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Mapping tools have become a part of daily lives, especially for those who are associated with delivery services. They have been a long-term companion for explorers as well as drivers. And why not when it gives you real-time traffic updates, route navigation, and street views? Ever since MapQuest has brought the tag of a popular web mapping service, many apps have emerged to clinch the title of the ultimate navigation app.

Nowadays, we have many alternatives available at our fingertips, all thanks to technological evolution. Why do we need to look at them? Obviously, because MapQuest has been challenging for users to navigate routes. Agreed, it warns you about traffic and road closure but doesn’t have audio navigation for directions. Such things will only result in spending more time on the road.

With changing times, MapQuest’s navigation functionalities have deteriorated sharply. That’s when you need to look out for other similar apps. Here, we have compiled a list of alternatives that will help you plan routes for your upcoming journey.

Why Consider Alternatives to MapQuest?

MapQuest, a web mapping service, would be preferred by many users. But only a few of them will know how accurate it is when it comes to route planning. Business owners will relate to it, like how difficult it is to map routes in remote areas for their drivers.

There is more than one reason that clearly states why you need an alternative mapping app. Let us explore them.

MapQuest’s inaccuracies in route details and driving directions can only lead to delayed arrivals. Delivery drivers would be confused while taking turns if the app’s voice guiding feature is not working properly. Such inaccurate details can negatively affect business operations. Thus, before any further disruption, you must explore MapQuest alternatives.

Top 8 MapQuest Alternatives, Competitors & Similar Software

1. Upper


Upper is a great alternative to MapQuest that comes to mind when you want quick route planning. In fact, you can also optimize routes rather than just planning a new route on MapQuest. With its simple user interface, Upper allows you to quickly import hundreds of stops in one go so that you don’t waste time adding them manually.

Unlike MapQuest, a route optimization software, Upper will save your routes as well as stops for future use. Simply, you can refer to “My contacts” and get a new route plan ready instantly. Apart from this, it has a one-click dispatching feature to share routes with drivers to perform multi-stop deliveries.

While MapQuest doesn’t provide real-time delivery updates, Upper simplifies the process by enabling drivers to mark deliveries as completed or skipped. This means you can check how many stops are left to cover or when drivers will return.

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Upper Compared to MapQuest:

Import Excel:When you use ordinary apps, adding stops manually can be time-consuming if you have multiple stops to visit. But you can automate the process using Upper. Simply import the Excel or CSV file and get the efficient routes in the blink of an eye. Upper will never ask you to add them manually unless you need to edit the stops.

Route Optimization: MapQuest can only help you find the route to your destination, while Upper can get you the fastest routes to arrive in a timely manner. It considers weather, traffic flows, and avoidance zones while optimizing routes so that you don’t spend extra time on the road. Also, you can set the priority levels for specific stops if needed and let Upper generate optimized routes.

Timeline view: Many navigation apps like MapQuest, Waze, or Apple Maps can help you find the routes. But, when you start following it, there is no chance of making changes in a route plan. Turning the tables, Upper has an in-built timeline view where you can reassign, swap, or reverse routes in case of unforeseen events. This means you can edit or reoptimize routes whenever needed.

Pricing comparison between MapQuest and Upper:

MapQuest Plus


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Route planning with limited stops


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For a detailed comparison, refer to the following table:

Feature Mapquest MapQuest UpperUpper
Route Optimization wrong right
Time Windows wrong right
Number of Stops 26 500+
Curbside Delivery wrong right
Driver’s App wrong right
Driver Preference right right
One-Click Dispatch wrong right
Detailed Reports wrong right
Choose Vehicle Type wrong right
Reassign Routes wrong right
Swap Routes wrong right
Print Routes right right
No credit card required

You must also take into account the following exceptional features of Upper:

  • Find the shortest routes by considering factors like weather, traffic, and road conditions.
  • Generate routes for your deliveries in advance for weeks or months to avoid last-minute hassles.
  • Use one-click dispatch to share the route plan directly on the driver’s app.
  • Analyze your team performance by generating on-demand summary reports.
  • Create a new route instantly from recently added addresses using My Contacts.
  • Spot your driver’s location during the delivery process with the live driver tracker.
  • Customize automated notifications and send timely delivery updates to your clients.
  • Collect proof of delivery via signature or images upon successful delivery.

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2. Google Maps


Google Maps

Google Maps is the popular navigation app to plan routes from point A to point B. You can simply open the app and search for your favorite destination. Also, you can explore the details of the location and see nearby rest stops as well. The web mapping app also provides a street view to check the surroundings in case you are visiting your preferred location for the first time.

Whether you are navigating through a busy city road or exploring your favorite countryside landscapes, Google Maps will help you get the routes along with turn-by-turn directions. Additionally, if you want to add stops in between your routes, Google Maps will allow you a maximum of 9 stops. Hence, this comprehensive mapping app has got you covered for your journeys worldwide.

Main features of Google Maps:

  • Route navigation for an unknown location
  • Turn-by-turn direction for your destination
  • Voice-enabled route guidance for users
  • Real-time traffic updates for drivers
  • Alternative route options are available
  • Offers a street view to find the exact location

Google Maps Compared to MapQuest:

When we compare these two popular web mapping apps, Google Maps comes out as a clear winner. This is because it provides offline functionality to travel hassle-free in low-network areas, and MapQuest still doesn’t have this significant feature in its tally. So, Google Maps users can download the route map and worry-free stride across regions where they have internet connectivity issues.

Secondly, you don’t get traffic updates on MapQuest. At the same time, Google Maps displays real-time traffic congestion and suggests alternate routes to avoid long traffic queues. Such convenient features on Google Maps clearly state why it has the upper hand over MapQuest. Satisfying all your navigation needs, Google Maps has been one of the top alternatives to MapQuest.

3. Apple Maps


Apple map

If you’re a MapQuest user willing to try a similar app for better route navigation, your search ends on Apple Maps. Being one of the best navigation apps, Apple Maps is capable of finding the fastest routes at your fingertips. Once you start the route, you get turn-by-turn directions along with lane guidance to avoid last-minute confusion. It also has a voice-enabled guidance feature, which you can turn on while heading towards your destination.

Apple Maps offers a 3D picture of your location so that you can get a clear view of your newly added location. This will ensure you find the right place before kicking off the journey and require no last-minute changes. Notably, you can also report hazardous accidents to fellow drivers on your route.

Main features of Apple Maps:

  • A standard navigation app for iOS users
  • Generate custom check-in reports
  • Get turn-by-turn route navigation
  • Lane assistance to avoid wrong turns
  • Explore location in 3D mode
  • Report hazardous zones to other users

Apple Maps Compared to MapQuest:

From an attractive user interface to seamless integration with iOS devices, Apple Maps has completely outperformed MapQuest. The latter lacks significant features like 3D-street level view, lane guidance, and the ability to send hazardous reports. Other than that, Apple Maps has better accuracy in terms of route directions. This means you can avoid taking wrong turns and reach the destination faster.

Besides, Apple Maps is completely free of cost, which means you can plan unlimited routes without paying a single penny. On the flip side, MapQuest will ask you to purchase its expensive plans if you have more routes or stops. In a nutshell, MapQuest trails behind Apple Maps in terms of user-friendliness and performance.

4. HERE WeGo


Here wego

In recent years, HERE WeGo has raised its standard by competing with many popular apps like Google Maps, Apple Maps, and MapQuest. With its feature-rich web mapping services, HERE WeGo has turned the heads of many business owners running logistics and transportation services. Not only for businesses, it also has unique navigation tools to guide solo travelers.

Going head to head with route mapping giants, HERE WeGo has rolled out offline maps to access routes in areas with no internet. Therefore, you can continue to explore your location without any hassles. The web mapping app also comes with speed assistance to send alerts in some specific city areas. If you’re planning a multi-stop trip, then it will allow you to add waypoints in between.

Main features of HERE WeGo:

  • Step-by-step route guidance
  • Speed assistance to drive your vehicle legally
  • Lane assistance for your next move
  • Ability to connect with the different transport modes
  • Bookmark your favorite places in the app
  • Provides real-time traffic updates

HERE WeGo Compared to MapQuest:

Comparing these two, HERE WeGO has excellent offline functionality, which MapQuest completely lacks. Thus, neither can you access the offline routes nor can you download the route plan prior to the traveling day. You will really miss the offline mode if you’re traveling to unknown places with no internet. That’s why it is better to pick HERE WeGo instead of MapQuest.

Moreover, HERE WeGo can be the ideal choice for those who use public transport. Well, you get detailed information on ticket fares, schedules, and other options for buses, subways, or trains. This is what makes the difference if you choose MapQuest over HERE WeGo. Thus, HERE WeGo caters to your routing needs better than MapQuest.

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5. Roadtrippers



Roadtrippers is an adventure-driven alternative to MapQuest that primarily focuses on route navigation for frequent travelers who want to go on adventure trips. So, if you are up for an unplanned trip, worry-free rely on Roadtrippers. This route-mapping app will ensure you don’t miss out on the best experience at your favorite destination.

Since manual route planning is a tedious task that may affect your trip itinerary, integrating Roadtrippers for effortless planning can get you a breather. Also, Roadtrippers can help you uncover new locations with point-to-point directions and lesser-known attractions that otherwise you would miss. That’s why choosing Roadtrippers means having a personal assistant when you hop on adventure trips.

Main features of Roadtrippers:

  • Route planning with multiple stops
  • Turn-by-turn navigation option
  • In-built gas cost calculator
  • Offers automated driving statistics
  • Read reviews from fellow travelers
  • Dedicated app for mobile users

Roadtrippers Compared to MapQuest:

While MapQuest is usually used for route planning and navigation, Roadtrippers can help you with custom itineraries and cover famous attractions along the way. Roadtrippers can be the ideal choice for explorers as they suggest scenic routes, major landmarks, or any point of interest coming in between your starting and ending points.

Plus, what’s interesting is that Roadtrippers can assist you with collaborative planning so that your friends and family members’ suggestions can be considered while planning an itinerary. Such features can ensure everyone’s preferences are taken into account when planning cross-country adventures or weekend gateway. On the contrary, MapQuest doesn’t offer such a convenient feature.



Mapsme is an essential tool for anyone traveling out of the country or on any outdoor adventure trails. It is quite easy to use in comparison to complex navigation apps and has offline maps functionality, which can be a boon in regions with less familiarity and weak internet connections. So, if you are a travel enthusiast who often goes off-trail, is undoubtedly made for you.

Additionally, offers multiple transportation modes that are even accessible if you go offline. This means if you are using public transportation, then it will display several options available to reach your destination. This convenient and easy-to-use tool makes it an affordable and reliable alternative to carry with you wherever your adventures take you.

Main features of

  • Route directions for faster travel
  • Search addresses in offline mode
  • Save your favorite routes on the app
  • Know traffic density on a route
  • Share points of interest with friends
  • Add user’s suggestions to improve maps Compared to MapQuest: has a simple user interface and intuitive design that help users to plan routes and get directions easily. In comparison, MapQuest users will find it more complex to use its mapping services. Besides, is the go-to app for bikers, hikers, or explorers, as it provides a detailed route map of trails. On that note, MapQuest will only work as a simple navigation tool.

Another big difference between these two apps is that is a cost-free app, while MapQuest has paid versions. This affordability factor makes the clear winner in terms of pricing. Other than that, not to forget that can also be used offline, which is still not available on MapQuest. Therefore, opting for is a sensible choice if you are seeking cost-effective and offline-capable mapping services.

7. Waze



If you are a daily commuter who desperately wants the mapping app to cater to your commuting needs, then Waze is all you need. In fact, you will love this app as it is capable of tackling traffic in city areas like a pro. It keeps sending accurate and real-time information so that you can edge past the traffic hassles with ease. In addition to that, it has dynamic rerouting to avoid traffic congestion during peak hours.

Notably, you can also contribute to the app by sending hazardous reports on the road to alert fellow drivers. This community engagement feature works really well and updates others about police presence or other incidents in real time. With Waze, you can save maximum time spent on the road.

Main features of Waze:

  • Accurate route planning and navigation
  • Road conditions & live traffic updates
  • Multi-language support to explore routes
  • Follow turn-by-turn driving directions
  • Option to share your drive or route map
  • In-built map editor to improve route maps

Waze Compared to MapQuest:

In comparison, MapQuest loses out to Waze in terms of prominent features like integration, hazardous reporting, and gamification. The difference between these two mapping services is Waze is powered by crowd-sourced information about traffic updates. Whereas MapQuest relies completely on static data. Here, Waze is a clear winner as it is more accurate because of users reporting the on-road incident. Interestingly, if you’re a Waze user, then you will be rewarded points for reporting incidents as well.

Apart from this, Waze offers integration features to let users book rides from its app, which could be a handy option if you prefer ride-sharing. On the contrary, MapQuest has no such things available on the app. Hence, if you’re a commuter seeking a map app, Waze won’t disappoint you.

8. OpenStreetMap



OpenStreetMap (OSM) is an ad-free route mapping app that has redefined the way we interact with maps. Ditching the traditional mapping process, OpenStreetMap relies on data shared by community members who are familiar with the specific region. In other words, it has an open data philosophy to let users share information publicly instead of relying on corporate data.

It comes with customization options to meet users’ changing demands. This also helps developers to understand customer preferences and enhance mapping services for better usability. OSM is open to people from every corner of the world, making it a perfect pick for adventurers exploring less-traveled areas. Such a feature-loaded mapping app can work as a virtual assistant for you no matter what terrains you choose.

Main features of OpenStreetMap:

  • Up-to-date route navigation and directions
  • Enhanced privacy for user data security
  • Offers community-driven real-time map data
  • Allows users to edit the map for improvement
  • Offline mapping functionality to use in remote areas
  • Free to use web mapping service

OpenStreetMap Compared to MapQuest:

When you compare MapQuest with OpenStreetMap, the latter has a clear edge due to its wide range of features. OpenStreetMap runs on community-driven data information and that’s why you get frequently updated maps with details added by its own users. Speaking about MapQuest, well, the map navigation app has only static data available that could be inaccurate sometimes.

Basically, OpenStreetMap is a very user-friendly app that retrieves its own user data to alert other drivers about potential hazards on the road. On the other hand, MapQuest neither has a community of mappers nor has offline availability to explore areas without the internet. On that note, OSM is a comprehensive alternative that puts the power of route mapping in your hands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there any cost-effective alternative to MapQuest?

    Upper is the ideal alternative to MapQuest as it has budget-friendly plans for route planning and optimization. With Upper, you can plan, schedule, and optimize routes in a fraction of a second and reach your destination 3x faster.

  • Does Google Maps allow route optimization?

    No, Google Maps is widely used for route planning but not route optimization. In case you need a route optimization feature, you must try Upper to find efficient routes and reach your destination in a timely manner. Whether you are a solo traveler or business owner, Upper will get you optimal routes without wasting a minute.

  • Can I integrate Upper with my own system?

    Yes, Upper offers seamless API integration to connect your laptop or tablet in order to transfer the details of the stop. Transferring the data, you can plan and optimize routes easily in just a few taps. With such an integration feature, you don’t have to add stops manually in the software.

  • How many additional stops can I include using Apple Maps?

    Being an Apple Maps user, you can include up to 14 additional stops in your route plan. Apple Maps will not allow more than 15 stops on any route. If you have more number of stops, then using Upper will be the best bet.

  • Can Upper help me save my pre-planned routes?

    Yes, route planning on Upper means not only your routes but also multiple stops’ details will be saved automatically for future use. So, next time you plan routes, you don’t need to add stop details again and again.


As we bring curtains down to this blog of MapQuest alternatives, we are sure you would have made up your mind. The evolution of technology has opened the door for many web mapping services to enter the race to become top navigation apps. As a result, we have so many navigation apps available in today’s market.

MapQuest, a web mapping service, is day by day losing its position to newly added navigation apps. The reason is obvious: it didn’t meet user expectations and lacks many significant features in its tally. Well, delivery business owners will agree that MapQuest is not made for drivers as it doesn’t have a route optimization feature. So, if you are an existing MapQuest user, now you know why you need to start exploring other alternatives.

In that case, Upper can be the perfect choice for your daily trips, catering to all your routing needs. Get started with your

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