“For the office time and manual time, we’ve saved about 10 hours per week the speed is great, it’s super super fast“


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Route Planning is Not the Only Thing We Do!

Drag and drop feature

Delight your customers by
prioritizing urgent deliveries

Drag and drop feature Want to prioritize stops to carry out urgent deliveries? Select from low, medium, high, or crucial priorities, and plan routes accordingly.

Allocate dedicated service
time to a particular stop

Filter duplicate addresses Not every stop takes the same service time, right? Set service time for each stop considering factors like delivery, loading, unloading, and service time.
Filter duplicate addresses
 Integration with third-party apps

Serve your customers as
per their preferred time

 Integration with third-party apps Avoid making multiple trips to reach your customer’s location with automated route planning. Hence, no more waiting times, driver idling, or missed deliveries.

Plan pickups and deliveries
in a single route

Add custom fields Have to cover pickups and drops in a single route? Adjust your pickups before, after, or in between deliveries and maximize your fuel cost savings.
Add custom fields
Add custom fields

Plan a route directly from
your contacts

Set priority deliveries Experience effortless contact management with import and export functionality. Plan unlimited routes directly from your contact book and avoid the hassles of extracting contacts repeatedly.

Route Planning is Easy-peasy with Upper

Just a few clicks are enough to generate a multi-stop route plan on Upper Route Planner. Let Upper provide optimized routes considering the live traffic, weather condition, and avoidance zones within seconds.

Grab Extra Benefits of Fully Automated Route Planning Process

Planning routes using Upper not only reduces manual dependencies but
also improves efficiency levels no matter how many deliveries you have.

Pulls down operational costs

Pulls down
operational costs

  • Lets your driver reach location using the shortest routes
  • Allows dispatch managers to perform better with small-size teams
  • It makes sure you have the least cost per delivery
Ensures no potential errors

Ensures no
potential errors

  • Has no room for possible human errors
  • Relieves you from regenerating route plan
  • Prepares entire route plan
    in one go
Lower vehicle costs

Lower vehicle

  • Directs drivers to efficient
  • Keeps vehicle fuel costs under control
  • Reduces vehicle maintenance
Additional stops up to 500

Additional stops
up to 500

  • Lets you import files for adding extra stops
  • Capable of finding best routes with multiple stops
  • Creates routes including multiple stops in seconds
Minimizes planning time

planning time

  • Allows you to plan routes without any paperwork
  • Gets you cost-effective routes considering on-road obstacles
  • Makes multi-stop route plan ready in the blink of an eye
No unnecessary stops

No unnecessary

  • Leaves no chance of stopping unnecessarily on the road
  • Helps you get rid of frequent call-ups
  • Allows you to manage driver’s break time

Disperse Your Routing Chaos
Once and for All

Be it a scheduled delivery plan or multi-stop delivery at the very last moment, Upper takes mere seconds to find efficient routes.

Add multiple stops easily with import feature
Frequently Asked Questions

Curious how Upper Route Planner can add value to your business?
Here are some commonly asked questions

  • How to create a custom route plan?

    Creating a custom route plan is a simple process no matter how many additional stops you have. Here’s how you generate routes on the Upper Route Planner.

    Step 1:Login to Upper Route Planner

    Step 2:Enter “Route Plans” tab

    Step 3:Click on the button “Create Route Plan”

    Step 4:Then, import the excel or CSV file

  • Can I optimize the entire route plan?

    Yes, Upper uses a sophisticated algorithm which is capable of finding the best routes within seconds. So, you can optimize the route plan whenever you want, even after editing or deleting the stops.

  • How can I share the route with my drivers?

    Once you are ready with the optimized routes, the admin user can share the URL link via text or email. Or else, ask your drivers to download the ‘Upper for Driver’ app to explore the route plan on their mobile phone.