whereabouts of your driver to ensure that the delivery timelines are met, leading to a better customer experience.

The driver’s driving history is considered to calculate the accurate ETAs. In addition, driver tracking can help you understand how each and every driver is performing.

driver tracking zoom

3. Customer notifications:

Customer notifications can go a long way in keeping your customers informed regarding the status of their delivery. This feature single-handedly allows you to cut down on unnecessary calls from customers about the progress of deliveries and leads to overall better customer satisfaction.

Additionally, labeling the stops and pickups as priority or time-sensitive can help to make the deliveries on time. So, keeping customers informed with all the necessary information regarding their orders helps boost customer experience.

Cutsomer notification zoom

4. Proof of delivery:

This feature helps the delivery drivers to capture proof of delivery for each order delivered successfully. It is a form of photographic record that is helpful if the customer claims in the future that they did not get the parcel.

Drivers can choose the relevant option upon delivery like- delivered to the recipient, delivered to a third party, left in a mailbox, or left in a safe place. Moreover, if the parcel delivery requires a signature, it can be collected through the app, and if it does not require any signature, the driver takes a photo of the package and uploads it.

Proof delivery zoom

5. Driver app:

With the circuit route planner, you can completely do away with paper-based manifests, as they can access their route plans on their mobile devices. This, of course, is facilitated by Circuit’s mobile application which makes your drivers more capable on the ground.

Using the driver app, drivers may also collect proof of delivery in the form of e-signatures or photographs. You can also track their delivery progress in real-time as their mobile device locations are shown to you in real-time.

Driver app zoom

Circuit Reviews – Route Planner Software

circuit upper
Routing speed 3.8 4.9
Stop capacity 4.1 4.5
Customization 3.5 4.8
Dispatch options 4.0 5.9
Driver app functionality 4.0 4.9
  •   upper Upper
  • Routing speed

  • Stop capacity

  • Customization

  • Dispatch options

  • Driver app functionality

  • No credit card required

Should You Consider Using Circuit for Your Business?

While Circuit has an impressive feature set, its high price may not align with the value it offers, especially after the recent price increase. When compared to other alternatives, Circuit may fall short in terms of features, given its hefty price tag.

Moreover, if your business operates at a larger scale, Circuit’s capabilities may not meet your requirements. Fortunately, the market offers numerous alternative route-planning options, providing businesses with more cost-effective solutions.

Considering Circuit’s expensive pricing and potential limitations, businesses may find better value and more comprehensive features with alternatives like Upper. With Upper’s affordable pricing and robust feature set, it presents a compelling choice for businesses seeking efficient route planning solutions.



Essentials $250/month
  • Live driver tracking
  • No proof od delivery
  • No customer notification
  • No driver history


Essentials $80/month
  • Live driver tracking
  • Proof of delivery
  • Customer notification included
  • Unlimited driver history
No credit card required

Enjoy Higher Delivery Speeds

The optimized routes from Upper drastically improve the speed of your operations.

  • All of the finest routing features are at your disposal at an affordable price.

  • Get a route planner that puts your needs at the forefront today.

Is There an Alternate Route Planner?

There are plenty of route planners available in the market with an array of features. Among them, Upper comes out at the top of the list. Upper, a route optimization software, is a worthy alternative to Circuit.

This is because Upper offers similar routing features, like Circuit, at much affordable rate. Upper aims to minimize route planning time with the help of its optimization algorithm. If you are not impressed with the Circuit’s features compared to its high prices, Upper can do wonders for your business.

Let us see exactly why Upper is better than Circuit Route Planner for your business.
  • Pricing:Upper undoubtedly gives its users more for less when compared to the Circuit Route Planner. Where Circuit has its Essential plan for $250/month, Upper has Essential Plan for $80/month, if paid annually. This trend continues as you go further down the pricing plans, making Upper an ideal solution for small businesses.

  • Parcel information: Because Upper allows dispatchers to enter parcel information, drivers have additional clarity regarding the location and handling of packages. This leads to lesser cases of damaged or misplaced goods.

  • Route customization:With just the click of a button, you can instantly reverse routes, reschedule routes and assign them to other drivers without having to do it manually. This saves loads of time in case of emergencies where you have to modify the route to accommodate changes in plans quickly.


Before purchasing any product, taking a look at its reviews is essential to understand its pros and cons in depth. Dedicated review blogs also do a great job of providing insights into the viability of using any software solution for your business needs.

Circuit route planner is a capable solution for fixing last-mile delivery challenges. Though it’s pricing and feature set are often inaccessible to smaller businesses that require more economical solutions to route planning and optimization.

Fortunately, there are indeed economical solutions that excel at delivering great features, such as Upper. If there is any doubt in your mind about the capabilities facilitated by Upper, then feel free to try out our that helps you experience the software before you make a purchase.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the proof of delivery options that are available on Circuit?

    There are two main ways in which a delivery driver can collect proof of delivery when using the Circuit Driver app. The first is by collecting the signature of the recipient on their mobile devices, and the other is by capturing images of the delivered item using their phone’s camera.

  • Are there any Circuit alternatives for small businesses?

    Yes, there are various Circuit alternatives that are better for smaller businesses to plan multiple routes and come with the same features. One such option is Upper, as it excels at creating efficient routes and providing state-of-the-art features that boost operational clarity and speed.

  • How do route planners help you create the fastest delivery routes?

    Route planning software takes into consideration a lot of factors to determine the best route for your delivery operations. These parameters include location, traffic, weather conditions, customer requirements, task type, and more.

  • How long does it take to plan a route using route planning software?

    The time taken to plan routes is reduced from hours to mere minutes when using a route planning software solution. This is all because of the fact that route planning software uses a lot of automated processes and uses them to plan your route efficiently.

  • What kind of route customization options are available on Circuit?

    There are various route customization options made available on Circuit, including time windows, driver breaks and work timings, stop priority, and more. These customizations allow you to refine the accuracy of your routes and accommodate the needs of your customers.

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