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Embarking on a road trip is an exciting journey filled with gorgeous scenic routes, undiscovered attractions, and priceless memories. Roadtrippers is a prominent name in the world of travel planning since it provides a platform for you to plan your trips and find intriguing destinations along the way.

However, every traveler has different preferences and needs, and exploring alternatives to standard options can sometimes open up even more possibilities. Therefore, it makes sense to consider some Roadtrippers alternatives since often taking the less traveled route (using different tools and platforms) might result in a trip that is more tailored, efficient, and fun.

Why Consider Alternatives to RoadWarrior?

Despite the fact that Roadtrippers has carved a niche in route planning, it’s essential to understand that it might not be the perfect fit for everyone. Acknowledging its limitations can be a wise step in finding a solution that aligns better with your requirements.

Whether you’re looking for more cost-effective solutions, better planning flexibility, or enhanced functionality, there’s a world of options waiting to be explored.

In this blog, we’ll discuss a variety of road trip planning alternatives that serve various preferences and needs. Join us as we explore the landscape of road trip planning solutions that might change the way you experience the open road.

Top 8 Roadtrippers Alternatives, Competitors & Similar Software

1. Upper

Elevate your road trip planning with Upper, the perfect alternative to Roadtrippers. Effortlessly create and optimize routes, import stops seamlessly, and enjoy accurate ETAs for a smooth journey. With Upper’s user-friendly interface and advanced features, you can overcome the limitations of Roadtrippers and plan your adventures with confidence. Say hello to efficient road trip planning and explore new horizons with Upper.
Make route planning and optimization
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Upper Compared to Roadtrippers

Affordability without compromise: Upper offers cost-effective pricing plans, granting you premium features without the premium price tag of Roadtrippers’ Plus version. Advanced route optimization: Elevate your planning with Upper’s sophistication. Seamlessly integrate business delivery needs and tap into advanced route optimization for efficient logistics. Flexible subscription duration: Unlike Roadtrippers’ rigid annual commitment, Upper’s monthly subscription option ensures you only pay for what you need. Vast stops for extensive plans: Upper’s paid versions allow you to add 250 to 500+ stops for a single trip, catering to your most elaborate travel itineraries. Risk-free exploration: Test Upper’s capabilities with a 7 days free trial that doesn’t require upfront credit card details. Discover its benefits without any strings attached. Control over renewal: Upper respects your autonomy. With no auto-renewal commitments, you’re in control of your subscription journey. Global planning scope: Upper’s extensive coverage is a boon for global travelers, catering to diverse routes beyond the limited regions of Roadtrippers. Smooth route adjustments: Unlike the challenges and crashes reported by Roadtrippers users, Upper’s intuitive interface ensures smooth route adjustments. Seamless planning, no ads: Escape the interruption of invasive ads during your planning process. Upper’s ad-free experience ensures uninterrupted focus on charting your journey.
Pricing comparison between MyRouteOnline and Upper:

Roadtrippers Plus

3 users included No discount offered Stops Allowed per Trip: Up to 150 Covers Limited Countries

Essential Plan

3 users included Save 20% with annual billing Stops Allowed per Trip: Unlimited Global Coverage
HURRY UP! What Are You Waiting For? Growth Plan now at $119/mo (flat 20% discounted rate)
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Detailed feature comparison between Roadtrippers and Upper:

Feature myrouteonline Roadtrippers UpperUpper
Stops Allowed per Trip Up to 150 250 to 500+
Data Import wrong right
Ad-Free Experience wrong right
Advanced Route Optimization wrong right
Offline Mapping right right
Monthly Subscription Flexibility wrong right
Trial Period right right
Card Requirement for Trial right wrong
Global Coverage wrong right
Proof of Delivery wrong right
Last-Minute Changes right right
Customer Support right right
No credit card required

Other important features of Upper that you should not miss out:

  • Import hundreds of stops effortlessly using CSV or Excel files
  • Optimize routes based on time or distance preferences for efficiency
  • Generate optimized routes for multiple vehicles simultaneously
  • Accommodate multiple stops per route for comprehensive travel planning
  • Assign service time and time windows for punctual deliveries
  • Prioritize urgent deliveries within routes for critical deadlines
  • Calculate precise Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for customer communication
  • Seamlessly export routes to GPS devices or navigation apps
  • Schedule and dispatch routes in advance for smooth handovers
  • Collect proof of delivery with photos, notes, and e-signatures
  • Send automated customer notifications via email or text
  • Track driver locations and progress in real-time
  • Make last-minute route changes and updates effortlessly/li>
  • Store customer details in a centralized customer/address book
  • Swap routes between drivers when necessary for flexibility
  • Reverse entire routes with a single click for order changes
  • Modify routes using a multi-selector tool for real-time adjustments
  • Optimize pickups and deliveries with the curbside delivery option
  • Seamlessly integrate with third-party platforms and software
  • Access comprehensive reports and analytics for insights
  • Empower drivers with a dedicated app for route management
  • Receive exceptional customer support through email, chat, and telephone

What People Say About Upper

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2. Google Maps


Google maps

Google Maps is a versatile web service that provides precise geographical data. It offers aerial and street views, route planning for multiple modes of transportation, and other services such as the Google Maps API for embedding into websites and mobile applications. Google Maps delivers a full arsenal for navigation and exploration, whether you’re a traveler, commuter, or hobbyist. Key features of Google Maps:
  • Route planner for drivers, bikers, walkers, and public transportation users
  • Aerial and satellite views, and street-level imagery for many locations
  • Google Maps API for seamless integration into third-party applications
  • Location services for iOS and Android devices with GPS and network data
  • Lightweight Google Maps Go optimized for devices with limited memory
  • Google Maps Live View for real-time directions and 3D images
  • Google Street View for panoramic exploration of cities
  • Offline map downloads for mobile access when offline
  • Turn-by-turn directions with voice guidance for hands-free navigation
  • Convenient night-time navigation with a visually comfortable dark mode

Google Maps Compared to Roadtrippers

When weighing the options between Google Maps and Roadtrippers as road trip planning tools, several factors come into play. Google Maps offers a wide array of features for free, allowing users to plan routes with up to 10 destinations. Its extensive capabilities cater to the diverse travel needs of everyday commuters, urban explorers, and travelers alike. On the other hand, Roadtrippers provides a specialized approach, focusing on crafting curated road trip itineraries. While its free version has limitations such as allowing only 7 waypoints and including ads, the Roadtrippers Plus subscription unlocks advanced functionalities for seamless journey planning. For budget-conscious travelers seeking versatility, Google Maps is an appealing choice. Its range of features and free access provide practical navigation for various trips. Not satisfied with the features offered by Google Maps, check out Google Maps alternatives.

3. Apple Maps



Apple Maps, developed by Apple Inc., serves as the default mapping system for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS. This web mapping service offers a comprehensive range of features for navigation, including directions, estimated arrival times, and flyover mode, which showcases urban centers in stunning 3D landscapes. With vector graphics and four versatile layers, Apple Maps is easy to use and provides a dynamic experience for users worldwide. Key features of Apple Maps:
  • Vector graphics to efficiently use data and provide clear visual representations
  • Users can switch between map, satellite, hybrid, and public transit views
  • Flyover mode offers aerial perspectives of landmarks in a realistic 3D environment
  • Provides turn-by-turn navigation and real-time traffic information
  • Integrates Apple’s virtual assistant for voice-guided navigation
  • Nearby feature to display points of interest based on different categories
  • Indoor maps for airports and shopping malls
  • 360° street-level imagery for a detailed city experience

Apple Maps Compared to Roadtrippers

When comparing Apple Maps to Roadtrippers, distinct differences emerge. Apple Maps comes embedded in iOS devices, offering a widespread and user-friendly navigation solution at no extra cost. While Roadtrippers specializes in curated road trip planning, Apple Maps focuses on versatile navigation with real-time features, 3D views, public transit integration, and dynamic badges. Roadtrippers’ paid version may provide personalized itineraries, but Apple Maps excels in delivering a broad range of navigation tools, making it an essential companion for various travel needs.

4. Bing Maps



Bing Maps is a web-based mapping service driven by the Bing Maps Platform framework that is part of Microsoft’s suite of search engine. It offers accurate route planning by providing access to up-to-date maps, high-quality satellite images, and 3D building views. Bing Maps provides a variety of strong capabilities for smooth navigation by utilizing data from TomTom, OpenStreetMap, and others. Bing Maps route planner is easy to use too. Key features of Bing Maps:
  • Provides satellite and aerial photos, including 3D building views
  • Provides efficient routing, real-time traffic updates, and points of interest
  • Autosuggest offers suggestions while entering addresses, making searching faster
  • Offers multiple road map styles, including Road View, Bird’s Eye View, and Aerial View
  • Displays live traffic flow on the map, helping users make informed route choices
  • Offers comprehensive directions for various modes of transportation

Bing Maps Compared to Roadtrippers

When comparing Bing Maps with Roadtrippers as alternatives for trip planning, several key differences come up. Unlike Roadtrippers, which focuses on road trip planning, Bing Maps offers a broader scope by providing driving, walking, and transit directions for a wide range of destinations. Bing Maps boasts an array of useful features, such as real-time traffic updates, autosuggest for efficient searches, and a variety of road map styles. These elements set it apart as a versatile tool suitable for everyday navigation, business travel, and leisurely road trips alike. While Roadtrippers excels in its road trip-specific functionalities, Bing Maps offers a comprehensive alternative by covering multiple travel modes and scenarios.
Planning Road Trips Shouldn’t be a Headache – Experience the Ease of Upper’s Efficient Route Planning! No credit card required

5. MapQuest



MapQuest, established as one of the pioneers in online mapping services since 1996, offers a comprehensive solution for users seeking navigational guidance and detailed directions. Initially launched as the world’s first route-finding service, MapQuest has evolved to provide turn-by-turn GPS navigation through its mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. Alongside its online mapping capabilities, MapQuest’s user-friendly interface assists in real-time traffic assessment, route planning, and exploration of destinations. Its commitment to route optimization is highlighted through its Route Planner tool, which allows users to plan and optimize routes for multiple stops. Key features of MapQuest:
  • Turn-by-turn GPS navigation with voice guidance
  • Real-time traffic updates for efficient route planning
  • Comprehensive point-of-interest (POI) data for accurate destinations
  • Options to optimize routes based on time, distance, and preferences
  • Support for both driving and walking directions
  • Ability to avoid highways, toll roads, and other restrictions
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android devices for on-the-go navigation
  • Extensive online mapping tools and route optimization functionalities

MapQuest Compared to Roadtrippers

MapQuest stands as a notable alternative to Roadtrippers, offering a distinct approach to mapping and navigation. While Roadtrippers focuses on trip planning features, MapQuest takes a broader approach, providing users with comprehensive mapping and navigational solutions. MapQuest’s primary strength lies in its ability to offer turn-by-turn GPS navigation, a route planner tool, real-time traffic updates, voice-guided navigation, and a range of mapping styles. It aids users in finding the best routes for driving and walking alike. While Roadtrippers provides a more specialized experience for planning memorable road trips, MapQuest’s broader functionality suits a broad array of navigational needs.

6. Wanderlog



Wanderlog is an extensive travel planning solution that is changing the way people plan their travels. This simple app integrates itinerary creation, mapping, and collaboration functions into a single platform, reducing the need to switch between several applications. Wanderlog stands out for its ease and adaptability, catering to a wide range of travel types and locations. From road trips to vacations, Wanderlog provides an all-in-one solution to make travel planning easy and pleasant. Key features of Wanderlog:
  • Quickly save places mentioned in guides with just a click
  • Plan alongside friends in real-time with live syncing and collaborative editing
  • Easily import flight and hotel reservations by connecting or forwarding emails
  • Automatically rearranges routes to find the best path and save on gas
  • Receive smart suggestions for places to visit based on your itinerary
  • Export your saved places to Google Maps for seamless navigation adjustments
  • Provides advanced features such as offline access and unlimited attachments

Wanderlog Compared to Roadtrippers

When comparing Wanderlog to Roadtrippers as alternatives for travel planning, several differences can be seen. Wanderlog shines as a comprehensive travel planner that seamlessly integrates itinerary creation, collaborative features, and mapping functionalities within a single platform. With its ability to import reservations, optimize routes, and offer personalized suggestions, Wanderlog caters to a wide range of travel styles and destinations. On the other hand, Roadtrippers focuses on exploring the journey itself, emphasizing the experience of the road trip rather than broader vacation planning. While Roadtrippers excels in offering unique attractions and points of interest along routes, its scope is more limited compared to Wanderlog’s comprehensive approach.

7. inRoute



inRoute presents itself as a standout navigation app with robust features designed to optimize routes and enhance trip planning. This app goes beyond traditional navigation, considering variables like elevation, weather conditions, and road curves to ensure safe and efficient travel. With a focus on ease and convenience, inRoute allows users to identify and add local facilities such as hotels, gas stations, and restrooms to their itinerary, streamlining the journey. Additionally, voice-guided directions, export capabilities to other navigation apps, and the ability to import and customize routes make inRoute a versatile tool for travelers. Key features of inRoute:
  • Advanced route optimization for efficient multi-stop travel plans
  • Detailed weather information to plan trips effectively
  • Interactive elevation charts for anticipating terrain changes
  • Search for nearby facilities along the route
  • Voice-guided navigation with turn-by-turn directions
  • Import and export routes in various file formats
  • Device synchronization for consistent route plans
  • Integration of layover points for accurate scheduling

inRoute Compared to Roadtrippers

When considering inRoute as an alternative to Roadtrippers, it’s important to recognize the distinctive focus and features that each platform brings to travel planning and navigation. inRoute stands out with its emphasis on route optimization and advanced planning. The app takes into account factors like elevation, weather conditions, and road curves to ensure a safe and efficient journey. It also offers comprehensive route customization, enabling users to create tailored routes. Furthermore, inRoute’s integration of layover points enhances scheduling accuracy by factoring in breaks and potential delays. On the other hand, Roadtrippers takes a more exploratory approach, highlighting unique attractions and points of interest along the route. Roadtrippers’ feature set makes it an engaging tool for planning memorable road trips. Both apps cater to different aspects of travel, offering diverse options for travelers with varying preferences.

8. TripIt



TripIt revolutionizes the way you travel by simplifying itinerary management. With its seamless integration, TripIt compiles travel plans from confirmation emails into a single, comprehensive itinerary. The Pro version enhances your journey with real-time alerts, navigation assistance, and personalized reminders. It even provides safety scores for neighborhoods and guides you through airports. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or an occasional traveler, TripIt’s intuitive features make travel planning and execution effortless. Key features of TripIt
  • Centralized view of all travel plans for easy management
  • Navigation assistance to get from one point to another
  • Accessible across various devices for on-the-go planning
  • Helps you find amenities and attractions near your location
  • Provides safety scores for neighborhoods you’re visiting
  • Displays transportation choices for convenient navigation
  • Offers maps of airports and terminals for easy navigation
  • Provides country-specific travel information
  • Lets you share plans with others for coordination
  • Displays travel statistics and insights

TripIt Compared to Roadtrippers

TripIt outperforms Roadtrippers as a comprehensive trip planning tool that excels at providing a greater spectrum of travel organization. TripIt, unlike Roadtrippers, allows you to organize travel plans from several sources, making it suited for all sorts of trips. TripIt’s real-time notifications, navigation assistance, and itinerary-sharing features keep travelers informed and prepared throughout their journey. TripIt’s flexibility to manage varied travel arrangements makes it a more flexible option to Roadtrippers, which focuses exclusively on road trip planning and local attractions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Roadtrippers work?
    Roadtrippers allows users to enter their starting point and destination and then proposes fascinating locations to visit, eat, stay, and explore along the road. It offers a visual map user interface with customizable options.
  • Is Roadtrippers free to use?
    Roadtrippers offers both free and paid plans. The free version gives basic travel planning options, whilst the paid version includes more extensive features.
  • Can I save and share my road trip itineraries with others?
    Yes, you can save and share your trip itinerary with friends and family using Roadtrippers. You can also use the platform to collaborate and plan with others.
  • Can I use Roadtrippers on my mobile device?
    Yes, Roadtrippers offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices, making it easy to plan and access your road trips on the go.
  • How much does Roadtrippers app cost?
    Roadtrippers offers both a free version and a premium subscription called Roadtrippers Plus. The free version provides basic trip-planning features, while Roadtrippers Plus costs $35.99 per year and offers additional benefits such as planning longer trips, exclusive discounts, offline maps, and enhanced route customization.
  • How much does Roadtrippers app cost?
    Roadtrippers offers both a free version and a premium subscription called Roadtrippers Plus. The free version provides basic trip-planning features, while Roadtrippers Plus costs $35.99 per year and offers additional benefits such as planning longer trips, exclusive discounts, offline maps, and enhanced route customization.
  • Is the Roadtrippers app worth it?
    Whether the Roadtrippers app is worth it depends on your travel preferences and needs. If you frequently take road trips and value features like longer trip planning, collaboration, offline maps, customization, and exclusive discounts, then Roadtrippers Plus could be worth the investment. The free version can still be valuable for basic trip planning.
  • In which countries can I use the Roadtrippers app?
    While Roadtrippers allows basic route planning worldwide, it is especially optimized for users in the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.
  • What features does Roadtrippers Plus have?
    Roadtrippers Plus offers several additional features beyond the free version. These include:
    • Add up to 150 stops to your route
    • Access RV-specific features
    • Ad-Free Experience
    • Collaborate in real-time with friends and family
    • Benefit from exclusive member discounts and deals
    • Navigation and live traffic reports
    • Access a variety of pre-made trip guides
    • Search and book hotels along your route
    • Explore off the grid with offline maps


In conclusion, while Roadtrippers offers a great way to plan road trips, there are several excellent alternatives available to cater to diverse travel needs. From the sophisticated route optimization of MapQuest to the collaborative planning of Wanderlog, and the comprehensive navigation features of inRoute and TripIt, each alternative brings its own strengths to the table. Among these alternatives, Upper emerges as a standout choice for seamless road trip adventures. With a user-friendly interface and advanced functionalities, Upper empowers travelers to effortlessly plan, optimize routes, and enjoy precise ETAs. Discover how Upper can transform your road trip experience by taking a —no credit card required.
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