Contactless Delivery Software for Modern Businesses to Drive Customer Loyalty

keyKey Takeaways:
  • Contactless delivery software ensures a safe and hygienic delivery experience for your customer.
  • Offering contactless delivery helps you foster customer loyalty and stable business growth in changing times.
  • Proof of delivery, customer notifications, and safe drop-off are some essential features of contactless delivery software.

The post-COVID era has not been fruitful to many businesses, but some of them have managed to excel in the face of challenges. They saw a surge in their delivery orders as most customers preferred placing orders online

So, what they did is started performing customer-friendly service to boost their sales. One of the challenges was to provide contactless delivery, and it was perfectly executed by using contactless delivery software.

Today, adopting contactless delivery software to perform deliveries is a must for delivery businesses as it will save them from pushing out of the competition. So, if you are willing to offer contactless delivery but are struggling to roll it out for customers in your service area, then you need contactless delivery software. By doing so, you not only fulfill customer’s demands but also achieve business profits.

What is Contactless Delivery Software?

Contactless delivery software refers to an assistant who helps your delivery agent hand over the parcel to the customer without any physical contact. Delivery drivers can simply put the parcel at the customer’s doorstep and record proof of delivery using software. This process ensures that the delivered product is virus-free and safe to use. Hence, neither the delivery driver nor the receiver needs to exchange things directly, all thanks to contactless delivery software.

Imagine you have ordered groceries online. The first thing a delivery person will do after arriving at your location is keep the parcel at your doorstep instead of handing it over directly to you. Thereafter, the delivery person can capture a photo of the delivered product using an app or software to mark a successful delivery. 

What are the Benefits of Contactless Delivery Software?

There are many benefits of contactless delivery software that can positively impact your business. Let’s discuss them one by one: 

Customer safety

When you roll out contactless delivery, there are fewer chances of virus infections to customers as well as delivery executives. There would be no physical contact so that customers can receive the parcel safely. Delivery agents can simply collect proof of delivery using software without getting too close. So, when nobody touches the product directly throughout the delivery process, customer safety is well-maintained. Therefore, it is a great way to prevent the spread of germs while delivering the order.


Convenience by contactless delivery software

When your order is on the way to your doorstep, you can see where exactly it has reached, which is where convenience steps in. The contactless delivery software allows customers to track their order status without leaving their comfort zones. Besides, the software also keeps you updated by sending the ETA notifications. This way, you can check the delivery process step by step on your mobile phone. Also, you can ask the delivery person to drop wherever you want. By doing so, you don’t need to wait for so long.

Digital payments

Offering contactless delivery options is an efficient way to boost digital payments. Once your order is received, you don’t need to hand over cash to the delivery agent. Directly make the payment using your mobile phone, just like when you buy things online. All thanks to software that allows you to make payment online for your order. Therefore, you don’t have to exchange money or bring out credit cards to make payments. In short, it’s a super convenient way to make payments for your order. 

Business sustainability

If you are offering a customer-friendly delivery service, then customers are going to stay for a long time. Similarly, the software ensures that customers receive their parcels without any physical contact. So, the software helps you cope with the challenge even when things are changing around. In addition to that, performing contactless delivery services shows how you adopt modern delivery ways quickly. Basically, it’s like supercharging your business while delivering customer satisfaction.

Essential Features to Look for When Selecting Contactless Delivery Software

Below are some features that should be included in contactless delivery software. 

Customer notifications

Software should come with essential features like customer notifications to keep customers in the loop throughout the delivery process. It sends friendly messages to your phone stating how close your order is getting to your home. Enabling customer notifications means you will receive a message on your phone, like “Hey, our driver is on the way; next stop is yours.” It is a prominent feature to have built into your software while performing contactless delivery.  

Safe drop-offs

Delivery software must guide agents to drop off the package without any direct contact. In case of a customer’s unavailability, the delivery agent can let them know about a parcel and keep it at their doorstep. Also, the customer can inform the delivery person where to keep the parcel so that it’s safe whenever they come back. This is how you can stay worry-free about the delivered parcel, and later, you can pick it up. 

Proof of delivery (contactless)

Proof of delivery in contactless delivery software

Proof of delivery is another essential feature of performing no-contact delivery. It doesn’t need any human touch to collect delivery proof. Also, it is quite easy to use, so you don’t need to train your delivery team. As a business owner, you know that the delivery person will arrive at the customer’s location, but how will you make sure the parcel is actually delivered? Simply by using proof of delivery using a mobile phone. Delivery executives present on the spot can request the customer’s signature or take images to mark successful delivery. 

Easy-to-use app

Contactless delivery software should be able to reduce the work of on-field service agents. In other words, there should be a reliable app for navigating routes, collecting delivery proof, and marking delivery status. An easy-to-use app for contactless delivery or pickups means you don’t have to scratch your head or waste extra time trying to figure out how it works. In short, it should be super easy for delivery agents to access, just like playing their favorite game. 

How Upper Helps You Perform No-contact Delivery?

Upper is the route optimization software equipped with all the essential features for performing deliveries faster and more efficiently. Upper has emerged as the go-to software for business owners in providing excellent customer service. Similarly, it can help you deliver the package without any direct contact and in a timely manner.

Using Upper, you don’t have to check the route plan or answer unnecessary phone calls manually. Upper’s automated route planning process will not only minimize your workload but also enhance the user experience. Below are some contactless delivery features offered by Upper. 

Customer notification: 

Upper makes sure your customers get timely delivery updates with instant messages on their mobile phones. They will know how soon the order is getting delivered to their home. Admin users can also customize the text message as per requirements. 

Live driver tracking: 

While many route optimization software don’t provide accurate driver tracking, Upper allows the dispatcher to check the driver’s location anytime in the middle of the delivery process. It is a great way to boost business productivity and make sure customers receive parcels without any physical contact. 

Proof of delivery: 

Upper also has a proof of delivery option for the delivery person. It is another essential feature that can help you deliver the parcel to customers or keep it near their homes safely. This process doesn’t need any physical touch as drivers can get stuff delivered as per customer’s demands. 

Driver app:

Drivers performing multi-stop delivery can rely on a virtual assistant in the form of the ‘Upper for Driver’ app. The app guides the driver to take efficient routes and complete the delivery without any physical touch. Drivers can explore routes, check delivery schedules, and easily get delivery proof using the app.


Yes, the software is so simple to use that you don’t require separate training sessions. For new users, there are learning tutorials available to guide you in planning and optimizing delivery routes. Then, opt for curbside delivery to let your driver drop off the parcel on the right or left side.

There is no such extra cost. You can buy any subscription plan as per your business needs. The driver app will cost you no extra charge, so you can easily use it for route dispatching and collecting proof of delivery.

Yes, you can ask your delivery drivers to download the driver app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. For example, if you are using Upper to perform no-contact deliveries, your drivers can install the ‘Upper for Driver’ app for iOS or Android.

In case you are stuck in the middle of somewhere, you can get in touch with the customer support team for assistance. Upper users can have 24/7 dedicated customer support on chat or call to resolve customers’ queries and help them plan & optimize routes quickly.


One thing is clear: If you’re running a delivery business, you will need contactless delivery software for faster, secure, and efficient deliveries. In the era of evolving customer preferences, offering contactless delivery can prove to be a strategic move that knocks the doors to a sea of opportunities. The software works as a secret weapon that provides flexibility in your business to deliver what modern customers want today.

Here, we understand what will be the major benefits of contactless delivery software. Also, discuss what are the necessary features of the software that you must keep in mind before purchasing. Upper is the software consisting of all essential features to perform efficient delivery. The software not only relieves you from route planning hassles but also boosts your customer retention rate. On that note, why not initiate your period with us?

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