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The evolution of delivery route planning software has revolutionized the whole delivery industry. Businesses started automizing their route planning process to get rid of unnecessary manual calculations and follow-ups.

This was all possible because of route optimization software that reduces your time in planning last mile delivery routes. LogiNext Mile is a widely used delivery route optimization software that helps delivery businesses and logistics companies ease their route planning and optimization process.

LogiNext Mile is one such software that gets you faster routes to complete time-sensitive deliveries. It considers multiple factors like driver’s working hours, vehicle capacity, traffic flows, and geographic preferences while optimizing routes. But, on the negative side, finding the most efficient routes can’t be easy; you may find inconsistency reported by many users.

There are multiple issues that LogiNext Mile needs to fix for its users. Or else, if it continues to throw the same errors, You will obviously not expect the same business growth. Thus, you must switch to better route optimization software to meet your business demands.

Why Consider Alternatives to LogiNext Mile?

Being an advanced route planning and optimization software, LogiNext Mile fails to tick all the boxes right. It does not fully understand the business requirements and falls short of many essential features. The software doesn’t get frequent updates and lacks consistency, resulting in system failure. If you continue using LogiNext Mile for months, you might be far away from achieving the organizational goals.

Here are some major reasons why you need to look beyond LogiNext Mile.

Now you know why you need reliable route optimization software. If LogiNext Mile doesn’t meet business requirements for route planning, then you must look for better software. Here, we have listed LogiNext Mile alternatives to choose the better option for your business requirements.

Top 8 LogiNext Mile Alternatives, Competitors & Similar Software

1. Upper

Upper’s route planning and optimization software is the ideal alternative to LogiNext Mile as this route optimization software comes with an array of features that can help you level up the delivery efficiency. Upper aims to leverage business efficiency by simplifying the route management and dispatch process. Admin users can edit routes during the ongoing delivery process, which is still not possible with LogiNext. Moreover, Upper has a simple user interface, so it’s so easy to use, allowing your non-tech-savvy people to use the entire software without any hassle. Also, you can easily swap routes in case your driver is not available to perform deliveries. This means you don’t need to take follow-ups or waste time looking for another driver. The software will assign the delivery task to other available drivers, considering factors like the number of stops, breaks, and shift timings.
Make route planning and optimization
Simplify Route Planning and Optimize Delivery Efficiency with Upper
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Upper Compared to LogiNext Mile:

Advanced Route Optimization:

Upper has the most advanced routing algorithm to find efficient routes for your multi-stop deliveries quickly. It considers many factors, such as weather, road closures, driver availability, and traffic flow, while optimizing routes. Similarly, LogiNext Mile also offers route planning features, but you don’t always get the shortest routes to achieve delivery deadlines.

Driver’s App:

Upper empowers your team of drivers with its dedicated app that provides on-road assistance during the delivery process. Drivers get updates about delivery stops, parcel information, and customer location directly on their phones. On the other hand, LogiNext Mile needs major updates to fix the inconsistency issue in the driver app.

24/7 Customer Support:

Upper has a clear edge when it is compared to LogiNext Mile in terms of customer support. That is well said because Upper’s customer support team is happy to assist its users 24/7. You get instant replies via email or chat in case you get stuck in the middle of somewhere.
Pricing comparison between LogiNext mile and Upper:

Basic Plan

Up to 3 users No discount offered Route optimization with limited stops

Essential Plan

Up to 3 users (20% off on annual billing) Advanced route optimization for unlimited routes
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No credit card is required

Detailed feature comparison between LogiNext Mile and Upper:

Feature loginext LogiNext Mile UpperUpper
Route Optimization right right
Time Windows wrong right
Add Vehicle wrong right
Curbside Delivery wrong right
Driver’s App right right
Export to Garmin wrong right
One-Click Dispatch wrong right
Detailed Reports right right
Select Vehicle Type wrong right
Reassigning Routes wrong right
Swap Routes wrong right
Export Routes right right
No credit card required

Main features offered by Upper

  • Plan and optimize routes considering various factors to perform deliveries hassle-free.
  • Schedule delivery routes in advance for weeks or months to avoid last-minute mix-ups.
  • Share optimized routes directly to drivers using a one-click dispatch and let Upper notify them.
  • Swap routes with another driver if the assigned driver is not present on the delivery day.
  • Deliver products to customer’s locations timely by setting up delivery time windows.
  • Send ETA notifications to your customers so that they make themselves available at the location.
  • Check whether your driver is on the right path or not using real-time driver tracking.
  • Get detailed summary reports with accurate data to find the scope of improvements.

What People Say About Upper

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Saved 10 hours per week & delivering 3x more meals with Upper Route Planner. It’s easy to take proof of delivery, the speed is great, it’s super super fast!Quote


Ben Parker,

Delivery Manager of Flavors2Go
Ben parker
Route planned
Struggling to Meet Delivery Deadlines? Supercharge Your Routes with Upper
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2. Bringg



Bringg is another alternative software to LogiNext Mile, as it not only helps you perform delivery service but also manages the supply chain process. It has a real-time tracker for first as well as last-mile deliveries so that you get a bird’s eye view of the ongoing delivery process. It ensures you stay connected with your on-field service team and get the job done on time. Bringg users can simply schedule routes for months or weeks no matter how many delivery orders they get. Also, you can check summary reports with real data analytics to narrow down the successful deliveries. Overall, it is a good option to consider for delivery management software if you are not satisfied with LogiNext Mile. Main features of Bringg:
  • Real-time tracking across first, middle, and last miles
  • Fleet and driver management for better efficiency
  • Advance scheduling for multi-stop deliveries
  • Real-data analytics for enhanced performance
  • Integrations to CRM software with open API
  • Return option for both pickups and deliveries

Bringg Compared to LogiNext Mile:

Bringg, a delivery management software, outperforms LogiNext Mile with a self-scheduling feature. This is a boon for those delivery managers working in logistics and transportation companies. While LogiNext Mile doesn’t provide such options, it is better to consider its alternative in the form of Bringg. As a result, you don’t have frequent call-ups with your drivers and boost the company’s FTFR (First Time Fix Rate). Also, it is easy to reschedule deliveries on Bringg in comparison to LogiNext Mile. You can even meet your customer’s changing demands as Bringg has an in-built AI-powered algorithm to tackle routing needs. Hence, there would be no delays once your driver is out for delivery. Simultaneously, your delivery deadlines may not remain unachieved. Price: In terms of pricing, Bringg has not publicly disclosed its subscription plans. You need to get in touch with the sales team if you are willing to try the software.

3. Tookan



Businesses having large multiple projects can adopt Tookan in the form of a LogiNext Mile alternative. It is a delivery route optimization software that lets your drivers take efficient routes and arrive at the customer’s location on time. This automated process saves you time as you don’t need to do manual things, and can increase efficiency as well. Once you are ready with the optimized routes, all you need to do is dispatch them. In the dispatch process, the software will send pre-planned routes directly to the service app and, at the same time, notify the driver. Therefore, you don’t need to engage in phone calls often and can focus on business strategy planning. Main features of Tookan:
  • Advanced route optimization for on-time deliveries
  • Real-time monitoring for better fleet management
  • Customer feedback form to rate delivery service
  • Auto dispatch option to assign delivery tasks
  • Dedicated service app for on-field agents
  • Barcode scanning for order verification

Tookan Compared to LogiNext Mile:

Firstly, Tookan is preferred by business owners with a large size delivery team, while LogiNext Mile is usually opted by small or local businesses. Tookan is a delivery management solution to scale your business. The same can’t be said for LogiNext, as it aims to plan and schedule optimized routes. In addition to that, you will find the dispatch process a bit complex on LogiNext Mile in comparison to Tookan. This is because Tookan has an auto-dispatching feature that is not available for LogiNext Mile Users. You need to ask for a demo on LogiNext, but you can quickly start a free trial if you are using Tookan. Price: Tookan has rolled out four pricing plans as of now. The starting price of the basic plan is $99 per month and goes up to $499 per month for the premium plan. Either you can bill annually or monthly, depending on your business requirements.

4. MyRouteOnline



MyRouteOnline is a route optimization software generally used for multi-stop deliveries. You can add multiple stops up to 1000 to your route plan and get the most efficient routes within a few minutes. The planned routes can be saved for future use as well. Businesses that deal with less delivery orders or deliver in local areas can make the most of MyRouteOnline. Dispatchers can ensure whether the driver is on the right track or not using real-time live tracking. This gives a clear picture of the delivery process, and the same can be updated on the customer’s end. It provides transparency and also increases the overall productivity of your team. MyRouteOnline has the potential to streamline your business operations. Main features of MyRouteOnline:
  • Route optimization for multi-stop deliveries
  • Import your multiple addresses via Excel or CSV file
  • Option to set time windows for deliveries
  • Track your drivers during the delivery process
  • Easy integration feature with third-party apps
  • Save your planned routes for future purposes

MyRouteOnline Compared to LogiNext Mile:

MyRouteOnline is capable of delivering reliable routing solutions for your on-field team, whereas LogiNext Mile only gets you efficient routes to perform timely deliveries. Secondly, you don’t get consistency issues with the MyRoute app, which is still a problem with the LogiNext Mile app. MyRouteOnline has the edge over LogiNext Mile in terms of usability. It offers a full refund within 7 days if the user is not satisfied with the route planning process. Notably, there are no such things available on LogiNext Mile. Hence, MyRouteOnline stays on top when it comes to comparison between these two software. Price: MyRouteOnline pricing plans are divided into 5 options. The starting price of MyRouteOnline comes with a minimal cost of $24 and a maximum cost of $799, which has limited access along with 50 address credits. It is an expensive alternative that outshines LogiNext Mile with some extra features.
Ready to Take Your Daily Route Operations Game to Next Level? No credit card required

5. OptimoRoute



OptimoRoute offers advanced route planning solutions to get rid of paperwork, manual dependency, and phone calls. As an admin user, you can simply import multiple stops and plan the fastest routes. This automated route planning process saves you time as well as minimizes your operational costs. OptimoRoute, as an alternative software to LogiNext Mile, stays up to the user’s expectations. You can edit routes on the go and also carry out last-minute changes in your route plan. Once you dispatch routes, you can track orders in real time to make sure they get delivered to the right customer. Later, it automatically asks for customer feedback following the product delivery. Main features of OptimoRoute:
  • Automated route planning & optimization
  • Live driver tracking available with accurate ETAs
  • Delivery analytics for performance improvement
  • Option to plan multi-day long-haul routes
  • Export planned routes to Excel or Garmin
  • Mobile app for drivers for route navigation

OptimoRoute Compared to LogiNext Mile:

OptimoRoute has a great user interface and accessibility that doesn’t require any extra training sessions for dispatchers. On the Other hand, LogiNext Mile is a bit complicated to use. New users may have difficulty planning and optimizing routes on LogiNext Mile. Also, OptimoRoute offers a reliable driver app that can be easy to use for individuals of all ages. Other than that, LogiNext Mile customer support is not so responsive. On the contrary, OptimoRoute has a large team of customer support that quickly resolves client’s queries. Thus, OptimoRoute is a better option to choose over LogiNext. Price: OptimoRoute comes in three different plans, including custom plans for businesses that have unique requirements. The base plan will cost you $39 per month, but in return, you won’t get full access to its features pack. For additional features, you need to buy expensive plans.

6. SimpliRoute



SimpliRoute is the most advanced route optimization software to plan optimized routes with the help of cutting-edge technology. Not only does it help you with route planning, but it also simplifies the dispatching process for delivery managers. Dispatchers or managers can assign one task to multiple drivers in case of priority deliveries. SimpliRoute serves the eCommerce, retail, logistics, and transportation industries. Moreover, it has an easy-to-use driver app to record delivery proof from the customer’s location. It has a great customer support team to handle your queries. But, pricing plans are affordable if you are running a small business or are new to the industry Main features of SimpliRoute:
  • AI-powered advanced algorithms for route planning
  • Customization option for multi-stop deliveries
  • Real-time updates of the delivery process
  • Take proof of delivery on successful visits
  • Custom reports generation
  • Email notifications to customers

SimpliRoute Compared to LogiNext Mile:

The biggest difference between SimpliRoute and LogiNext Mile is the automated route planning process. SimpliRoute has gained the advantage as far as route planning is concerned, as it uses an AI-powered algorithm. So, it is capable of finding the shortest routes in a fraction of a second, considering all the necessary factors. Speaking about LogiNext Mile, you don’t get AI technology while route planning and optimization. This means there are higher chances of manual checkups even after route optimization. The pro version of SimpliRoute sends customer notifications on SMS and WhatsApp. On the other hand, LogiNext Mile only allows SMS notifications for customer updates. Price: SimpliRoute has three different plans, from which the basic plan will cost you $40 per vehicle monthly. If you have more than 5 vehicles, you need to pay $240 per month for the pro version. You can choose the plan as per your business needs.

7. WorkWave Route Manager



WorkWave Route Managerhas an array of features to plan and optimize routes in less than a minute. It reduces dispatchers’ work by them free from manual route planning. Delivery managers can easily schedule routes in advance to avoid last-minute route planning. Once the route plan is ready, you can dispatch it to the driver’s app. Therefore, you don’t need to follow up with drivers and quickly start the delivery process. Besides route planning, it has in-built large fleet tracking so that you don’t stay in the dark about vehicles and drivers. During the process, you can even send delivery instructions to the drivers. Also, it allows sending customer notifications to let the clients know about delivery status. Delivery agents can use mobile apps to capture proof of delivery as well. Main features of WorkWave Route Manager:
  • Route scheduling for multiple delivery orders
  • Integration capabilities with third-party apps
  • Easy route dispatching to the driver
  • Provide real-time delivery tracking
  • Enhanced mobile app for route navigation
  • Customer notifications for timely updates

WorkWave Route Manager Compared to LogiNext Mile:

WorkWave Route Manager focuses on providing end-to-end delivery management. It has enabled event tracking for a better user experience and keeps customers informed about the order status. Whereas LogiNext Mile only has a live driver tracking feature, which helps the delivery manager to track the driver’s location. WorkWave Route Manager has an integration option, such as Zapier direct integration, to transfer the data and plan routes easily. Drivers can also call customers privately from their mobile apps. In such cases, LogiNext Mile clearly fails to meet the business requirements. Price: WorkWave RouteManager pricing is as low as $54 per month per vehicle for the basic plan. It covers all essential features for route planning and optimization. In case your business needs more expensive plans, then you need to contact their support team.

8. Shipday



Shipday solves route planning and optimization hassles for dispatchers with its advanced feature set. It has a simple user interface so that users won’t spend much time understanding how it works. It provides smart automation as well as advanced auto-dispatch (only in the premium plan). While you don’t get customized reports in many ordinary route optimization software, Shipday has an option for custom reports for businesses performing thousands of deliveries. The software comes with multi-user access, which means you can simultaneously work with your team. Shipday also helps businesses get reviews from their clients on Google. Plus, it provides customer support on a chat or call on a priority basis. Main features of Shipday:
  • Route optimization for faster deliveries
  • Real-time tracking for your delivery orders
  • Send SMS notifications to keep clients informed
  • Driver app for quick routes dispatch
  • Collect delivery proof as photos or signature
  • Priority support for new and old customers

Shipday Compared to LogiNext Mile:

In comparison to LogiNext, Shipday offers more expensive plans, but it could help your business grow. Being a route optimization software, LogiNext Mile only keeps aside route planning hassles and does not help you achieve business goals. Moreover, auto-dispatching and custom reports are features that LogiNext Mile completely misses out on. Moreover, Shipday offers a free trial without asking for your credit card details. On the contrary, LogiNext Mile does have a free trial, you need to get in touch with the support team to get a demo. In short, you get all LogiNext Mile features along with some extra features in Shipday. Price: In terms of pricing, Shipday has four different plans for small or large size businesses. The basic plan, starter, is free to use for a limited period of time. Whereas its premium plan, Business Advanced, will cost you $299 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What factors should I consider before buying alternative software?
    Route planning capabilities, ease of use, pricing structure, integration, and data security are factors that one must consider before purchasing any of these alternative software. This way, you can match the business requirements that will help you make the right decision.
  • What are the cost-effective alternative options to LogiNext Mile?
    Upper is the affordable route optimization software that comes with the industry’s best subscription plans for small or midsize delivery businesses. It currently has three pricing plans based on 3 or 5 users monthly or yearly. While purchasing, you get a 20% discount if billed annually.
  • Which alternative software provides excellent customer support?
    Upper gives you round-the-clock support for any queries so that you can quickly find optimized routes and wrap up the delivery schedule early. You can reach the customer support team by email or phone, and they will reply to you promptly.
  • Is it possible to send customer notifications using Upper?
    Yes, Upper helps you send timely delivery updates to customers so that they can make themselves available at the time of parcel delivery. Also, you don’t have to answer phone calls and inform the driver’s ETA. It saves a lot of time when you have hundreds or thousands of orders.
  • Does Upper have an API integration feature?
    Yes, you can integrate Upper with your existing system or any third-party apps with an API key. This process helps you retrieve delivery details instantly, and you can quickly proceed to generate the optimized route plan.
  • How much time will I need to understand the alternative software?
    Not much. When you utilize software like Upper, you get a simple interface where you can easily manage the routes and users. This process doesn’t require extra time as it is simple to adopt in your daily process.


Now you get a clear picture of why LogiNext Mile is not right for your delivery business. We explored some alternatives that can assist you in tackling routing chaos and making your business grow. Whichever software you choose, don’t forget to check ease of use, routing capabilities, driver app, and integration features before making a purchase. As far as LogiNext Mile alternatives are concerned, Upper is the worthy alternative that can reduce your workload and set you free from frequent call-ups. The void left by LogiNext Mile failing in terms of business growth and productivity is filled up with Upper’s key features. Thus, there is no doubt why it stands clearly above all when it is compared to other route optimization software. You can begin your journey to transform your delivery business with Upper’s .
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