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MyRouteOnline has been a popular choice for many businesses when it comes to feature-packed route planning software.

Despite MyRouteOnline’s exclusive features and advantages for small businesses, many users are looking for MyRouteOnline alternatives to make the best choice and get the best software. Considering users’ demand, herein we have listed the top alternatives to MyRouteOnline.

In this blog, we will discuss some viable software alternatives along with their features, prices, pros, and cons. So, let’s have a look at the listed software and examine other routing options that may be ideal for your company’s needs.

Why Consider Alternatives to MyRouteOnline?

While it is indeed possible to get optimized local delivery routes from MyRouteOnline, there are many reasons why users might want to consider looking for suitable alternatives.

These are the most common reasons why users look for MyRouteOnline alternatives:

Seeing how features like proof of delivery and live driver tracking are blatantly missing on MyRouteOnline, it is no wonder why customers would think of migrating to a different platform. Putting the lack of features aside, the pricing of MyRouteOnline is also very confusing.

MyRouteOnline charges you based on the number of address credits you purchase which can quickly be very frustrating to calculate and also expensive if you have a lot of addresses. To help you find a better routing option for yourself, we have compiled this list of 11 alternative software solutions that are well-known in the market.

Top 11 MyRouteOnline Alternatives & Competitors to Consider

1. Upper


One route planning software solution that gives you the best value for money and some top-of-the-line features is undoubtedly Upper. Everything from highly accurate routing to Excel import is available on Upper, making it an absolute delight for any user.

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Upper Compared to MyRouteOnline:

Live driver tracking: You can track the real-time location of all of your users on Upper, which helps you keep track of their progress at all times. This helps you understand how each and every driver in your team is performing on the ground.

Proof of delivery: When using Upper, the abilities of users are extended by a lot as they are able to capture proof of delivery. These options include driver notes, photographic proof of delivery, and e-signatures for peak convenience.

Reports and analytics: To improve your operations further in any way, you need accurate and reliable data about your operations on your side. This is why Upper gives you reports and analytics that give you immense insight into the efficiency of operations.

Pricing comparison between MyRouteOnline and Upper:

Basic Plan


No discount offered

3 users included

50 address credits only


Essential Plan


20% off on annual billing

3 users included

250 addresses

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Detailed feature comparison between MyRouteOnline and Upper:

Feature myrouteonline MyrouteOnline UpperUpper
Route Optimization right right
One-click Dispatch wrong right
Time Windows right right
Live Driver Tracking wrong right
Parcel Information wrong right
Proof of Delivery wrong right
Excel Import right right
Color-coded Stop Priority wrong right
Driver App right right
Customer Notifications wrong right
API Integration right right
No credit card required

Other important features of Upper that you should not miss out:

  • Easy import of multiple addresses via different methods. Either import the CSV, Excel file format or manually enter the customized stop details and create routes in minutes.
  • Allows you to set the route optimization priority by distance or by time
  • Ability to set time windows for all deliveries to meet customer requirements
  • Option to add custom fields for storing and displaying additional information related to each stop or address.
  • Instant modifications to route plan using reverse route, swap route, and more
  • Accurate ETA notifications are automatically sent to customers to keep them informed
  • Easily dispatch all the planned routes to users with just one click
  • Detailed route plan summaries or customized reports can be generated for comprehensive analysis and record-keeping purposes.
  • Users can choose from multiple map systems, such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze
  • Scheduling the routes can be done a month in advance, regulating the frequency and order of deliveries based on predefined criteria.

What People Say About Upper

Ben parker

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Ben Parker,

Delivery Manager of Flavors2Go
Ben parker
Route planned
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2. RouteXL



RouteXL is an affordable route planning solution that helps you make your delivery routes more efficient and faster. And if you have less than 20 stops to plan per route, you could potentially do away with the RouteXL 20 plan, which is completely free to use.

Of course, with the paid plans, you get some added benefits, such as premium geocoding and more stops per route. On RouteXL, you can quickly plan routes with their spreadsheet import feature that allows you to import Excel or CSV files into your route plan as addresses.

The key features of RouteXL are:

  • Route Optimization
  • Import Spreadsheets
  • Route Sharing and Export
  • Order Time Windows
  • API Integration
  • Route Archiving

RouteXL Compared to MyRouteOnline

RouteXL is very simple when compared to MyRouteOnline, as it does not have a lot of features to offer. This, of course, limits its usability and makes customers wonder if the paid plans are even worth the price due to their relatively meager utility.

Also, the user interface of RouteXL is comparatively harder to navigate as its color scheme is very disorienting. The biggest advantage RouteXL has over MyRouteOnline is undoubtedly its price, which is one of the lowest in its segment.

Price: It is clear that pricing is the strong suit of RouteXL when compared to MyRouteOnline. Alongside the free RouteXL 20 plan, they also offer daily subscriptions for RouteXL 100 and RouteXL 200, making it the most economical option for temporary routing needs.

3. Track-POD



Track-POD is best known for its ability to craft routes with a lot of stops for enterprise use cases. In case you are looking for a route planning solution that also doubles as a rudimentary fleet management system, then Track-POD might be the best option for you.

Track-POD is also used as a fleet management software solution because it allows you to perform regular fleet inspections by letting drivers capture images of their vehicle parts. This feature helps you ensure that all your vehicles are safe to go back on the road after every trip.

The key features of Track-POD are

  • Route Optimization
  • Scheduling
  • Instant Dispatching
  • CRM Integration
  • Leads
  • Reminders

Track-POD Compared to MyRouteOnline

Upon comparison, it is safe to say that Track-POD is leaps and bounds ahead of MyRouteOnline when it comes to making delivery operations better. The features that are offered by Track-POD are very rarely surpassed by competing software solutions.

The facilitation of two-way staff communication and advanced proof of delivery options is what makes Track-POD so powerful in this segment. But all of these additional functionalities come at a hefty price tag which makes Track-POD out of reach for smaller businesses.

Price: Track-POD offers billing by both vehicle count and order count, which offers the end-user greater flexibility when purchasing the software solution. When billed by the number of orders, Track-POD’s S plan starts at $285 for 1500 tasks.

4. RoadWarrior



RoadWarrior is a very simple routing solution that is widely used by individual drivers and smaller businesses. It has seen widespread use among individual drivers mainly because of its mobile-centric approach and integrations with shipping companies.

Despite its capabilities as a route planner for larger teams, the biggest limitation of RoadWarrior is its 200 stops per route limit.

The key features of RoadWarrior are:

  • Route Optimization
  • Scheduling
  • Instant Dispatching
  • CRM Integration
  • Leads
  • Reminders

RoadWarrior Compared to MyRouteOnline

When you compare RoadWarrior to MyRouteOnline, you will find RoadWarrior to be a bit lacking in terms of features. However, the pricing of RoadWarrior is still lower than MyRouteOnline, which makes the lack of features justified for some users.

For individual drivers that work for FedEx and Ontrac, RoadWarrior is a great option due to its low price and integration with shipping companies.

Price: As previously stated, the pricing of RoadWarrior is lower than MyRouteOnline; however, this can be attributed to the different pricing structures and the lack of features on RoadWarrior. These differing pricing structures make the comparison a lot harder.

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5. Circuit



The Circuit Route Planner is an advanced solution to fixing last-mile delivery issues. To help businesses make their operations more efficient and accurate, Circuit offers a wide range of features. These features include live driver tracking and customer notifications.

You can also plan routes to meet your requirements by entering your time windows and service durations. These enhanced routing capabilities allow you to easily accommodate your customer’s needs without any manual work or stress.

The key features of Circuit are:

  • Route Optimization
  • Customer ETA Notifications
  • Live Driver Tracking
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Time Windows
  • Multi-Depot Routing

Circuit Route Planner compared to MyRouteOnline

The Circuit Route Planner offers a lot of functionalities that are simply missing when you use MyRouteOnline, which is why it is often regarded as the superior routing solution. However, these extra functionalities come at an extra price that initially makes Circuit more expensive.

Regardless, there is no doubt in the fact that Circuit is much more capable of improving last-mile delivery operations because of its set of features. Unlike MyRouteOnline, you also get detailed reports of your operations when using the Circuit Route Planner.

Price: At first, the pricing of the Circuit Route Planner may seem expensive, but that is simply because of the different pricing structures. Many soon come to the realization that MyRouteOnline will be more expensive if you have a lot of stops to cover in your route plans.




PC*MILER is a cloud-based trucking software that helps with getting the fastest transportation routes for longer hauls. What makes PC*MILER special is the fact that it has the most detailed data on road restrictions in the United States. This allows PC*MILER to understand the dimensions of your trucks and plan routes that can easily accommodate all of your trucks without any problems. These enhanced routing parameters can be very useful to fleets that use semi-trucks with large trailers.

The key features of PC*MILER are:

  • Dimension-Based Routing
  • Live Driver Tracking
  • Real-time Traffic Data
  • Fuel Cost Calculations
  • Hardware Integrations
  • Detailed Reports

PC*MILER compared to MyRouteOnline

PC*MILER is very clearly built for a different user base when compared to MyRouteOnline, as highlighted by their vastly different features. With both of these software solutions optimizing routes for you, PC*MILER is geared more toward freight truck drivers that perform longer hauls.

PC*MILER can also readily integrate itself with all of your transportation management systems (TMS), allowing for easy data transfers and sync. Overall if you need a more fleet management-centric routing solution, then PC*MILER would be a better choice.

Pricing: Since PC*MILER does not make its pricing plans public and instead offers custom quotes, it is difficult to compare it against MyRouteOnline. Though according to previous and existing customers, PC*MILER is usually quite expensive.

7. Tookan



Over the years, Tookan has proven itself to be a capable routing and scheduling software that can handle large and complex workloads. It offers a variety of features and capabilities, including order assignment, tracking, and analytics, to effectively manage the delivery process.

Tookan also allows you to track the actions of all crew, including transactions and travel times to ensure efficient operations. It is often the case that delivery businesses get much better visibility on operations and can manage them more easily when using Tookan.

The key features of Tookan are:

  • Route Optimization
  • Delivery Tracking
  • Agent Wallets
  • Dispatch Management
  • Analytics
  • Customer Notifications

Tookan compared to MyRouteOnline

It is evident that Tookan, with its advanced features, is much better suited for managing delivery operations when compared to MyRouteOnline. But again, like with other route planners, Tookan is much more expensive than MyRouteOnline.

Some functionalities like customer notifications and live tracking are not easy to implement, which is why they cost a premium on most routing software solutions. With Tookan, you get what you pay for, which is why those that need the advanced features from Tookan will purchase it regardless of the price.

Price: Since Tookan charges you based on the number of tasks instead of addresses or drivers, its cost can add up rapidly and turn out to be very expensive. This certainly is not a problem for larger businesses, but it may not be the best for smaller businesses.

8. Apple Maps



Apple Maps is one of the few navigation apps that boasts a decent stop capacity of 26 stops for your routes. This higher stop capacity, paired with the fact that Apple Maps comes preinstalled on Apple devices, makes it one of the most accessible routing options out there.

While it does not come with any particular features that enhance transportation operations, Apple Maps can do the trick if you are just looking to plan a route with less than 26 stops.

The key features of Apple Maps are:

  • Route Planning
  • Navigation
  • Indoor Maps
  • User-made Guides
  • Integration with Siri
  • Real-time traffic alerts

Apple Maps Compared to MyRouteOnline

There is nothing that makes Apple Maps stand out when compared to MyRouteOnline, as it is a simple, free navigation app that comes preinstalled on Apple devices. However, its accessibility is definitely unparalleled if you are just looking to plan short routes.

Unlike Apple Maps, MyRouteOnline comes with features that help you improve your vehicle and asset operations to be more cost-effective and faster. It also does not have any advanced features such as proof of delivery or time windows that help with customer satisfaction.

Price: When it comes to pricing, there is no competition as Apple Maps is completely free to use and allows you to add a respectable number of stops. Though by paying extra for other routing solutions, you get a lot of features that help you refine your operations greatly.

9. Route4Me



Route4Me is known for being one of the most well-known route optimization apps for medium-sized delivery businesses. The good thing about Route4Me is that all of their plans have a minimum of 10 driver seats, making it optimal for medium-sized businesses.

But this does make it unsuitable for businesses that have less than 10 drivers as it basically forces you to pay extra for what you do not need.

The key features of Route4Me are: The key features of Route4Me are:

  • Route Optimization
  • Customer Notifications
  • Driver Tracking
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Time Windows
  • Multi-Depot Routing

Route4Me Compared to MyRouteOnline

If you compare Route4Me and MyRouteOnline, Route4Me will often emerge as the clear winner for managing everyday routing operations. While its reliability and support are often under question, its features are definitely better than that of MyRouteOnline.

Features like live tracking and multi-depot routing are indeed very good to have if you are running operations on a larger scale. Unlike MyRouteOnline, you also get unlimited address credits on Route4Me which makes the pricing system a lot more streamlined.

Price: As previously mentioned, Route4Me forces you to buy plans that include 10 drivers regardless of how many drivers you have on your team. So if you have a modest number of drivers, Route4Me could be very expensive to purchase for your operations.

10. Onfleet



Onfleet has a reputation for being one of the best delivery management software solutions on the market, as it allows for rapid routing and dispatching. Alongside sophisticated routing abilities, it also strengthens your communications with the crew with its inbuilt chat window.

With Onfleet, you can also give your customers live notifications with ETAs at different stages of your delivery and service operations. Such expansive features are bound to give businesses an edge over the competition due to the impact they have on delivery performance.

The key features of Onfleet are:

  • Inbuilt driver chat window
  • Enterprise scale routing
  • Customer ETA notifications
  • Proof of delivery
  • Auto-assign tasks
  • Detailed reports

Onfleet Compared to MyRouteOnline

The majority of route planners pale in comparison to Onfleets vast array of features that help businesses take their operations to the next level. MyRouteOnline is no different, as it simply cannot match the offerings of Onfleet when it comes to features.

Larger businesses that need enterprise-grade routing abilities are more likely to opt for Onfleet, given how it can handle larger capacity operations with ease. The user interface of Onfleet is also much more advanced and gives managers greater visibility of operations.

Price: While the capabilities offered by Onfleet are impressive, it is considerably more expensive than that of MyRouteOnline. Unlike most solutions, Onfleet does not charge you based on the number of drivers but instead on the number of stops.

11. WorkWave Route Manager



The WorkWave Route Manager is a very trusted routing software in the industry, as it helps companies refine their delivery operations. Alongside their route manager, WorkWave also offers their hardware ELD solutions which help with regulatory compliance.

While they target their products toward field sales officials in general, their primary focus seems to be on pest control and lawn care. This is further proven by their dedicated software solutions for the lawn care and pest control industry.

The key features of WorkWave are:

  • Route Planning
  • ELD Solutions
  • Time Windows
  • GPS Tracking
  • Reports and Analytics
  • SMS Customer Notifications

WorkWave Route Manager Compared to MyRouteOnline

Many features on the WorkWave Route Manager, such as reports and live driver tracking, are either completely missing or come at a premium on MyRouteOnline. Users with WorkWave ELD systems will, of course, move to the Route Manager over other route planning software.

Creating delivery routes with time windows is also a big advantage for operations that require you to adhere to customer requirements. The absence of such features on MyRouteOnline is why users usually prefer to go with the WorkWave Route Manager for their business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does MyRouteOnline work?

    MyRouteOnline works by taking a list of addresses or destinations provided by the user and calculating the most optimal route based on various factors such as distance, traffic, and time windows. It then generates a route plan and provides detailed directions to each stop.

  • Is MyRouteOnline suitable for small businesses?

    Yes, MyRouteOnline caters to businesses of all sizes, including small businesses. Whether you have a few delivery stops or a large fleet, MyRouteOnline’s flexible pricing plans and scalable features make it suitable for businesses with varying needs and budgets.

  • Can MyRouteOnline integrate with other software or systems?

    Yes, MyRouteOnline offers integration options with various software and systems. It can integrate with CRM platforms, fleet management systems, and GPS devices to streamline data flow and enhance operational efficiency. Integration capabilities may vary, so it’s best to check the compatibility with specific software or systems.

  • How accurate are the estimated arrival times provided by MyRouteOnline?

    The estimated arrival times provided by MyRouteOnline are based on various factors such as distance, speed limits, and historical traffic data. While they serve as a good estimate, actual arrival times may vary due to real-time traffic conditions, weather, or unforeseen circumstances.

  • Can I customize the routes generated by MyRouteOnline?

    Yes, MyRouteOnline allows users to customize the routes according to their specific preferences and requirements. Users can manually adjust the order of stops, set priority stops, add specific instructions, or exclude certain areas from the route planning process.


While MyRouteOnline offers valuable features and benefits for route planning and optimization, it’s important to consider the need for alternatives that may better suit specific business requirements.

Evaluating alternative route planning software can help businesses find a solution that addresses their unique challenges and delivers optimal results. Remember, selecting the right route planning software is a crucial decision that impacts operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall business success.

So, take the time to explore and evaluate the available alternatives to ensure you choose a solution that perfectly aligns with your business goals and requirements. But if you want a single solution that is reliable enough to handle all of your needs, then Upper is the best option for you. Experience Upper with its trial and explore a range of features of this software.

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