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Streamlining your daily delivery operations and making it user-friendly is already halfway toward success. So, many individuals and business owners have started integrating route planning software like Zeo into their businesses.

Zeo Route Planner is a software that helps users create multiple routes in the shortest time possible. It provides multiple routing solutions to meet the needs and requirements of users across countries.

However, it may happen that not everyone is able to adopt the software entirely, and we are looking for alternatives because of various setbacks. It can be in terms of pricing, feature availability against the cost involved, or inefficiency while using the software.

So, here are some of the best route optimization software for you that can stand on the customer expectations, resulting in making delivery routes efficient and every customer experience exceptional.

So, let’s get started.

Why Consider Alternatives to Zeo Route Planner?

While Zeo undoubtedly offers a range of benefits, there are instances where its capabilities fall short in comparison to other route-planning software in the market. Hence, it’s important to consider alternate route planning solutions that excel in areas where Zeo might have limitations.

Let’s take a look at some of the key factors where Zeo faces challenges when compared to other available options:

Now, let’s have an in-depth look at Zeo Route Planner alternatives and get help in choosing the best delivery route planning software that aligns with your route planning needs and preferences.

Top 8 Zeo Alternatives, Competitors & Similar Software

1. Upper

Upper’s advanced route management software has diverse feature availability, cost-effective pricing tiers, and an intuitive user interface. It has resulted in creating routes automatically within a matter of minutes, using advanced route planning algorithms and preferable route optimization techniques. It also dispatches assigned routes effortlessly to drivers, accommodates any last-minute change in planned routes, and minimizes the fuel costs involved.
Make route planning and optimization
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Upper Compared to Zeo:

Essential features availability: Small businesses require basic routing capabilities to function smoothly. Upper empowers dispatchers to reassign routes, as well as effortlessly swap drivers in case of emergency. Additionally, Upper provides the ability to color code the pins for easy stop identification. All these are the areas where Zeo lacks, and consequently, users opt to switch. Comprehensive pricing plans: Uppers offer the best suitable pricing options flexibly divided into three plans. The first two plans, Essential and Growth, are offered with discounting options (Flat 20% off), whereas Enterprise is something that a user can customize as per his business requirements. Features are also wisely made available under each pricing plan without any hidden charges or costs. On top of all this, all three pricing tiers allow the subscription plan to have up to 3 or 5 free users. Zeo, on the other hand, is strictly based on the per month per seat basis structure. Easy access to free trial: The free trial available before investing in any routing and scheduling software is essential to understand the platform’s capabilities. Though Zeo and Upper do offer a free trial even without asking us to disclose payment details, Upper has a superior hand here. For instance, Zeo restricts the users to add not more than 15 stops in the free trial. This can be a concern for medium or large businesses. On the other hand, Upper doesn’t restrict users in any way and allows them to upload up to 500 stops all at once, providing a more comprehensive and practical trial experience.
Pricing comparison between Zeo and Upper:

Premium Plan

20% on annual billing For 3 Users $35 per additional user Only 12 stops in FREE Trial

Essential Plan

20% on annual billing For 3 Users $31.99 per additional user Up to 500 stops in FREE Trial
HURRY UP! What Are You Waiting For? Growth Plan now at $239/mo (flat 20% discounted rate)
No credit card is required

Detailed feature comparison between Zeo and Upper:

Feature Zeo Zeo UpperUpper
Stops per route 12 stops 500 stops
Maximum stops limit 200 Customizable
Parcel placement wrong right
Curbside delivery wrong right
Share route progress Only via URL URL, Text or Mail
Contact/Address Book wrong right
Color coding the stops wrong right
Export to Garmin wrong right
Reverse route right right
Time windows right right
Reassigning routes wrong right
Swapping the routes among drivers wrong right
Pickup & Deliveries right right
Custom fields addition wrong right
Duplicate routes right right
No credit card required

Here are the amazing feature options offered by Upper that you can’t skip considering:

  • Reduce your working hours by smartly planning multiple routes automatically.
  • Prioritize urgent deliveries, allocate dedicated service time at each stop, and add customer-preferred time windows to enhance the delivery success rate.
  • Import CSV or Excel file format to bulk upload multiple addresses in one go without the need to add them manually.
  • You can even create routes directly from the contacts without the need to add stop details every time.
  • Electronic proof of deliveries can be collected through photos, a signature, and additional notes, if any.
  • Dispatch planned routes to your drivers in just a single click via Email, Text, URL, or driver app notification.
  • Re-assign the routes effortlessly to drivers. You can even re-assign the routes by instantly selecting the stops with the multi-selector tool.
  • Automatically identify incorrect or duplicate stop addresses and get them corrected.
  • Easily swap the routes between drivers in case of emergencies and make last-minute changes on the go.

What People Say About Upper

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Ben Parker,

Delivery Manager of Flavors2Go
Ben parker
Route planned
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2. MyRouteOnline



MyRouteOnline is a daily route planning software that allows you to plan multiple routes in a few minutes easily. It is basically ideal for businesses involved in service, distribution, maintenance, field sales service, real estate, and delivery. The pricing is something that might fluctuate from the normal pricing tiers against the one its competitors have. It is because the plans offered by MyRouteOnline are based and restricted, raising the chances of paying additionally as and when the credit gets exhausted. However, to get the software’s thorough information, it is good to go through the features and functionalities offered by MyRouteOnline and then decide its suitability. Have a look at a few of the features offered by them:
  • Import Excel, Text, or CSV files containing multiple delivery addresses
  • Review entire stop routes through animate directions and manually make the changes in them
  • Export routes to TomTom, Garmin, and Google Maps for easy and preferable turn-by-turn navigation
  • Reload and update the saved routes
  • Assign and map multiple territories to balance the workload
  • Easily plan the extended trips right from the point where the previous route ended

MyRouteOnline Compared to Zeo

When compared, MyRouteOnline outperforms Zeo mainly in one or two areas. Firstly, the advanced route capabilities will allow MyRouteOnline users to optimize routes based on 4 optimization goals. Further, because of its functionality to make users aware of incorrect or duplicate addresses while importing the stops, there are minimal chances of inefficient route creation in MyRouteOnline. Also, the additional flexibilities like color coding the stops, reviewing the route once created, and making last-minute modifications are flexibly done, unlike Zeo. When the price is being discussed, users might feel challenged in both cases as MyRouteOnline’s pricing is credit-based, while Zeo offers pricing based on a per-seat basis. In case you are considering opting for MyRouteOnline, it may range from $24 to $799 on a Pay As You Go basis, allowing the address credits from 50 to 15000, respectively, based on the plan you select. However, when other MyRouteOnline alternatives are considered, you can get flexible pricing tiers that can suit your budget as well as business needs and requirements.

3. OptimoRoute



OptimoRoute is a simple route optimization software that offers its users a range of features and functionalities ideal for planning and optimizing routes efficiently. It allows users to plan multi-stop routes every day, considering a range of optimization parameters depending on individual business needs. Further, it even helps dispatchers to easily organize their mobile workforce through the driver app available on all Android and iOS devices. For detailed software information, consider going through the features listed below:
  • Easy import of stop addresses through CSV or Excel file format
  • Instant route optimization and dispatching the same directly to drivers
  • Easy mid-route changes that can be directly visible to drivers on screen for immediate implementation
  • Re-assignment of the routes for any last-minute changes
  • Live driver tracking to evaluate the driver’s performance
  • Speedy and intuitive web user interface
  • Paperless proof of delivery to avoid disputes in the future
  • Get instant customer feedback right after delivery service

OptimoRoute Compared to Zeo

Because of its simplest user interface and a 30-day-long free trial, users prefer to choose OptimoRoute over Zeo. Apart from this, the ability to get detailed reports, schedule routes on a daily or weekly basis, and automatic customer notification to get real-time delivery updates is available in OptimoRoute, unlike Zeo. When talking about the pricing tiers, OptimoRoute charges the user on a per month per driver basis like Zeo, which claims you on a per seat per month basis. For a single driver, you need to spend $39 per month, which is the starting plan of OptimoRroute. However, there are other OptimoRoute alternatives like Upper, which allows the user to register with up to 3 users under their initial essential plan, followed by free 5 users under their growth plan.

4. Onfleet



Onfleet is a last-mile delivery solution ideal for mid-size or huge business enterprises because of various factors, including pricing plans, global reach as well and wide feature offerings. Right from processing thousands of stops at once for user ease to serving a platform to connect dispatchers and drivers with an inbuilt chat window, it helps all the connected parties streamline their operations. Even the automatic customer feedback tool right after the completion of service can help enhance customer experience and provide valuable insights for continuous enhancement. Go through this basic overview of the features offered by Onfleet:
  • Consider opting for automated route optimization, adjusting different parameters resulting in the shortest distance covered and minimal time spent
  • Automatically assign the unassigned orders to drivers for efficient resource utilization
  • In-build driver chat platform to easily connect with dispatchers and make any last-minute change
  • Real-time driver tracking capability to evaluate and measure each driver’s performance
  • It can be easily integrated with your existing tools, making it easy to migrate the data and reduce inefficiencies throughout the entire last-mile operation
  • Integrated customer communication can easily allow the customers to call or message their respective delivery agent to get the delivery update

Onfleet Compared to Zeo

Onfleet can beat Zeo in every possible way. Right from the intuitive user interface to flexibly making the features available to a targeted audience to provide them with dedicated customer support. However, the two major concerns that might compel the intended users to even switch from Onfleet are the expensive pricing plans and the lack of free accessibility to free trials. The pricing range starts from $500 to $1000 and is followed by a customized plan, to access the software freely, you need to enter payment details first. Apart from all this, Onfleet has restrictions over the number of task performances linked with the pricing plan subscribed. Once the allowed tasks get exhausted, it charges you again. So, that’s when the option for switching to other Onfleet alternatives comes in.
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5. Circuit



Circuit is a cloud-based synchronized delivery management software suitable for both delivery drivers as well as dispatchers. With Circuit for Teams, you can flexibly plan, optimize, dispatch, and track optimized routes, all within a single intuitive dashboard. Circuit facilitates delivery businesses with intelligent route creation, easy integration with third-party apps, dynamically updated tracking information as well as, and the facility to click in-app photos, signatures, or notes for digital proof of deliveries. However, the existing users who have already switched to some other Circuit alternatives like Upper have claimed that Circuit has the most complex user interface that ends up hindering efficient workflow and causing a steeper learning curve for new users. Yet to know the software inside out, have a look at the feature list offered by them:
  • Automatically import the stop addresses through Excel or CSV file format
  • You can even create a custom API integration for easy import of addresses directly from the third-party platform. For instance, Shopify.
  • Optimizes routes considering different factors in just a click; you can even further optimize particular stops with stop-specific settings
  • Swiftly edits the routes that are already in transit with minimal impact on the entire route
  • Handle last-minute issues through live tracking and efficiently manage the routes
  • Send real-time notifications to customers as well as drivers in case of any spontaneous change

Circuit Compared to Zeo

The first and foremost thing to consider while comparing Circuit with Zeo is the availability of 14-day free trial periods, compared to the 7 days offered by Zeo. However, entering payment details while getting free access to Circuit is a must. Other than this, the feature range available along with the affordable pricing, including multiple drivers under the pricing plans, makes it suitable for the users to give it at least a try. However, if you have more than 3 drivers, you need to pay an additional $60 per driver. This is not the case with other Circuit alternatives. For instance, Upper offers their users affordable pricing plans starting from just $119 a month for 3 FREE users. This is further proceeded by the second-best plan at $239 a month for 5 FREE users. If you are interested in knowing what Circuit charges, here you go. The first paid plan of Circuit is at $100 a month for up to 2 drivers only, additionally charging $40/month with every new driver added. The second plan is at $200 a month for up to 3 drivers, additionally charging $60/month.

6. WorkWave Route Manager



WorkWave Route Manager is a comprehensive delivery management software. It has a wide array of features that are designed to make route planning simpler, improve delivery times, and increase overall route efficiency by minimizing the operational costs involved. Plan routes and optimize considering various factors like time, distance, traffic, and various other delivery-related constraints. Assigned routes can be easily adjusted using drag and drop functionality, followed by re-routing the routes automatically and sending the revised updates to respective drivers. Key features of WorkWave:
  • User-friendly software and a dedicated mobile app for drivers
  • Powerful and reliable route planning and optimizing algorithm
  • Create open APIs and connect WorkWave Route Manager to your existing customer ordering systems
  • Prioritize urgent deliveries to ensure critical items reach their destinations on time
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring of delivery vehicles to track the usage
  • Generate insightful reports and analytics for performance evaluation
  • Integrate with GPS devices and provide turn-by-turn navigation
  • Efficiently manage driver schedules and work hours
  • Offer customer notifications and delivery ETAs

WorkWave Route Manager Compared to Zeo

Although Zeo and WorkWave Route Manager are almost similar in terms of pricing, intuitive user interface, and functionalities, when tested closely, WorkWave outperforms Zeo. This is because of the wide range of features covered by WorkWave. Zeo is a route planning and optimization software that focuses mainly on efficient fleet management. On the other hand, WorkWave functions to streamline fleet management offers last-mile delivery operations with detailed reports and analytics, and streamlines field service operations. WorkWave is a multiple-functioning software with different pricing tiers offering a comprehensive set of feature tools covering various aspects of fleet, field service, and delivery management. However, if you aren’t able to think of switching on any of the above software, you can still explore other Zeo alternatives that will help you witness a variety of similar software options and that also have great affordable pricing along with discount offers.

7. Speedy Route


Speedy route

Ideal for individuals or businesses visiting multiple locations, Speedy Route guarantees efficient route planning and time-saving techniques. It meets the requirements of field salespeople, delivery drivers, and anybody else who makes several stops on their way to their scheduled destination. Speedy Route not only arranges the stops in the best possible sequence, but it also gives s clear driving directions for navigating between each location, making the entire journey smoother. Have a look at the list of features offered by Speedy Route and adapt the route planning process to your specific needs, whether you’re utilizing a single vehicle or managing a fleet of delivery trucks. Key features of OptimoRoute:
  • Seamlessly organize and adjust routes using intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Effectively assign and manage drivers to routes, ensuring optimal utilization of the workforce.
  • Swiftly respond to unforeseen situations by rerouting vehicles and resources in real-time using the emergency dispatch feature.
  • Gain real-time visibility into vehicle locations and movements through GPS tracking integrated within Speedy Route’s interface.
  • Monitor and analyze key performance indicators, such as delivery times and distances covered, with comprehensive performance metrics.
  • Evaluate route expenses accurately by considering factors like fuel costs and vehicle maintenance.
  • Divide operational areas efficiently and assign routes based on geographical territories using territory management features.

Speedy Route Compared to Zeo

Speedy Route is a simple user interface with no complexities involved. It mainly functions to optimize routes in the best possible manner. Calculations are done through advanced algorithms, and routes are created in a way that best fits the users in every way. For instance, reduced fuel costs, shortest distance, and less time spent. Even the pricing is competitive when compared to Zeo. Zeo offers a single seat for a month at $35. On the contrary, Speedy Route offers free 5 drivers at the cost of $69/month, allowing you to create 500 stops per route. If you are still not convinced with the software options compared, you can freely explore the Speedy Route alternatives to know what fits best for you.

8. Route4Me



Routing challenges can now be left behind with Route4Me’s seamless solution. Right from efficient route planning and instant dispatching software to a navigation-equipped mobile app, Route4Me is the ultimate choice for field service, sales, marketing, and territory management. Route4Me offers strategic route sequencing and optimization for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, it is suitable for all. Though the software is capable of providing the best possible optimized routes with all the desired features and functionalities, users might still think of switching to another Route4Me alternative. This is solely because of one reason mentioned below under comparison. First, have a look at the feature list offered by Route4Me:
  • Plug in the times that each customer is available so that routes get optimized in a way that matches the time when the customers are present
  • Send automated customer notifications throughout the delivery process on whether their delivery has been scheduled or completed
  • Enable real-time driver tracking to track driver progress as well as get updated on the delivery status
  • Plan pickups and drop-offs both in one single route, saving up on time, energy, and fuel costs. (pay the additional cost)
  • Get 24/7 dedicated email, chat, and phone support
  • You can even get a dedicated support manager or premium support representative by paying $10 per month per user

Route4Me Compared to Zeo

Route4Me excels at Zeo in terms of the intuitive user interface, easy learning curve, as well as freely accessible trial period. The only area of concern where users might think of stepping back is the add-ons levied with each feature’s accessibility. The pricing plans are even a little more complicated, allowing you to use limited features and pay additional costs for the pending ones. For instance, the curbside delivery option, automatic customer notifications, etc., are some of the very basic features available in Upper free of cost. While here, they are charged in the supremely higher price range.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Zeo Route Planner free?  
    No, Zeo is not freely available. However, the free version is available that can enable you to add a single driver and can allow you to optimize up to 12 stops per route. After this, when subscribed for a paid plan, you can pay and get availed of all the features and functionalities offered by the software.
  • How many days of free trial are offered by Zeo Route Planner?  
    Zeo offers 7 days of free trial.
  • How many stops can be added to Zeo Route Planner?  
    The maximum limit for the no of stops that can be added in Zeo is up to 2,000.
  • Is a discount available under Zeo Route Planner?  
    Yes, Zeo does offer a 10% discount on their paid plans. However, Upper, one of the topmost Zeo alternatives, offers a 20% discount when billed annually. Moreover, it offers a wide range of features in comparison to what Zeo offers.


After considering the range of alternatives given here, you might have arrived at the conclusion that a complete understanding of the right and ideal route planning software is a must. After getting a thorough understanding, you can consider investing in it. Understanding can be in terms of comparisons made, features offered, pros and cons reported by using the software, etc. Out of the complete list mentioned above, it can be said that trying their free trial to completely test them and accommodate them as per your business suitability is a must. You can have a good start by trying and then think of plunging into any.
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