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Many delivery and field service businesses are moving towards automated multi stop route optimization software to deliver the best customer service. With many options available, Track-POD is used as the top route optimization and delivery management software.

Businesses associated with delivery services can take the benefit of this delivery management software, Track-POD. With its capability to find optimized routes, it not only makes your delivery process easier but also allows dispatchers to track the vehicle’s location. From small to large, all sizes of businesses can utilize the software to cut off the extra workload and save time.

It allows you to create efficient routes for your multi-stop deliveries in a minute. Also, let your team capture the delivery proof to mark a successful parcel delivery. Hence, you don’t have to worry if you get false claims from customers.

But hang on! Do you know that not all the features of Track-POD work seamlessly? You will experience some glitches in route optimization on Track-POD. You will need more manual checkups even after using an automated route planning process. Not only in route optimization but also in live tracking, reports analytics, and route dispatching.

Hence, you should look at its closest competitors and alternatives to enhance your routing experience.

Why Consider Alternatives to Track-POD?

If you’re using Track-POD delivery management software, you would require more time planning routes as it doesn’t consider essential factors. Track-POD users will get this. Such a time-consuming process can lead to slower deliveries and unfulfilled deadlines.

Apart from route optimization, you also get errors in the driver’s location and inaccurate reports. All these factors can contribute to less efficient business operations. Such concerns can affect your business negatively, and scalability goals may remain unachieved.

Here’s why you need to look for Track-POD alternatives:

These limitations can turn into big obstacles for your business, and you can’t meet your delivery deadlines. Therefore, you should adopt software that is reliable and easy to use. That’s why we have compiled a list of Track-POD alternatives so that you can quickly choose the ideal one without wasting a minute.

Top 9 Track-POD Alternatives, Competitors & Similar Software

1. Upper


Upper is an all-in-one route planning and optimization software for businesses to perform multi-stop deliveries. With features like timely customer notifications, accurate live driver tracking, and last-minute reassigning routes, Upper is the ideal alternative to Track-POD.

Since Track-POD has inaccuracy in generating summary reports, you can instantly get detailed reports to analyze your team’s performance on Upper. Also, you can simply import stops and get the most efficient routes within seconds. The live driver tracking helps your dispatchers check if the driver took optimized routes or not.

In addition to that, you can send customer notifications to keep your client informed about the delivery status. Well, no wonder many businesses opt for Upper instead of relying on ordinary route optimization software. This is obvious when you need route optimization software to scale up your business, you must start utilizing Upper.

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Upper Compared to Track-POD:

Reports & Analytics: While Track-POD doesn’t help you with accurate data in the summary reports, Upper generates the detailed report to analyze the team’s performance and identify the scope of improvement. Upper’s reports and analytics feature can further help you improve your delivery process.

Live driver Tracking: When you get an incorrect driver location on Track-POD, Upper is all you need to observe on-field activities closely. Upper is capable of identifying the correct driver’s location. It is easy to check whether the driver is following optimized routes or being in an ideal position.

Proof of Delivery: Upper has a dedicated driver app to collect the delivery proof using e-signature or images seamlessly. Drivers can easily mark the delivery completion and put on additional notes. For example, if the customer is not available to receive the parcel, the delivery agent can simply keep it at the doorstep and capture the image as proof. As a result, it reduces the use of paperwork.

Pricing comparison between Track-POD and Upper:

Standard plan


No discount offered

24 stops only for route optimization with ETA

3 drivers included


Essential Plan


20% off on annual billing

Unlimited stops for route optimization

3 users included

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Detailed feature comparison between Track-POD and Upper:

Feature Trackpod Track-POD UpperUpper
Advanced Routing right right
Driver Mobile App wrong right
Contacts Import right right
Live Driver Tracking wrong right
Parcel Info wrong right
Curbside Delivery Option wrong right
Reverse Routes right right
Customer Notifications wrong right
Route Optimization with ETA right right
API Integration wrong right
Custom Fields right right
Swap Routes right right
24/7 Customer Support wrong right
Reports & Analytics right right
No credit card required

Here are the key features offered by Upper:

  • Directly import the CSV file or Excel file to add multiple addresses and create faster routes in less than a minute.
  • Add custom fields if you have additional information related to customer or location details.
  • Instantly swap routes with another driver in case of the driver’s unavailability on the delivery day.
  • Set priority deliveries as per the customer’s request and let your drivers attain the stops on time.
  • Keep your customers informed about delivery status using timely ETA notifications.
  • Dispatch routes with a single click of a button and notify your drivers about delivery.
  • Generate detailed reports to get insights about delivery operations and driver performance.
  • Schedule routes for multi-stop deliveries in advance to avoid last-minute route planning.

What People Say About Upper

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2. Routific



Routific has conquered the delivery industry by simplifying the delivery process with optimized routes. You can easily import stops to plan the fastest routes in a matter of seconds without any manual intervention. Also, it gives you insights into delivery performance so that you can monitor and fix the loopholes.

Your delivery team can quickly reach the spot and deliver within minutes. Upon successful delivery, you can also take proof of delivery before leaving the location. Hence, your customers don’t have complaints regarding delivery service. In short, it is a good option for those who are looking to switch from expensive software Track-POD. If you are also wondering to check alternatives of Routific, consider referring to this blog on Routific alternatives.

Main features of Routific:

  • Advance route scheduling for multiple deliveries
  • Import hundreds of stops using an Excel file
  • Track your drivers for real-time visibility
  • Delivery analytics for boosting performance
  • Proof of delivery to refute false claims
  • API integration for smooth data transfer

Routific Compared to Track-POD:

In comparison to Track-POD, Routific is quite easy to use for businesses dealing with multi-stop deliveries per day. Basically, it makes sure you get efficient routes so that you don’t waste time in manual calculations. It eradicates the need for frequent call-ups as you can directly dispatch the routes to your drivers.

Moreover, it provides accurate driver location using real-time data. This means you don’t stay in the dark about your drivers or get an incorrect location like Track-POD. All in all, it can contribute to scaling up your delivery operations real quick. Thus, you should consider Routific moving forward and also try out its free trial to learn about its functions.

Price: Routific is currently offering two plans, namely, Essentials and Professionals. Pricing is somewhat similar to Track-POD, but Routific has a wide range of features. However, users need to pay an additional charge for customer notifications. It can be the best buy for small businesses aiming for profitability.

3. Route4me



Route4me is another alternative route optimization software if you are not satisfied with the Track-POD. It saves you time and money by finding the most efficient route. This means you can seamlessly perform deliveries or pickups in a timely manner. The advanced route optimization software helps you generate recurring routes for repetitive trips without any extra effort.

The software comes with a dedicated driver delivery app for efficient driver management and has an option for curbside delivery to complete the task without any contact. However, Route4me takes additional charges for users to access certain features. Route4me is capable of handling routing chaos as it allows reassigning routes in case of urgency. Here, we have also covered a detailed blog on Route4me alternatives.

Main features of Route4me:

  • Quickly optimize your delivery routes
  • Voice-guided navigation for your trips
  • Customer notifications via email
  • Track your drivers efficiently
  • Capture e-signature as delivery proof
  • Set delivery time windows

Route4me Compared to Track-POD:

Route4me is the leading software in terms of route sequencing and optimization that outperforms Track-POD. Apart from route optimization, Route4me also helps with territory management and last-mile optimization. And therefore, Route4me comes out on top when compared to Track-POD.

Since Track-POD doesn’t offer quick responses, you can expect slightly better customer service from Route4me. Route4me better understands your business’s changing needs, while Track-POD only focuses on delivery management solutions.

Price: Route4me is a slightly expensive option, but it allows up to 10 users, no matter which plan you choose. For an additional user, it charges $69 per month, which makes it a very expensive purchase for your business. Thus, it is a suitable alternative for businesses with large-size delivery teams.

4. Tookan



Tookan, a delivery management software, is usually preferred by businesses to let their delivery teams achieve delivery deadlines. It also helps in tracking end-to-end delivery along with the features like real-time route optimization. Tookan keeps your customers updated by sending timely delivery updates so that there would be less chance of missed delivery.

Tookan targets large-scale business operations (both B2C and B2B segments) with an array of features like route optimization, auto dispatching, and real-time tracking. It even helps users zoom into the delivery process by using performance analytics. Refer to this Tookan alternatives blog if you are looking for options other than Tookan.

Main features of Tookan:

  • Vehicle-based route optimization
  • Track delivery drivers in real-time
  • Get performance for delivery operations
  • Integrate with your own system
  • Predictive routing for timely deliveries
  • Auto dispatch routes easily to drivers

Tookan Compared to Track-POD:

Tookan is a prominent delivery management system that offers extensive features like task automation, customer updates, and better real-time tracking of drivers. Therefore, it is a clear winner when it is compared to Track-POD. Tookan takes the hassles out of route planning for major industries like the food industry and logistics industry.

Tookan is a great option for a local delivery business with an in-house team of drivers. It is better to choose as your go-to software instead of continuing with Track-POD. By doing so, you don’t need to spend more money on streamlining your critical delivery process.

Price: Tookan is a very easy-to-use software that comes with a 14-day free trial. It offers pricing based on pay-per-task so that you don’t need to pay extra money. On the other hand, it costs additionally for custom CSV import, automated barcode, and waybill generator.

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5. Toursolver



Toursolver is routing and scheduling optimization software that can help you generate optimized routes in advance for your multi-stop deliveries. It has a dedicated mobile app for your on-field team so that they know the delivery schedule prior to the delivery date. Drivers can avoid road closures and quickly arrive at the delivery spot following the delivery routes.

The software needs no extra training, which means your delivery staff can learn its functionality. They can import stops and add to the route plan to let the software find the optimized routes. Premium users can even get the benefit of sending customer notifications to maintain transparency.

Main features of Toursolver:

  • Import your visits to your routes
  • Get optimized routes for deliveries
  • Real-time tracking for delivery drivers
  • Send timely customer notifications
  • Driver mobile app for better communication
  • Enables integration with your software

Toursolver Compared to Track-POD:

Toursolver is usually preferred by small businesses to resolve vehicle routing issues and deal with route scheduling challenges. It aims to deal with complex delivery operations for businesses having intricate needs. Track-POD not really solves business problems but also helps you save time by providing efficient routes.

Furthermore, Toursolver can help you in case of urgency or last-minute changes to reach the location promptly. With its advanced route planning and optimization, Toursolver can be the go-to software for HVAC businesses doing installation, maintenance, and repair work.

Price: Toursolver pricing is almost similar to Track-POD. It has introduced two plans for its users. In Toursolver, you get all the essential features for route planning and optimization. But, If you want to include more features like customer notifications, geolocation, and fleet tracking, then you have to pay €65 per month per vehicle to avail of Toursolver premium.

6. WorkWave Route Manager



WorkWave Route Manager not only helps you in route planning and optimization but also facilitates the dispatch process. The software comes with advanced route scheduling so that you don’t invest more time in route planning on delivery day. It integrates with your existing systems to fetch delivery data and, hence, provide optimized routes for multi-stop delivery.

Moreover, it has a dedicated driver app for better delivery management and quick sharing of routes. Dispatchers or admin users can even track the drivers during the entire delivery process. This real-time visibility ensures there would be no communication gaps between drivers and dispatchers.

Main features of WorkWave RouteManager:

  • Schedule delivery routes in advance
  • Integrate software with third-party apps
  • Send routes directly to the driver’s app
  • Enable real-time delivery tracking
  • Notify your customers for updates
  • Analyze your team’s performance with detailed reports

WorkWave Route Manager Compared to Track-POD:

WorkWave Route Manager helps you fulfill business requirements rather than just planning and optimizing routes. Whereas Track-POD fails to understand the business needs and may not assist you in increasing the operational efficiency and profitability of your business.

WorkWave RouteManager gives you detailed insights to analyze key performance indicators (KPIs ) and the overall productivity of drivers. On the flip side, drivers working hours are not easy to track on Track-POD. You may get incomplete data in reports and analytics, which could be time-consuming.

Price: WorkWave RouteManager currently offers three pricing plans, among which the basic plan, RouteManager, starts at $54 per month per vehicle. The pricing of the other two plans is not publicly disclosed. With affordable pricing plans, WorkWave RouteManager helps businesses to manage their operations effectively.

7. Onfleet



When it comes to delivery management, Onfleet has every feature for streamlining the dispatch and delivery process. You can just import hundreds of stops and get efficient routes in a few minutes. Also, you can auto-assign tasks to the drivers and make sure there is no communication with the help of driver chat.

Apart from route optimization, you can ask your delivery agent to capture delivery proof before leaving the spot. You can even get in touch with the customer support team via email or schedule a phone call. Hence, you can increase productivity with such a large set of features. In any case, if you think Onfleet is not meeting your needs, then you can refer to Onfleet alternatives.

The key features of Tookan are:

  • Route optimization to avoid road closures
  • Driver chats for better communication
  • Historical analytics to make business strategies
  • ETA notifications to your clients
  • Proof of delivery via signature or photos
  • Customer support by email and phone

Onfleet Compared to Track-POD:

Onfleet has in-built advanced route optimization to tackle delivery time issues. It auto-assigns tasks to perform a hassle-free dispatch process. Plus, you get live driver chat to reduce communication gaps during the ongoing delivery process. On the contrary, Track-POD lacks major features like driver chat, task completion customization, and historical analytics.

If you are experiencing glitches in your routing process using Track-POD, Onfleet is a good alternative option that can help you get rid of such issues. Onfleet also offers a free trial to let its users try out the route planning process before purchasing it.

Price: At first glance, you may find the Onfleet too expensive, but when you compare it to the Track-POD featurewise, Onfleet comes out on top. It offers three plans, including one custom plan for businesses that have large-size delivery teams. The starting price for Onfleet is $500 per month.

8. eLogii



eLogii, a delivery management software, is also another good alternative option for users willing to switch from Track-POD. No matter how many stops you have, it can quickly find optimized routes. In addition, it comes with features like dynamic routing and multi-day routing, which is where it steals the limelight.

Moreover, the software allows you to track your drivers so that you know if they are using the right track or not. You can send delivery instructions directly on the driver app. Drivers can use the app to capture delivery proof via photos, signatures, or using barcodes. Thus, eLogii can help you deliver an outstanding user experience along with better efficiency. If you are wondering to check alternatives of eLogii software, then here’s a complete post on eLogii alternatives.

Main features of eLogii:

  • Advanced route optimization for single-depot
  • Quick route optimization for multi-depot
  • Multi-day routing for multiple delivery orders
  • Vehicle tracking for better fleet management
  • Proof of delivery via signature or photos
  • Dedicated driver app to mark route completion

eLogii Compared to Track-POD:

Being an alternative to Track-POD, eLogii ticks not all but the necessary boxes. eLogii offers route optimization for single or multiple depots. You can do route planning for multi-day to perform deliveries in a timely manner. Notably, Track-POD only helps you get efficient routes for your multi-stop deliveries.

eLogii helps its users with dynamic routing, which means you can carry out changes to optimized routes on the go. And this is where Track-POD disappoints its user. eLogii is mostly used by field service businesses as it is simple to use and find optimized service routes.

Price: As of now, eLogii has not disclosed its pricing, but you can book a demo to explore its features. For pricing, you may need to contact the sales team or directly avail a demo on the website.

9. Shipday



If you are dealing with thousands of delivery orders, then Shipday will help you organize deliveries more efficiently. Advanced delivery management software is mostly used by local delivery businesses such as grocery delivery, alcohol delivery, or pizza delivery services. As soon as you dispatch orders, you can track the driver’s location and, at the same time, keep customers informed with SMS notifications. As a result, you can have more happy customers and an increased retention rate.

Using Shipday, you can plan the fastest routes and auto-dispatch them prior to the delivery day. You can retrieve delivery data from any third-party app via the integration feature. Additionally, drivers can also access route details on their mobile phones.

Main features of Shipday:

  • Automatically dispatch routes to drivers
  • Barcode scanning and ID verification
  • Real-time tracker for better on-field visibility
  • Integration with third-party apps
  • Custom reporting for more data information
  • Driver app to send routes and necessary notes

Shipday Compared to Track-POD

Speaking about comparison, there is a slight difference as far as prices are concerned. Agreed both Shipday and Track-POD charge you based on drivers or orders, but prices may vary. On Track-POD, you get an S plan for $285 monthly, including 1,500 orders, which means you pay $0.19 per order.

Similarly, you need to pay $299 for the business advance plan on Shipday, where you will get 1000 orders included. After that, you will be charged $0.25 per additional order. Besides pricing, Shipday has a simple interface and user-friendly dashboard, which are not present on Track-POD.

Price: Just like Track-POD, Shipday also has 4 subscription plans. You can avail of its basic plan, Starter, for free, while its top plan, Business Advanced, will cost you $299 per month. In case you want to try a free trial, you will get it for 30 days in the form of a professional plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I choose the right Track-POD alternative for my business?

    When choosing the right Track-POD alternative, you must assess factors like software pricing, ease of use, compatibility with your existing system, and how quickly customer support responds to your query. Apart from this, you should avail yourself of a trial version to gauge if it aligns with your operational needs before making the final decision.

  • Which alternative software provides a free trial?

    Many software like Route4me, Routific, Onfleet, and Upper provide a free trial to let users check their features before buying the software. Therefore, you must try route planning and optimization while being on the trial version.

  • Can I integrate Upper with my system?

    Yes, Upper provides seamless API integration with your existing system so that you can quickly transfer the data and create an optimized route plan. Integrating Upper with your system eliminates doing manual things like transferring data from another system.

  • Which Track-POD’s alternative software has the best customer support?

    Upper comes with excellent 24/7 customer support to quickly resolve your queries and save you time in planning routes. Our customer support team is happy to assist you via email or chat whenever you get stuck while using the software.

  • Will I need to invest time in training my team for software use?

    Definitely not. When you have software like Upper, you hardly need a minute or two to understand how it works. As soon as you log in, you can check video tutorials and quickly learn about its functionality. Hence, your team can make the most of it without any additional training.

  • Can I track my drivers in real time using Upper?

    Yes, Upper comes with real-time driver tracking, which means you know about drivers’ whereabouts on the fly. Also, if any customers ask about the driver’s location, you have a clear idea of how much more time they will take to reach the location.


In the quest to search for better alternatives, we usually end up finding the solutions which suit best to our requirements. Here, the major takeaway is you must try other delivery software if you are not satisfied with your current software.

We discussed more than one alternative option that can help your business with better efficiency and stable growth. These alternatives work similarly to Track-POD so that you may not require extra time to understand their function.

Among all, Upper is top-rated route optimization software that reduces your extra workload and helps you increase delivery efficiency. It can be your go-to software for managing drivers and performing multi-stop delivery processes. Hence, we recommend using Upper by starting your without entering your credit card details.

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