Best commercial vehicle route planner

In the highly competitive world of commerce, timely and efficient deliveries can make or break a business. Whether you’re managing a fleet of commercial trucks or coordinating service calls across the city, one thing is abundantly clear: the right route can make all the difference.

But as businesses evolve and customer expectations soar, the challenge of optimizing commercial vehicle routes has become more complex than ever before.

Here comes the role of commercial vehicle route planners, which opens the gates to a world where technology meets the road and where every turn is optimized for maximum efficiency. These software programs aren’t just tools; they’re the compasses guiding businesses seeking to conquer the logistical challenges of the modern era.

In this blog, we’ll unveil the best commercial vehicle route planner options that will transform the way you do business in 2023.
So buckle up because your road to efficient deliveries starts right here!

10 Best Commercial Vehicle Route Planners

1. Upper

Best Commercial Vehicle Route Planner

Starting Price

$80/month up to 3 users

Free Trial

7 days

Key Features

Route planning, Multi-vehicle route optimization, Live driver tracking, Customer notification

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About Upper

Upper is the perfect solution for businesses seeking an efficient commercial vehicle routing software. Its key features are tailored to streamline route planning, scheduling, and optimization for commercial vehicles. With Upper, you can import multiple stops effortlessly, prioritize critical deliveries, and assign precise time windows to ensure on-time arrivals. What sets Upper apart is its ability to generate optimized routes for multiple vehicles at once, saving time and reducing fuel costs. It also provides estimated times of arrival (ETAs) and automated customer notifications, enhancing customer satisfaction. Live driver tracking and integration with GPS devices make route execution even more precise. Upper’s focus on efficiency positions it as the ultimate tool for businesses looking to excel in commercial vehicle logistics.


  • Swift import of multiple stops from CSV or Excel files
  • Priority settings for urgent commercial deliveries
  • Precise service time assignments for on-time arrivals
  • Multi-vehicle route optimization to save time and cost
  • Automated customer notifications for improved communication
  • Live driver tracking for precise fleet management
  • Integration with GPS devices and navigation apps
  • Estimated time of arrival (ETA) for customer convenience
  • Seamless scheduling of routes in advance for efficiency
  • Proof of delivery collection with photo capture, notes, and e-signatures
  • Curbside delivery support for smoother drop-offs
  • Smart search functionality for efficient address management
  • Easy export of routes to GPS devices and apps
  • Route swapping between drivers for flexibility
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics for performance evaluation
  • Integration capabilities with third-party platforms
  • A dedicated app for drivers to manage routes efficiently
  • Contact book for efficient address management
  • Technical consulting and dedicated support manager
  • Prioritization of urgent deliveries to meet deadlines

What People Say About Upper

Saved 10 hours per week & delivering 3x more meals with Upper Route Planner. It’s easy to take proof of delivery, the speed is great, it’s super super fast!curver quote


Ben Parker,

Delivery Manager of Flavors2Go
Ben parker

2. TruckMap

Best for Truck Drivers

Starting Price


Free Trial


Key Features

Truck-optimized routes, Turn-by-turn truck navigation, Locates trucking locations

About TruckMap

TruckMap redefines truck route planning with its dedicated mobile app, catering exclusively to the needs of truck drivers and commercial fleets. It offers turn-by-turn guidance, accounting for crucial factors like truck weight restrictions, low clearance, and HAZMAT regulations, making it an indispensable tool for commercial operators. One standout feature is its ability to customize truck route preferences. It allows users to specify vehicle width, height, and weight and avoid toll roads, ensuring truck routes are precisely tailored to their unique requirements. Additionally, TruckMap empowers drivers to identify trucking locations along their journey, making it easier to plan routes and never miss a vital waypoint.


  • Allows users to tailor truck routes based on height restrictions, weight limits, and preferences, optimizing navigation
  • Offers detailed, turn-by-turn navigation, ensuring drivers stay on the right path
  • Helps drivers discover essential truck stops like weigh stations, overnight parking, Walmart, and rest areas along their route

Adrian Nicolescu (Soleil Roi)

Very good and it’s working well, but: – A live compass would be useful. – A global search field would be useful. And of course, the possibility to add a stop point from search results.


  • Some users have reported issues with the stability of the app, including the vehicle marker disappearing or following adjacent roads
  • Users have experienced problems with truck route accuracy, including routes that are significantly longer than expected
  • Performance issues, such as lag, crashes, glitches, and delayed touch responses, have also been noted
  • Users have highlighted the need for better control over zoom levels when tracking their position on the map to see upcoming routes more clearly

Joe Loscalzo

It is absolutely trash it glitches nonstop. It’ll tell me I’m forty minutes away from a stop three minutes down the road. If I take the wrong turn, it refuses to recalculate it It freezes up and keeps glitching.

3. Trucker Path

Best for Streamlining Trucker Navigation and Logistics

Starting Price


Free Trial

7 days

Key Features

Truck-specific navigation, Real-time parking availability, Load board integration

About Trucker Path

Trucker Path stands out as a leading commercial vehicle route planning and navigation app, catering to the unique needs of truckers and fleets. This app provides essential features such as truck-friendly GPS navigation, real-time data on weigh station statuses, fuel stations, and parking availability, helping drivers make informed decisions on their routes. What sets Trucker Path apart is its robust ecosystem, offering solutions beyond navigation, including ELD compliance, fleet telematics, load boards, and an advanced transportation management system. It’s a comprehensive tool designed to enhance efficiency and safety for commercial vehicle operations.


  • Offers a wide range of features, from truck-specific GPS navigation to load boards and ELD compliance, making it a versatile all-in-one solution for commercial vehicle operators
  • With crowd-sourced updates, it provides invaluable real-time data on weigh station statuses, parking availability, fuel stations, and more
  • App’s fuel savings planner can save fleets money by optimizing fuel stops, ensuring the lowest fuel prices along the route

Michael Fisher

It’s great for getting to an unfamiliar location off the main road. And it’s very forgiving with estimated arrival times. But it drains the phone’s battery very quickly.


  • Some users have reported experiencing pop-up ads even after subscribing to the premium version
  • The app overheats and drains the excessive battery, which can be problematic
  • Slow loading times, map glitches, zooming-related issues, and performance issues have been reported
  • The app doesn’t always prioritize truck-specific considerations, potentially leading to inconvenient or problematic routes

Mike Thompson

I paid for premium, but still getting pop up ads. Frequently overheats and freezes up my entire phone. The directions are absolutely pointless unless you’re close.

4. SmartTruckRoute

Best for Route Planning Tailored to Vehicle’s Requirements

Starting Price


Free Trial

2 days

Key Features

Truck routing, Customizable vehicle specs, Voice and text input

About SmartTruckRoute

SmartTruckRoute stands out as a premier commercial vehicle route planner, providing an invaluable tool for truck drivers navigating various road restrictions and other complexities. With its advanced GPS app, SmartTruckRoute streamlines truck-specific route planning, prioritizing safety and efficiency. It takes into account crucial factors like bridge heights, load limits, road restrictions, sharp turns, and hazmat restrictions, ensuring that truckers receive precise and reliable directions. This truck GPS app offers a user-friendly experience, allowing drivers to input their destination either by voice or text effortlessly. Within seconds, they receive a customized truck route tailored to their vehicle’s dimensions and weight, making it suitable for various truck types.


  • Real-time map updates ensure accurate and up-to-date navigation
  • Customizable options for various truck types and dimensions
  • Avoids low bridges, road restrictions, and residential areas, reducing potential hassles
  • Comprehensive features, including speed limit warnings and rest area notifications

Jeromy Mills

Good but not great. Routing is almost always spot on. But I frequently have an issue when I try and type or use voice to text to put in the address.


  • Occasional routing errors, such as attempting to guide through obstacles like trees or across railroad tracks without appropriate crossings
  • Some users have reported issues with the app dropping them off at incorrect locations, potentially causing inconvenience or even safety concerns
  • Limited customer support response and follow-up for routing issues or concerns
  • Instances where the app attempts to route through housing developments or small towns instead of using major highways, potentially leading to inefficiencies

Everett Myers

It works, but is not always the fastest route, and it will get you lost if you’re not paying attention.

5. Circuit

Best for Optimizing Multi-Driver Operations

Starting Price


Free Trial

7 days

Key Features

Driver tracking, Customer notifications, Proof of delivery

About Circuit

Circuit is a versatile commercial vehicle truck route planner designed to optimize delivery operations. It offers two main tools: Circuit Route Planner for single-driver operations and Circuit for Teams for multi-driver routes. Circuit allows you to determine the most efficient routes specific to your customer’s requirements, track routes in real-time, and collect proof of delivery, providing a smooth and effective delivery process. It offers flexibility and advanced capabilities that improve customer service, making it an excellent solution for trucking companies looking to optimize their delivery operations. Want to explore more route optimization software like this one? Check out the Circuit alternatives.


    • Allows trucking companies and other businesses to create routes tailored to customer needs, prioritizing stops and time windows
Provides the ability for real-time route monitoring and to make last-minute changes to delivery schedules, allowing businesses to adapt to unexpected delays Automatic tracking updates keep customers informed about their delivery’s progress, improving transparency

Eva C

User friendly. Glitches and shenanigans are minimal. The team is wonderful at discussing issues, problems, and workarounds.


  • Sometimes, the software provides inaccurate route optimization and estimated times of arrival to users.
  • It has limited customization options that may limit the scope of your routing operations.
  • It has an outdated mapping for driver tracking that makes it difficult to know their location.
  • OptimoRoute has been reported to have multiple glitches when planning and dispatching routes to drivers.

Nicole Hancock

Condenses multiple stops into one random spot on the map. A month ago, the map started condensing addresses to a random location nowhere near the route.

Simplify Your Routes, Increase Profits

Upper's advanced route optimization saves you time and fuel with its advanced algorithms.

6. Route4Me

Best for Simplified Truck Routing

Starting Price


Free Trial

7 days

Key Features

Last mile geofencing, GPS-enabled route tracking, Voice-guided navigation

About Route4me

Route4Me stands as a versatile solution when it comes to commercial vehicle route planning. This easy-to-use truck route planner seamlessly automates route creation for businesses and efficiently dispatches them to a mobile app equipped with built-in navigation. Route4Me’s capabilities extend to route optimization, real-time tracking, detailed reporting, and efficient customer management. Users can easily input customer information, set up regions and delivery times, and let the software generate optimized truck routes within seconds. This streamlined approach not only saves valuable time but also reduces fuel consumption and manpower requirements. Also, check out these Route4Me alternatives to explore some other affordable options.


  • The platform provides GPS-enabled truck route tracking on mobile devices, offering insights into driver behavior, fatigue levels, and customer locations
  • Route4Me allows route checking, mapping, and navigation without internet connectivity after synchronization, ensuring functionality in low-signal areas
  • Administrators have control over user access, sharing, and data visibility, enabling tailored user experiences
  • The solution offers turn-by-turn voice-guided directions, ensuring driver focus and navigation accuracy

Cameron B

It is user-friendly both on the admin and user sides. It has cut our dispatch/scheduling workload down by more than half, which allows us to focus on other important items.


  • Users have reported frequent problems with incorrect addresses and inaccurate truck routing, which has worsened over time
  • Integration with Google Maps has been flawed, occasionally missing actual destinations by several blocks, leading to routing errors
  • Many users have criticized the quality of customer support, highlighting difficulties in reaching a responsive support team, lack of helpful assistance, and unfulfilled promises for demos and extended trials
  • Route4Me experiences occasional freezes, slow navigation, and mapping errors, negatively impacting the user experience

Kyle W.

The routing isn’t great, with the wrong locations and routes that don’t make sense. Not a lot of great features.

7. Routetitan

Best for Basic Truck Routing

Starting Price


Free Trial

14 days

Key Features

Order import, Live GPS tracking, Proof of delivery

About Routetitan

Routetitan revolutionizes commercial vehicle route planning, providing trucking companies with a simple-to-use solution to streamline their delivery operations. The platform calculates the most efficient routes for delivery in a flash, considering various factors like traffic and weather conditions, time windows, breaks, prioritization of stops, and more, ensuring efficient and on-time deliveries. Routetitan’s user-friendly approach enables businesses to effortlessly import their delivery orders, meticulously plan routes, and instantly dispatch them to drivers via a mobile app. The platform also provides real-time GPS tracking and proof of delivery features, enhancing visibility and transparency. Additionally, Routetitan keeps customers informed with automated notifications and ensures operational control through a web-app dashboard.


  • Swiftly calculates optimal delivery routes, saving time and fuel
  • Real-time GPS tracking and automated customer notifications enhance visibility and communication
  • A user-friendly mobile app with offline capabilities ensures drivers stay on track.
  • The web dashboard provides complete control over delivery operations

Wesley B.

It works easily, and the route is easy to edit if adjustments are made. Customers get SMS for delivery, which is very convenient.


  • Various necessary features are missing in the “Essentials” plan, including proof of delivery and sending customers status updates
  • Limited information about integration with other software or systems
  • Limited customer reviews are available to assess real-world user experiences

Wagner T.

There is only one online review, indicating limited user adoption of the app.

8. OptimoRoute

Best for Field Service Businesses

Starting Price


Free Trial

30 days

Key Features

Weekly planning, Multi-day long-haul routes, Breadcrumbs

About OptimoRoute

OptimoRoute is a flexible commercial vehicle route planning solution designed to streamline delivery and field service operations. Using OptimoRoute, you can effortlessly automate route and schedule planning while considering various constraints like driver skills, working hours, vehicle capacities, and time windows. The platform offers real-time order tracking, ensuring accurate delivery times, and analytics and reporting features provide valuable insights. With a mobile app for drivers, it allows drivers to gain access to essential order information, navigation, and proof of delivery capabilities. Overall, OptimoRoute is a valuable tool for businesses seeking to enhance their commercial vehicle route planning and field service management. You can also try these OptimoRoute alternatives for advanced truck routing features.


  • Businesses can tailor the route optimization software to their specific needs, accommodating various constraints like vehicle types and driver delivery schedules
  • Despite its feature-rich capabilities, the platform maintains user-friendliness, making it accessible to a wide range of businesses
  • Users appreciate the responsive customer support team that assists with any queries or issues
  • The software’s flexibility allows for easy integration with other systems through its API

Eric H

I like that I’m able to move addresses Geo-Location to accommodate alleys or driveways that are on a different street. I like the functionality of the software. It’s pretty simple to use!


  • The pricing structure, based on a per-user model, may not be financially viable for some businesses
  • Some users find the analytics feature confusing, which can make it challenging to extract valuable insights from the data
  • The driver app lacks live chat support between drivers and dispatchers, potentially hindering communication during deliveries
  • The software does not effectively incorporate live traffic patterns, which can impact dynamic truck routing and real-time ETA accuracy

Alvin Lee S.

The price per user; I’d like to use this to hire more drivers, but it doesn’t make financial sense given my profit margins.

</span >9. Track-POD

Best for Last-Mile Delivery Logistics

Starting Price


Free Trial

7 days

Key Features

Route optimization, Real-time tracking, Electronic proof of delivery (ePOD)

About Track-POD

Track-POD empowers businesses in the commercial vehicle industry with an efficient and intuitive delivery management solution. This all-in-one software enables route planning and and delivery confirmation and even acts as a QR/Barcode scanner for load control, ensuring that deliveries are made with precision. Furthermore, Track-POD’s capabilities include GPS vehicle tracking, digital signatures, customizable delivery notifications, and electronic proof of delivery templates. It simplifies the delivery process, reduces paperwork, and enhances customer satisfaction. For businesses seeking a cost-effective, paperless, and user-friendly delivery scheduling system, Track-POD proves to be a valuable addition to their toolkit. However, there are other software that can provide you with similar capabilities; check out these Track-POD alternatives.


  • Monitors driver performance in real-time, ensuring on-time and accurate deliveries
  • Offers digital signatures, geotags, and timestamps for precise delivery confirmation
  • Works offline and syncs data when the connection is restored, ensuring data integrity
  • Acts as a QR/Barcode scanner for load control and inventory management

Dave J.

We moved from a manual, time-intensive process to real-time detailed information. Not only was this software beneficial to our customers, but it was also a time saver for our internal team members.


  • Does not effectively incorporate real-time traffic patterns, leading to inaccuracies, especially in heavy traffic conditions
  • Occasionally reverts changes made to orders, addresses, and delivery schedules, leading to inconsistencies and requiring manual re-editing
  • Features like route optimization are only available in premium versions, potentially adding to the cost for full functionality
  • Users have reported slow performance, network latency, and application uptime

Jake W.

A good effort, but coming up far short in many areas and we are exploring other solutions that cost more but are more useable long term.

</span >10. Routific

Best for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Starting Price


Free Trial

7 days

Key Features

Delivery tracking link, Proof of delivery, Delivery analytics

About Routific

Routific is a cloud-based solution designed for Commercial Vehicle Route Planning. Catering to small and medium-sized businesses, it offers an intuitive and efficient approach to managing delivery operations. The platform offers a user-friendly interface with easy import options for customer data, allowing you to quickly adjust routes, assign stops, and accommodate last-minute orders. The software integrates live GPS tracking, real-time driver progress monitoring, and automated notifications, ensuring accurate ETAs and timely deliveries. With its route optimization capabilities, Routific helps you maximize fleet capacity, save on fuel consumption, and efficiently track driver performance. Also, explore these Routific alternatives, which also provide you with cost- and time-saving benefits.


  • The software offers live GPS tracking, allowing you to monitor driver progress, provide accurate ETAs, and make necessary adjustments on the go
  • Routific’s automated notifications and proof of delivery features enhance customer satisfaction by keeping them informed
  • The platform’s API integrations and Shopify compatibility offer seamless order imports, further enhancing its versatility and functionality

Hallel C.

The routing is great, and the support of the company is amazing – highly recommended.


  • When stops are closed, the timeline’s small icons make it hard to access stop details efficiently
  • Switching between projects in Routific requires users to go through the “all projects” menu, which can be seen as an unnecessary step
  • The driver app’s limitation of one image upload per stop can hinder comprehensive documentation
  • Users desire more in-app communication options for better client and driver interaction

Nora M.

It would be nice to have some more options for client messaging or the ability to communicate through the app.

Need a Smarter Commercial Route Planner?

Discover the best route planner for your business that can plan routes, schedule, dispatch, track and much more with a few clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a commercial vehicle route planner?  
    A commercial vehicle route planner is a specialized software or tool that helps businesses in effectively planning, optimizing, and managing delivery routes for commercial vehicles such as trucks, vans, or fleets.
  • How do commercial vehicle route planners work?  
    Commercial vehicle route planners work by analyzing input data such as delivery addresses, time windows, vehicle specs, and real-time traffic information. The advanced algorithms are then used to generate optimal multi-stop routes that reduce travel time, fuel consumption, and operating costs.
  • What are the benefits of using a commercial vehicle route planner?  
    The following are the benefits of using a commercial vehicle route planner:
    • Cost savings: Route planners help reduce fuel costs, vehicle wear and tear, and labor expenses by optimizing routes
    • Time efficiency: They minimize travel time, enabling drivers to make more deliveries in less time
    • Improved customer service: Accurate ETAs and timely deliveries enhance customer satisfaction
    • Reduced environmental impact: Efficient routes reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainability
    • Real-time updates: Some route planners offer live tracking and notifications for better control and communication
  • Can a truck route planner help avoid traffic and delays?  
    Yes, several commercial vehicle route planners use real-time traffic data and predictive algorithms to help drivers avoid traffic jams, accidents, and other delays. By continually monitoring road conditions, these route planners can alter truck routes on the fly, rerouting drivers to the quickest and least crowded alternative routes.
  • How do I choose the right commercial vehicle route planner for my business?  
    When selecting a route planner, consider the following factors:
    • Features: Ensure it offers essential features like route optimization, live tracking, and user-friendly interfaces
    • Scalability: Choose a solution that can grow with your business as your fleet expands
    • Integration: Check if it integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and software
    • Customization: Look for route planners that allow customization to align with your specific business needs
    • User support: Evaluate customer support and training options to ensure you receive assistance when needed
    • Cost-effectiveness: Assess the pricing model and compare it to the potential savings and benefits it offers


In the modern era, commercial vehicle route planners are offering a technological lifeline to businesses seeking to conquer logistical challenges. In this blog, we explored a range of commercial vehicle route planners, each catering to different needs and preferences. However, if you’re searching for an all-encompassing solution that combines advanced features with a user-friendly design, look no further than Upper. Upper is not just a route planner; it’s your trusted partner in revolutionizing the way you handle deliveries in 2023. With features designed to streamline your route planning and optimize every aspect of your delivery operations, Upper stands out as the perfect solution for businesses seeking efficiency and excellence. So, experience the future of delivery logistics with Upper by taking advantage of its and experience it yourself.
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