8 Best MapQuest Alternatives for Route Optimization in 2024

MapQuest has been a popular choice among individuals and businesses looking for reliable directions and basic mapping services. However, as user demands for more advanced features have grown, MapQuest has struggled to keep pace with evolving technology and expectations. Its interface feels outdated, and its capabilities, such as a lack of real-time updates and limited route optimization, no longer meet the needs of today’s dynamic users.

Are you feeling the pinch of these limitations in your daily operations or customer interactions? If so, it’s time to explore alternatives that offer the latest in real-time traffic information and provide cutting-edge route optimization to boost efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction.

In response to these industry needs, we’ve curated a list of eight excellent MapQuest alternatives for 2024. These alternatives are handpicked to cater to various modern logistics needs, whether you prioritize user-friendly interfaces or advanced routing capabilities. Let’s dive into these solutions to find the one that best suits your logistical challenges.

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Why Consider Alternatives to MapQuest?

Many people prefer MapQuest for mapping, but its accuracy for route planning is often lacking. Business owners especially know the challenge of mapping routes in remote areas for their drivers.

You might need an alternative to the MapQuest route planner app for several reasons. Let us explore them.

  • MapQuest’s complex interface makes planning routes difficult
  • You can not access the map once you are out of the network area
  • Delivery drivers find it challenging to navigate routes without a download option
  • Voice-guided directions will not work on newer mobile phones
  • With MapQuest, rearranging stops in your route can be time-consuming
  • There is no option to save planned routes on your device
  • Inaccuracies in route details and driving directions can lead to delayed deliveries

Therefore, considering alternatives to the MapQuest mapping tool offers better route-planning solutions for modern navigation needs.

Top 8 MapQuest Alternatives, Competitors & Similar Software

1. Upper

Best for individual drivers

Upper is a great alternative to MapQuest when you are looking for end-to-end route management. It is designed to streamline delivery operations, save time and money, and delight customers by optimizing efficient routes. Its advanced algorithms customize routes based on traffic conditions, customer time preferences, and operational constraints.

Upper offers convenient drag-and-drop functionality, allowing drivers to rearrange stops on the go, minimizing delays caused by unexpected changes. It also provides a proof of delivery feature, enabling you to capture photos or customer signatures for reliable digital records.

So, whether you’re a solo driver or service technician, Upper’s intuitive features empower you to manage deliveries and service requests effectively.

Key features

  • Simplifies the planning process by allowing the seamless import of multiple stop addresses from Excel or CSV files. 
  • Plans multi-stop routes optimized for time and distance, considering real-time traffic, customer time windows, and delivery priorities.
  • OCR scanner functionality automates address input by simply scanning images, eliminating the laborious process of manually entering addresses. 
  • Automatically verifies addresses imported from spreadsheets or other systems to eliminate errors.
  • Facilitates confirmation of deliveries through photographs, virtual signatures, and notes, limiting the risk of delivery-related disputes.
  • Keeps customers informed by sending precise ETAs and delivery status updates via email or text.
  •  Provides detailed analytics on route performance, including distances, times, successful deliveries, and average stop durations.

Upper – best Mapquest alternative: Built for streamlined operations. Designed for Simplicity.


Pricing comparison between MapQuest and Upper



No of transactions: 30000
  • No discount offered
  • No Detailed Report



No. of pickup/deliveries: Unlimited
  • Discount Offered
  • Report & Analytics – Detailed


  • An easy interface for the drivers requires no training
  • Offers precise delivery time estimates to customers
  • Quickly adjusts routes for last-minute changes
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Relies on a stable internet connection 
  • Lacks barcode scanning

Upper compared to MapQuest

  • Import Excel: Adding stops manually can be time-consuming when using ordinary apps, especially if you have multiple stops to visit. But you can automate the process using Upper. Upper will never ask you to add them manually unless you need to edit the stops. 
  • Route Optimization: MapQuest can only help you find the route to your destination, while Upper can get you the fastest routes to arrive on time. It considers weather and traffic flow to optimize routes so you don’t spend extra time on the road. Also, you can set the priority levels for specific stops if needed and let Upper generate optimized routes. 

For a detailed comparison, refer to the following table:

Feature MapQuest Upper
Route Optimization Wrong Right
Time Windows Wrong Right
Number of Stops 26 500
Curbside Delivery Wrong Right
Driver's App Wrong Right
Driver Preference Right Right
One-click Dispatch Wrong Right
Detailed Reports Wrong Right
Choose Vehicle Type Wrong Right
Reassign Routes Wrong Right
Swap Routes Wrong Right
Print Routes Right Right
  • Feature upper logo Upper
  • Route Optimization



  • Time Windows



  • Number of Stops



  • Curbside Delivery



  • Driver's App



  • Driver Preference



  • One-click Dispatch



  • Detailed Reports



  • Choose Vehicle Type



  • Reassign Routes



  • Swap Routes



  • Print Routes



  • No credit card required

2. Google Maps

Best for navigation

Google Maps is a popular navigation app for planning routes from point A to point B. You can simply open the app and search for your favorite destination. You can also explore the details of the location and see nearby rest stops. The web mapping app also provides Google Street View to check the surroundings in case you are visiting your preferred location for the first time. 

Whether navigating through a busy city road or exploring your favorite countryside, Google Maps will help you get the routes along with turn-by-turn directions. Plus, if you want to add stops in between your routes, Google Maps will allow you a maximum of 9 stops. Hence, this comprehensive mapping app has covered your worldwide journeys.

Key features

  • Real-time traffic updates: Gives real-time traffic data to help drivers avoid congestion and plan optimal routes.
  • Voice-enabled navigation: Allows hands-free audio instructions for safe, distraction-free navigation while driving.
  • Alternative route options: It suggests multiple route choices based on preferences like shorter distances or less traffic.
  • Street view exploration: Enables virtual exploration of locations with realistic street maps for better recognition.


  • Comprehensive global mapping data
  • Frequent updates with the latest information  
  • Integrates multiple travel modes seamlessly


  • Requires active internet connection  
  • Privacy concerns over data collection
  • Inconsistent mapping in remote areas

Google Maps compared to MapQuest

  • Google Maps provides offline functionality, allowing users to travel hassle-free in low-network areas, a feature lacking in MapQuest.
  • Unlike MapQuest, Google Maps offers real-time traffic updates, displays congestion, and suggests alternate routes to avoid queues.
  • In comparison, Google Maps emerges as the clear winner due to its offline functionality and real-time traffic updates.
  • Google Maps satisfies all navigation needs, establishing itself as one of the top Mapquest alternatives.

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3. Apple Maps

Best for providing directions

If you’re a MapQuest user willing to try a similar app for better route navigation, your search ends on Apple Maps. Being one of the best navigation apps, Apple Maps can find the fastest routes at your fingertips. Once you start the route, you get turn-by-turn directions and lane guidance to avoid last-minute confusion. It also has a voice-enabled guidance feature, which you can turn on while heading towards your destination. 

Apple Maps offers a 3D picture of your location to get a clear view of your newly added location. This will ensure you find the right place before kicking off the journey and require no last-minute changes. Notably, you can also report hazardous accidents to fellow drivers while en route.

Key features

  • Standard navigation: The default mapping and navigation solution for iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices.
  • Lane assistance: Visual guidance to help users position themselves in the correct lane for upcoming turns or exits.
  • 3D mode exploration: Enables users to explore specific locations in a detailed 3D view with realistic renderings.
  • Hazardous zone reporting: Users can report hazardous zones or incidents on the road to alert other users.


  • Seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem
  • 3D detailed maps and flyover views  
  • Frequent updates with the latest data


  • Limited offline maps and navigation
  • Lacks advanced route optimization tools
  • Inaccuracies in mapping data reported

AppleMaps compared to MapQuest

  • Apple Maps excels with a visually appealing interface, unlike MapQuest.
  • Apple Maps seamlessly integrates with iOS devices, enhancing user experience.
  • MapQuest lacks essential features like 3D-street level view, lane guidance, and hazardous report sending.
  • Apple Maps is free, allowing unlimited route planning without any charges, unlike MapQuest.
  • Apple Maps outperforms MapQuest in terms of user-friendliness and performance.

4. HERE WeGo

Best for local and global travelers

In recent years, HERE WeGo has raised its standard by competing with many popular apps like Google Maps, Apple Maps, and MapQuest. With its feature-rich web mapping services, HERE WeGo has turned the heads of many business owners running logistics and transportation services. It is not only for businesses; it also has unique navigation tools to guide solo travelers. 

Going head to head with route mapping giants, HERE WeGo has rolled out offline maps to access routes in areas with no internet. Therefore, you can continue to explore your location without any hassle. This web mapping service app offers speed assistance to send alerts in specific city areas. If you’re planning a multi-stop trip, then it will allow you to add waypoints in between.

Key features

  • Speed assistance: Provides real-time alerts and guidance to help you adhere to legal speed limits while driving safely.
  • Multi-modal integration: Seamlessly integrates various transportation modes for efficient and convenient travel transitions.
  • Bookmarking favorites: Conveniently save and access frequently visited locations within the app for quick navigation and planning.


  • Excellent offline navigation capabilities
  • Can download map data for offline use
  • Ideal for public transportation users


  • The comparison focuses on advantages over MapQuest

HERE WeGo compared to MapQuest

  • HERE WeGo features excellent offline functionality, a feature notably absent in MapQuest.
  • Unlike MapQuest, HERE WeGo doesn’t offer offline route access or the option to download routes beforehand.
  • Offline mode proves invaluable when navigating unfamiliar areas with limited internet connectivity.
  • For offline capabilities, HERE WeGo emerges as the superior choice over MapQuest.
  • HERE WeGo stands out as the preferred option for users reliant on public transportation.

5. Roadtrippers

Best for adventure seekers and explorers

Roadtrippers is an adventure-driven alternative to MapQuest that focuses on route navigation for frequent travelers who want to go on adventure trips. So, if you are up for an unplanned trip, worry-free rely on Roadtrippers. This route-mapping app will ensure you don’t miss out on the best experience at your favorite destination. 

Since manual route planning is a tedious task that may affect your trip itinerary, integrating Roadtrippers for effortless planning can give you a breather. Also, it can help you uncover new locations with point-to-point directions and lesser-known attractions that otherwise you would miss. That’s why choosing Roadtrippers means having a personal assistant when you go for a trip.

Key features

  • Multi-stop routes: Plan efficient routes with multiple stops for a smooth journey, catering to various destinations and activities.
  • Turn-by-turn navigation: Receive clear, voice-guided directions at each turn, ensuring you stay on track and reach your destination hassle-free.
  • Gas cost calculator: Estimate fuel expenses using the integrated gas cost calculator based on your vehicle type and planned route.
  • Driving statistics: Track essential driving metrics such as distance covered, travel time, and fuel consumption to optimize future trips and budgeting.


  • Collaborative trip planning with friends made easy
  • Tailored itineraries for adventure seekers provided


  • Limited navigation capabilities for urban areas observed
  • Real-time traffic updates are absent

Roadtrippers compared to MapQuest

  • Roadtrippers help with custom itineraries and covering famous attractions along the route, which is missing in MapQuest.
  • It suggests scenic routes, major landmarks, and points of interest between start and endpoints, a functionality not available in MapQuest.
  • Roadtrippers facilitates collaborative planning, a feature that sets it apart from MapQuest.
  • It ensures tailored experiences for cross-country trips or weekend getaways, catering to diverse preferences.

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6. Maps.me

Best for city travel and outdoor activities

Maps.me is an essential tool for anyone traveling out of the country or on any outdoor adventure trail. It is quite easy to use compared to complex navigation apps and has offline map functionality, which can be a boon in regions with less familiarity and weak internet connections. So, if you are a travel enthusiast who often goes off-trail, Maps.me is undoubtedly made for you. 

Additionally, Maps.me offers multiple transportation modes that are even accessible if you go offline. This means if you use public transportation, it will display several options available to reach your destination. This convenient and easy-to-use tool makes it an affordable and reliable alternative to carry with you wherever your adventures take you.

Key features

  • Save favorite routes: Easily store preferred routes as favorites within the app for quick and easy access.
  • Traffic density awareness: View real-time traffic conditions to gauge route congestion levels and plan accordingly.
  • Share points of interest: Effortlessly share interesting location data with friends or contacts directly from the app.


  • Offline map access without an Internet connection 
  • Completely free to download and use, no hidden fees 
  • Integrates user-generated travel content seamlessly


  • Limited route optimization capabilities  
  • Lacks voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation  
  • Map data may become outdated over time
  • No real-time traffic information or updates are provided

Maps.me compared to MapQuest

  • Navigating Maps.me is simpler compared to MapQuest, enhancing user experience.
  • Outdoor enthusiasts like bikers and hikers benefit from Maps.me’s detailed trail maps, a feature absent in MapQuest.
  • Maps.me is free to use, unlike the paid versions of MapQuest, making it accessible to all users.
  • Maps.me allows offline usability, ensuring navigation without an internet connection, unlike MapQuest.

7. Waze

Best for community-based GPS navigation

If you are a daily commuter who desperately wants the mapping app to cater to your commuting needs, then Waze is all you need. You will love this app, as it can tackle traffic in city areas like a pro. It keeps sending accurate and real-time information so you can easily edge past the traffic hassles. Plus, it offers dynamic rerouting to avoid traffic congestion during peak hours. 

Notably, you can also contribute to the app by sending hazardous reports on the road to alert fellow drivers. This community engagement feature works well and updates others about police presence or incidents in real time. With Waze, you can save the most time spent on the road.

Key features

  • Accurate navigation: This app provides precise and dependable directions for efficient travel planning and seamless driving experiences.
  • Live traffic updates: Provide drivers with real-time information about current road conditions, accidents, and potential traffic congestion.
  • Multi-language support: It offers navigation options in various languages and dialects to cater to diverse user preferences and regional needs.
  • Drive-sharing option: This option allows users to share their current location or planned route with friends and family members for enhanced coordination and safety.

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  • Provides real-time and accurate traffic updates
  • Street View is available for enhanced navigation
  • Waze has a user-friendly and intuitive  interface


  • Lacks voice guidance functionality
  • Relies on outdated mapping data
  • Poor route optimization and algorithmic efficiency
  • Limited customization options and flexibility

Waze compared to MapQuest

  • Waze seamlessly integrates hazard reporting and gamification features for a more immersive experience, unlike MapQuest.
  • It relies on crowd-sourced updates for superior real-time navigation accuracy, while MapQuest lacks this feature.
  • Waze offers ride booking integration, providing a unified navigation and transportation solution, a feature absent in MapQuest.
  • This routing app incentivizes incident reporting with points, fostering community-driven navigation, a unique feature compared to MapQuest.

8. OpenStreetMap

Best for routing and navigation

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is an ad-free route mapping app that has redefined how we interact with online maps. Ditching the traditional mapping process, OpenStreetMap relies on data shared by community members familiar with the specific region. 

It comes with customization options to meet users’ changing demands. This also helps developers understand customer preferences and enhance online mapping services for better usability.

OSM is open to people from every corner of the world, making it a perfect pick for adventurers exploring less-traveled areas. Such a feature-loaded mapping app can work as a virtual assistant for you, no matter your chosen terrain.

Key features

  • Real-time community-driven data: It allows users to constantly update and refine maps, providing accurate and current information.
  • User-enabled map editing: This empowers users to actively contribute to map accuracy and detail through collaborative edits and suggestions.
  • Offline functionality: Access maps without internet connectivity are useful for navigating areas with limited or poor connectivity.
  • Free web mapping: Access the service at no cost, making mapping accessible to all users regardless of financial constraints.


  • Community-driven and crowd-sourced data sources
  • Highly customizable and versatile mapping features
  • Worldwide accessibility, usage, and availability


  • OSM provides Limited offline mode and availability
  • Complexity and learning curve for inexperienced users
  • Incomplete and insufficient global map coverage

OpenStreetMap compared to MapQuest

  • OpenStreetMap offers a wide range of features compared to MapQuest.
  • OSM uses community-driven data for frequent updates, unlike MapQuest’s static data.
  • OpenStreetMap is more user-friendly and easier to navigate than MapQuest.
  • OpenStreetMap provides real-time road hazard alerts, which MapQuest lacks
  • OSM supports offline map access, whereas MapQuest requires an internet connection.
  • OpenStreetMap offers more detailed and accurate route mapping than MapQuest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Upper is the ideal alternative to MapQuest, as it has budget-friendly route planning and optimization plans. With Upper, you can plan, schedule, and optimize routes in a fraction of a second and reach your destination three times faster.

No, Google Maps is widely used for route planning but not route optimization. If you require route optimization, consider using Upper, a reliable Google Maps alternative, to find efficient routes and reach your destination on time. So, whether you are a solo traveler or a business owner, Upper will get you optimal routes without wasting a minute.

Yes, Upper (a MapQuest alternative) offers API integration to connect your laptop or tablet and transfer the stop details. Transferring the data lets you plan and optimize routes easily with just a few taps. With such an integration feature, you don’t have to add stops manually in the software.

You can include up to 14 additional stops in your route plan as an Apple Maps user. Apple Maps will not allow more than 15 stops on any route. Using Upper will be the best bet if you have more stops.

Yes, some people still use MapQuest, but its popularity has declined due to outdated features and limited functionality compared to newer navigation web apps. Many users are now exploring alternative options for more advanced and efficient route planning.

Yes, route planning on Upper means your routes and multiple stops’ details will be saved automatically for future use. So, next time you plan routes, you don’t need to add stop details repeatedly.

Yes, several MapQuest competitors offer better features. Google Maps, Waze, and Apple Maps provide real-time traffic updates, offline capabilities, and enhanced route planning, making them superior to MapQuest for navigation.

Refine Your Routing Experience with Advanced Solutions

The world of mapping and interactive maps is evolving rapidly, with many web mapping services now competing to be the top choice. Unfortunately, once a popular option, MapQuest is losing ground due to its failure to keep up with user demands and lack of essential features. 

If you are currently using MapQuest and feeling the limitations, it’s time to explore other options. Consider trying Upper, a comprehensive solution that meets all your routing needs. Take advantage of our 7 days free trial and experience the difference firsthand.

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