What is Contactless Delivery? Ultimate Guide in 2024

Since the introduction of the Covid-19 pandemic, contactless delivery has become a major part of our lives and is not going away anytime soon.

Moving on, it would be no surprise if the retail industry continues with a contactless delivery system for doing business. Thus, businesses adopting contactless delivery need to streamline the entire delivery process.

In this article, we will talk about the meaning, significance, and how to execute such a method in your delivery process. Alright, let’s jump straight into it.

What is Contactless Delivery?

Contactless delivery means that once the package has reached its final destination, it is left outside the doorstep of the recipients without making any direct, in-person contact with them. Hence, there would be less chances of contracting the virus.

The customer is notified regarding the successful contactless delivery of the product through a call, text, or email. The contactless delivery solution makes sure that there is no physical contact between the delivery person and consumers, making it safe for both parties involved in the exchange.

Not only do consumers expect contactless deliveries with extreme safety measures but also drivers, too, seek a safe working environment with no exposure to physical contact with anyone on the job. As many local administrations have introduced social distancing guidelines, contactless delivery has been strictly followed by many popular brands and consumers across the world.

How Does Contactless Delivery Work?

If the customer has selected a no contact delivery for their product, then the delivery person will place the delivered item outside the customer’s doorstep. From updating the client to getting the delivery proof, the entire contactless delivery process will be contactless.

As soon as the order is confirmed by the seller, the delivery team will be informed to follow social distancing guidelines throughout the contactless delivery process. At the same time, consumers will be notified about the ongoing delivery process. Once the parcel has arrived at the buyer’s location, payment needs to be done through digital transactions instead of handing over cash.

For instance, let’s say you have ordered a meal from the food delivery app and requested contactless delivery. Once the order is confirmed, you can track the food on your phone. Then, the delivery person will place the food just outside your doorstep to make sure contactless food delivery services.

Why is Contactless Delivery Important?

The concept of offering no contact delivery is not new as we all know how Covid- 19 pandemic insisted on strict contactless deliveries. Therefore, restaurants, grocery stores, and other essential services provide delivery orders ensuring safety and taking extra precautions. 

As people are isolated or working from home for extended periods of time, the demand for groceries and medical supplies to be delivered to their homes is constantly on the rise.

Thus, no wonder why there is a need for no contact delivery is increasing day by day. As a result, small businesses have also started implementing the contactless delivery option.

Here we will take a look at some statistics:

In the previous year, almost 37% of respondents had already been using contactless delivery more than usual. 

According to a survey by Medallia Zingle regarding The Future of Commerce, over 87% of consumers prefer retailers and brands to offer contactless delivery options. 

Takeaways and fast food services witnessed a growth of 8% over the past year.

In order to keep up with the delivery demands, Amazon decided to hire 100,000 people for full-time and part-time positions at their fulfillment center. 

Before Covid-19, the percentage of consumers that visited retailers thrice a week was 78%, which has now dropped to just 34%.

These statistics are proof that this delivery option has now become a default way to deliver orders.

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How to Choose Contactless Delivery Software?

Following the pandemic, social distancing guidelines are going nowhere in the future. It means delivery businesses have no choice except to implement contactless delivery. Similarly, consumers too want a no contact delivery option while placing the order. To perform such deliveries, you will need contactless delivery software for both the customer and the delivery driver.

Below are the things you should look for while choosing the contactless delivery software.

1. No Contact Payments

Using the advanced software, you must enable the online payment option. It is the first thing that customers notice while placing an order. Most online software allow them to choose a preferred payment mode for receiving early payment. 

Technology makes it extremely simple for customers to pay for each order online. Retailers present various contactless payments like debit cards, credit cards, Apple Pay, and PayPal using which customers can make transactions digitally. Digital payments make it easier for both parties involved to facilitate the transaction.

Thus, you need software that has an online payment gateway to transfer funds in real quick time. Also, you can offer an online post-delivery payment option for customers after receiving their parcel.

2. Delivery Notes

It is one of the significant contactless delivery features which is preferred by most online users. Adding delivery instructions before or during the delivery process should be available at the customer end. Or else, if required you should go for advanced routing software which allows you to put a delivery message from the admin side as well.

The reason is that if a customer or admin wants to send important delivery instructions regarding no contact delivery, they drop the comments in the delivery instructions section.

3. Automated Delivery Notifications

You should go for software that allows the customer to read the automated delivery notifications. These features are useful for customers to know if the delivery is on-time or delayed. 

It updates the customer about the contactless delivery process so that they can make themselves available at the time of contactless delivery. Hence, you will need a software where you can customize delivery notifications as per your wish.

4. Capturing Images

In some cases, where customers ask you to deliver the parcel at the doorstep, you need delivery proof which indicates the successful contactless delivery of the package. That’s why delivery software should allow the delivery executive to take pictures after they complete the contactless delivery. 

Some online tools also have a driver app to take the e-signature or capture the photos. Using such an app, the delivery executive can take photos ensuring no contact physical contact with the recipient.

How Do Businesses Execute Successful Contactless Deliveries?

The main reason behind popular businesses executing no contact delivery successfully is they closely follow the below-mentioned points.

1. Ensure your delivery members follow necessary safety measures

Your staff may or may not be trained for contactless delivery services. It is your responsibility to make them understand the need for it. They must be given all the tools & information that can help them be safe while performing their jobs. As an employer, you can boost their skills using technical training and management tools.

2. Allow end-to-end communication between the delivery crew and the customer

No more in-person discussions with the dispatcher or fellow drivers. All the communication, right from dispatching their delivery routes to informing them about any changes, must be done through a mobile app. The same goes for the communication between your delivery driver and customers. 

With the support of technology, urgent communication can be sorted out between the drivers and the customers. Customers can add specific delivery instructions for the drivers. They can receive regular delivery notifications as well.

3. Offer customers a no contact delivery option during the purchase

There should be an effective marketing strategy in place to inform your customers about offering contactless delivery. Communicate to them through various channels. Make them understand why you are doing it and how it will keep them safe. 

More than 35% of customers admitted that education about available options can easily improve customer experience.

4. Use advanced technology to streamline contactless delivery operations

In 2020, China-based startup, Neolix Technologies raised $29 million to ramp up the production of self-driving vehicles. In addition to boosting logistics efficiency, it will also reduce carbon emissions. 

The investments in boosting contactless delivery technology will only grow stronger and change the logistics experience. The use of such advanced technology helps you manage the fleets and stabilize the contactless delivery operations. Hence, you should invest in the best delivery software.

5. Get customer feedback post-delivery service

Once you start offering a no-content delivery option, start collecting feedback from your staff and your customers. This can give you an idea as to whether option of contactless delivery work for you or not. This feedback will provide important insights and help you make informed decisions.

Following the customer feedback, you can make improvements to your contactless delivery operations and trained your delivery members in such a way that they strictly follow the no contact guidelines. This is the best way to uplift your business profit and attract new customers by making customer-friendly deliveries.

6. Collaborate with third-party software to cope with new norms

If your restaurant or store is not functional and no customers are visiting, it will be difficult to keep them updated on what you offer and how you are doing it. The best solution to this is to have a third-party app or a portal where your customers can reach you.

If you have a website or a third-party delivery app, regular customers, as well as new ones, will be able to come to you. Using the app or website, you can send major updates related to your business, products, or marketing to your customers.

7. Send accurate ETA and delivery updates to customers

Having the right set of technological tools will allow you to keep a record of each of your online orders and streamline your supply chain.

In addition to record-keeping, online tools can send the ETA to the recipient until the completion of contactless delivery. It allows you to gain necessary real-time insights into how your delivery process is functioning and whether you need to make any changes to it.

8. Always collect the delivery proof before leaving the delivery location

Whether you are delivering pizza or prescription drugs, you need to provide proof of delivery for each order. How do the drivers prove that they fulfilled all their daily deliveries? It’s quite easy, to use the driver app or auto-generated link to get the digital proof of delivery in the form of notes or photo capture to avoid false claims of package theft.

The digital proof of contactless delivery can be further shared with the dispatcher to confirm the fulfillment of the delivery order. This is another reason why adopting advanced technology can help a business in facilitating the contactless delivery process.

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What is the Next Step to Make Your First Contactless Delivery?

It doesn’t matter if the pandemic is about to end or not, it is obvious that customers will continue demanding no contact delivery. They prefer adding delivery instructions, reading out messages, and getting the parcel delivered to their doorstep. 

Such things can be better done if you sign up on advanced delivery software like Upper Route Planner. It will help you manage the delivery operations just by importing the spreadsheet and generating the route map in less than a minute. 

Plus, it has the above-mentioned features to perform contactless deliveries for the drivers. From alerting the customers and sending delivery instruction to capturing the photos of delivered items, it provides proper contactless delivery. 

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Contactless Delivery FAQ

Without any direct or in-person physical interaction between the customers and the staff, it is easy to keep them both safe from contracting the virus. In recent months, this service trend is the most favorable one for retailers as well as their customers.

Contactless delivery is available as an option to the customers. In this case, the delivery executive leaves the package outside the house, or the customers can go to the store and access their package without coming in contact with a staff member. For this delivery method, online payment options are presented to the customers in advance.

To offer contactless delivery operations to your customers, you will first have to make your customers aware that you are offering such a delivery option.

  1. Establish an online ordering system
  2. Add an option to choose Contactless Delivery
  3. Hire and train your delivery drivers well
  4. Start accepting payments for orders through an online system
  5. Sanitize all utensils, packages, and other tools before and after delivering the orders

Yes, Walmart offers contactless pickup and deliveries for fresh meat, organic ingredients, pantry staples, laundry detergent, paper towels, diapers, and more. Customers can pay online using EBT cards. For delivery, the packages will be left outside the door. For contactless pickup, the staff will load your car in a few minutes.

Are You Ready to Take on This Challenge?

With retail stores, restaurants, and grocery stores not being able to allow customers to enter, people resort to options like curbside pickup and no contact delivery. 

As a business, it can be quite challenging to train your staff, integrate more technology, keep customers safe, and transition into this new model of making deliveries with health and safety measures.

Fortunately, all the help and the information necessary for getting you started is available out there. If you have any questions, you can feel free to reach out to us.

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