10 Tips to Improve Delivery Time in 2023 for Exceptional Customer Experience

keyKey Takeaways:
  • The supply chain can be streamlined to help you cut costs and delivery times.
  • Delays and stockouts can be prevented by setting up a good inventory management system.
  • The consumer trust can be increased by giving them accurate and timely order updates.
  • You can find areas for improvement and streamline your operations by tracking and analyzing your delivery performance.

73% of customers agreed that they are shopping online compared to the pre-pandemic years.

Almost half of the online customers in the United States prefer same-day deliveries. And most online retailers are finding it hard to match the requirements and maintain a solid supply chain.

But what’s the reason for the inefficiencies in the delivery processing?

Increased demand, lack of modern technologies, and no professional strategies to improve the delivery supply chain are causing delivery delays.

So, how to improve delivery time?

Our team has filtered the top 10 ways to transform your delivery operations and improve delivery timings for an excellent customer experience.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

10 Simple Ways To Improve Your Delivery Time

1. Set workflows

Setting up professional delivery business workflows can help you increase business efficiency and ensure on-time deliveries.

You can set up standard operating procedures to help your employees work according to the rule book that enhances the quality of business operations. 

Organize the daily delivery operations by setting up priorities for order deliveries. Use professional technology to track the progress and work operations of your workforce.

A professional and systemic logistics and transportation process can help you deliver excellent customer satisfaction and streamline your delivery process.

A quality workflow can help you deliver according to the set ETAs and minimize the chances of failed deliveries.

2. Stick with your commitments

You must ensure that you have the best and most talented employees handling your most important business segment. It can help you deliver the promised deliveries to your clients within the specified time.

Once your employees know the assigned task and clearly understand the outcomes they have to achieve, they can channel their energy and efforts into completing the assigned task.

It can help you comply with the promised delivery dates and ensure that your delivery speed is not hindered because of the chaos in the delivery task completion.

You can hire professional managers to ensure the workforce delivers results per their assigned tasks.

3. Use a dedicated driver app

The on-ground employees better understand the real on-ground situation. Chances are the inefficiencies can be caused due to different on-ground situations like traffic, poor vehicle conditions, and ineffective routing, among other reasons.

A friendly environment can help you be aware of the troubles faced by the drivers and act accordingly to optimize your delivery operations.

You can ask for feedback or suggestion from your delivery drivers that can help you optimize the delivery process and ensure that you can match the customer’s expectations by using a dedicated driver app.

4. Minimize the errors

Focus on minimizing the errors in your over-business operations that can help you increase the efficiency of delivery processes.

Integrate automation that can help you bypass the manual processing errors and ensure that you can achieve the desired delivery results, keeping customers satisfied.

Manage your delivery data and documentation online and instruct your drivers to take online proof of delivery using professional delivery route management software.

Align your delivery resources for on-time delivery and skyrocket your delivery efficiency.

5. Cover the wasted time and space

Make adjustments to your routes that can help you minimize the waste of space and time in your delivery of business resources. You should be flexible in managing the delivery operations during the on-ground processing.

Use professional software to help you swap routes, re-optimize schedules, and keep your team informed about the changes.

Dynamic decision-making and changes can help you revert the problems and delays to match the customers’ expectations.

6. Remove the guesswork 

Minimize the guesswork from your delivery management operations and ensure that you have an organized setup that can help you scale your business operations. Increase the visibility and communication link between your management and on-field workers to help you increase efficiency and achieve desired delivery goals.

Make informed and well-calculated decisions that can assist you in increasing the accuracy of shipping times and achieving a better-desired outcome.

Use a professional order management system to help you set the timeline for smooth order processing and remove the manual guesswork.

7. Sync forward and reverse logistics

You should have a bridge between your forward and reverse logistics using professional inventory management and other powerful delivery management systems. Create a robust internal delivery ecosystem and tracking environment to help you with the deliveries and return orders.

Professional software can help you increase the efficiency of customer service calls and stand out from other distributors and manufacturing companies.

Quality forward and reverse logistics operations can minimize your employee’s pressure if the demand increases.

You can keep customers happy and ensure that late deliveries are ditched.

8. Professional workforce

Using different tactics and updating your delivery operations is possible when you have a skilled and professional workforce who can handle the pressure with finesse.

You must ensure that your workforce is productive and clearly understands their daily work goals that can help you increase business efficiency. It can minimize the delivery time and increase the delivery results.

Train your workforce to utilize different tools and technologies effectively and operate collaboratively. You should ensure that the work environment is great and your best employees are behind the wheels delivering the products.

9. Use the right vehicles and equipment

Based on your demand and business scale, you should have the right equipment and vehicles to fulfill the customers’ demands. If you operate in the heavy supplies delivery business, you must purchase heavy goods vehicles to help you manage the business operations effectively.

Don’t rely on light goods vehicles to carry the heavy equipment. Also, focus on different modern and advanced equipment that can help you improve your existing delivery ecosystem and help you in planning routes for on-time deliveries.

 10. Optimize delivery routes

Route optimization is vital to improving your delivery time. Your drivers can follow the optimized delivery routes to bypass traffic congestion, bad weather, and other delivery delays that can hinder the customer experience.

Integrate a professional route planning and optimization software that can help you automate the route planning process and remove the hurdles of ineffective deliveries.

You can get centralized control over the delivery operations and add multiple delivery addresses within a few clicks. You can dispatch multiple delivery drivers to handle multiple routes by assigning them the desired delivery task.

A professional delivery routing software can streamline the delivery operations and help you remove the manual processing and human errors in your workflow that can cause delivery delays.

But out of multiple route planners available in the industry, it can be overwhelming for you to choose one ideal for your business requirements.

Get Upper Route Planner for Delivery Time Improvement

Upper Route Planner is a leading route optimization and planning software that you can use to improve your delivery timing and remove the inefficiencies from your delivery business.

You can plan routes within minimal time and manage your last-mile delivery operations with finesse. 

The software offers an intuitive and smooth interface that can help your employees adapt to the new integration and help you manage your deliveries even in a busy season.

The software automates delivery planning, optimization, reporting, proof of delivery, and real-time notifications that can help you scale your delivery operations.

Avail the 7-day free trial that can give a brief software experience.

Improvise Delivery Time Using Upper

Manage your delivery schedule on Upper Route Planner and perform deliveries in a timely manner. Cut off your route planning time using a fully automated delivery process.


You can integrate a professional route planning optimization software to enhance your delivery operations and improve the delivery timings and achieve the desired business outcome.

Upper Route Planner is the leading route optimization and planning software that can help you increase your business efficiency at a reasonable price compared to other top route planners in the industry.

The typical delivery timings in the market are the day hours from 10 a.m to 7 p.m when most of the delivery volume is managed and delivered to the customers.

Timely delivery can help you deliver what you promised as an ETA and build a strong relationship and trust with your customers.

Summing Up

On-time deliveries can help you attract new clients and retain old ones. You can outshine your competitors who are struggling to deliver on their promises.

Integrate a professional route planner to improve your delivery timings and avoid delays or delivery failures.

An Upper Route Planner is the one you are looking for. The combination of premium features at highly cost-effective pricing offered by the software is unmatchable.

Try the to experience the transformation in your delivery operations and improve your delivery timings.

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