Boost Your Delivery Business with Route Planning Software

keyKey Takeaways:
  • Route planning is essential for better delivery efficiency and overall cost reduction.
  • Here are the 7 best route planning software that can be Integrated to streamline delivery operations and minimize human errors.
  • Delivery businesses adopting an automated route planning process can reduce time spent on the road by drivers.

The route planning software industry can cross $5.07 billion by 2023. It’s growing at a CAGR of 11.4% and is amongst the leaders in the software industries.

With the rising number of route planning software, it’s difficult for delivery businesses to filter out one that can streamline their business requirements and deliver quality delivery route planning integration.

Here our team has filtered the leading software tailored to your delivery needs that stands out from hundreds of others in the industry.

But before we jump into the different software and their benefits for your business, let’s understand the basics.

What is Delivery Route Planning? How is it Important?

A delivery route planning is a process to provide your delivery drivers with an optimized and shortest delivery route for the daily delivery processing.

Professional delivery planning can help you minimize the guesswork done by the drivers and ensure they follow a well-planned delivery route to complete the requested deliveries in a minimal time.

Delivery businesses have relied on manual delivery route planning for years, which is ineffective and time-consuming. You can bypass the manual dependency and upgrade to a professional route planning automated software that can help you scale your delivery operations.

You can minimize human errors and ensure that you focus on increasing business efficiency.

7 Best Route Planning Software for your Business

Here, we look at the top software that you can choose for your delivery business.

1. Upper Route Planner

Upper Route Planner is a quality route optimization software that offers excellent premium features to streamline your business operations at cost-effective pricing.

upper route planner - best route optimization software

The software can automate delivery scheduling, fleet management, and dispatch with a single click.

You can upload multiple delivery addresses, and the software can generate multiple routes at once for your delivery drivers. It can help you remove the complexities of the manual delivery route planning and processing and simplify the process. 

It offers a dedicated driver app for your drivers to deliver quality results. You can streamline your delivery operations and avoid delays or failures that can hinder the customer experience.

The software can be used by different delivery industries like food, courier, pharmacy, and retail. The centralized control of the delivery operations assists you in making instant changes with a few clicks.

Look at a few top features offered by Upper Route Planner:

  • Quick scheduling
  • Single-click dispatch
  • Seamless integration
  • Automated delivery notifications
  • User-friendly software
  • Accurate route optimization results
  • Detailed reporting and proof of delivery
  • Multiple delivery address management and dispatching
  • No street view

Upper Route Planner

A simple-to-use route planner
that every one is talking about

2. Routific

A professional route planning software can help you manage your delivery operations professionally. It can increase your business efficiency and enable you to optimize your existing business operations.


Routific can help you manage multiple delivery addresses and drivers and ensure that you can access features like route management, order tracking, route monitoring, and other vital delivery management aspects.

The mobile application is light and easy to use and provides you access to the leading route planning features within a few clicks.

  • Robust and intuitive interface
  • Precise and accurate results
  • Smooth integration with third-party apps
  • Has multiple inefficiencies
  • Can only send SMS or email as customer notifications

3. Route4Me


A leading route optimization software that offers great integration features to help you create a robust online delivery management system. The software can easily integrate with QuickBooks, Shopify, WooCommerce, and other leading digital software for your delivery business.

Route4me can enable you to dispatch different drivers and provide them with built-in navigation. The shortest routes can be used to achieve the highest output for your business and ensure that you don’t miss out on the business opportunity.

The accurate and precise route planning results are delivered within 10 seconds, which can help you boost the overall business productivity and help you stand out from other delivery businesses in your industry.

The drivers can check their delivery schedules using the mobile application and can get instant updates when the management team makes a few vital changes in daily operations.

You can remove the manual dependencies for proof of delivery, scheduling drivers, planning routes, and optimizing delivery operations.

  • Unlimited route planning
  • Quick GPS connect
  • Excellent route optimization
  • You can’t delete stops
  • No warning feature for same address upload

4. WorkWave

A top route planning software that can resolve most of the delivery management hiccups, WorkWave has exclusive features that can help you set the business workflow and enhance your profitability.


The software offers smooth route planning integration to optimize your scheduling, dispatching, reporting, and route management process. You can use the notification feature of the software to help you update the customers and your workforce about the sudden changes in the delivery schedule.

WorkWave can help you save time, effort, and cost for enhanced business outcomes. You can use the drag-and-drop features to streamline your scheduling process and achieve desired outcomes.

  • Great technical support
  • User-friendly access
  • API with easy integration
  • Shows ETAs
  • Has consistent glitches
  • Time-consuming to add different locations

5. TourSolver

A professional cloud-based route optimization and planning software, TourSolver offers excellent features that can help you handle delivery addresses and multiple drivers with finesse.


The software can offer quality route planning results for different industries at different scales to grow their business and take it to the next level.

The quality of the optimized route is great, and the software’s affordability helps it stand out from other delivery routing apps.

It offers a similar tool that helps delivery businesses to assess time, improve operational cost results, optimize decisions, and calculate the delivery period and vehicle mileage within a few clicks.

You can export itineraries and schedules using PDF, iCalender, or Excel, which can be easily shared with your in-house delivery management team.

The entire route is analyzed keeping multiple factors in mind, like weather conditions, ETAs, real-time traffic, etc., to deliver accurate and precise results. It offers key features like routing, dispatching, mileage tracking, and employee management.

  • Different exclusive functionalities
  • Delivers accurate and precise route planning results
  • Offers great opportunity to scale your delivery and logistic operations
  • Ideal for larger organizations only.
  • Subscription costly
  • Take more time and effort to configure

6. OptimoRoute

Ideal for small or medium-sized businesses, OptimoRoute planner offers decent dynamic routing features that can help you handle multiple vehicles and bypass traffic congestion to minimize the operational cost.


It can be used by industries like HVAC, eCommerce, field sales, food, and healthcare. Your drivers can get digital proof of delivery on their mobile devices and communicate seamlessly with your management team.

It offers a great combination of features that can help you strengthen your ecosystem and ensure you can achieve better results.

  • A quality UI/UX design.
  • Reliable and fast.
  • Detailed reporting system.
  • Issues with the GPS locations.
  • Can experience glitches.

7. MyRouteOnline

MyRouteOnline quickly converts the Excel files having the delivery address data into the shortest optimized routes.


You can optimize delivery routes and dispatch your delivery team to the desired designations within a few clicks. MyRouteOnline offers different pricing options based on your requirements and needs to help you maximize your investment.

The user-friendly software makes it easier for your team to adapt to the new integration and improve your existing manual delivery operations.

It offers turn-to-turn driving instructions that help the drivers align with the optimized path and complete their daily delivery tasks. You can export the routes, reload, save, and print maps to enhance the delivery management experience.

You can fulfill the customer’s requirements and maintain complete transparency with them by providing real-time tracking links of your delivery consignments.

  • Effective GPS for enhanced results.
  • Clear directions to the drivers with voice commands.
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Cannot edit the address later
  • Reformatting required in Excel files

11 Benefits Of Using Route Planning Software For Your Business

Multiple benefits can be availed by your delivery business segment using professional route planning software. We have highlighted a few benefits.

1. Meet customer expectation

The changing industry and consumer needs require you to deliver accurate and timely deliveries. Using professional route planning and optimization software, you can remove inefficiencies and human errors and streamline your delivery process. 

Using geocoding, you can generate optimized final routes based on ETAs, weather, and traffic movement that can help you to achieve your delivery goals and complete accurate deliveries within minimal time.

You can also provide your special customers with the same deliveries that can help you build a strong relationship with your customer and boost your industry presence.

Meeting special customer delivery demands and helping you stand out and achieve new business heights. You can maintain complete transparency with the delivery process and provide real-time tracking features to your customers. 

With the scale in delivery volume, the route planner can help you remove the complexities and simplify the process to help you meet the customer expectations with finesse.

2. Reduce fuel costs

A professional route planning, and optimization software can help you minimize the delivery time, choose the shortest and optimized routes, and increase the efficiency of your delivery process.

These benefits can help you minimize the fuel costs for overall delivery operations and help you increase your profits. Your drivers can use the software to ensure that the deliveries are within minimal fuel usage. 

Following the optimized routes can also help you increase vehicle efficiency and minimize wear and tear in traffic.

3. Real-time visibility

Your management team can create an effective communication link with your on-ground employees that can help you increase business efficiency. The software can help your management get real-time visibility of the drivers and help them bypass different troubles and roadblocks in delivery operations.

Your logistics and transportation ecosystem can also work in sync and make informed decisions with the help of real-time tracking data. Every delivery driver can be supervised using the software or the mobile application to ensure that the delivery operations are carried out professionally.

It can help you check the workforce and ensure everyone stays aligned with the rules and regulations set for your delivery operations.

Challenges or deviations can be easily dealt with and tracked to ensure the overall delivery operations are smooth with no hindrance.

4. No manual intervention

The route planning and optimization software takes multiple sophisticated and advanced touch points into account and helps you bypass the hurdles faced with manual processing. 

The delivery route planner app can help you add automation to your delivery management operations and ensure the route optimization results are of maximum accuracy.

You can channel your resources to more productive business operations that can help you increase the overall delivery operations and ensure you accomplish daily targets.

Bypassing the manual interventions using a professional delivery route planning software can ensure that you adapt to the new changing environment and strengthen your delivery ecosystem to handle the new changing business demands.

5. Leverage data

Data is critical while improving your delivery route planning and extracting the most efficient route for your delivery routes. You can use the data from route optimization software to help you optimize your delivery operations and spot the area that needs improvement.

You can extract different businesses, employees, and other segments’ performance reports and go through different data metrics for professional analysis.

These data insights cannot be extracted from a Google Maps route planner, so you must use a professional route planner to achieve the desired business outcome.

6. Time saver when planning your delivery routes

The delivery routing software can help you extract optimized routes within a few clicks that help you save time and increase your business efficiency. Your delivery drivers can handle more work days and help you increase the overall business productivity.

You can increase your profits and business scale with the increased delivery efficiency. The multi-stop delivery routes provided by the delivery route planning app can be easily dispatched to different drivers within a few clicks minimizing the planning and dispatching time.

7. Efficient delivery management of staff

The delivery route planner apps provide centralized control to manage your workforce and ensure that you can scale your delivery operations to a new level.

You can check the daily reports of the work done by your delivery drivers and effectively manage your staff.

You can make real-time changes in the set delivery schedule based on your priorities which can help you increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations. 

You can control the access of your employees, which can help you ensure that the route planning optimization software can be utilized effectively within your organization.

8. Automated routing 

You can automate the routing process and utilize the core features of professional route planning and optimization software. It can help you optimize routes, increase delivery vehicle efficiency, and achieve your delivery business goals.

With a few clicks, you can add multiple delivery addresses in the delivery software, and plan routes your drivers’ fleet can use to manage the delivery operations.

9. Electronic proof of delivery

A few top route optimization apps can help you take electronic proof of delivery that can minimize the efforts put in by the delivery drivers. They don’t need to maintain documents of physical proof of deliveries, and there’s a minimal chance of discrepancies in the process.

The paperless POD  can help you confirm the successful delivery of the package, and the data can be stored safely on cloud storage.

 10. Delivery App for DriversMobile accessibility

Multiple vendors provide a dedicated route optimization app that increases the usability and accessibility of the software. Your drivers can install the application using Android or iOS devices and utilize different features of route optimization software to help you streamline your delivery workflows.

A smart route planner app ensures you get all the features on a mobile device and create optimized routes in just a few minutes from anywhere, anytime.

 11. API integration with other software

The best route planner app can help you integrate your digital ecosystem to boost your overall business management.

Choosing a quality routing software can help you integrate your CRM, employee management system, eCommerce website, or sales management software that can help you sync the required data across your business ecosystem.

You can maximize the impact of these benefits if you choose the best route planning and optimization software.

How Can You Benefit By Using Upper Route Planner For Business?

Upper Route Planner is a leading route planning and optimization software that can help you with the speedy route planning process and ensure that you can unlock the true potential of a professional route optimization software.

It offers quality features like:

  • One-click driver dispatch to save time and effort and ensure that your drivers work with the highest efficiency.
  • Quick address import can help you easily handle your delivery workflow.
  • Advanced scheduling options for smooth route planning and scheduling management.
  • Quick sync with PC, iOS, and Android to increase the usability and availability of the software.
  • Boost business performance by 40% and ensure that you stand out from the rest.
  • Save up to 40% of the cost to maximize your profits.

Integrate Upper with Your Existing Business Software and Solutions

The software offers excellent API integration that can help you optimize route and dispatch operations. You can integrate the Upper with your existing digital software to streamline your process and help you access the data from a centralized position.

Upper Route Planner offers quick and smooth integration with eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Opencart, etc.

It also offers flawless integration with other delivery management software like SalesForce, Kiva, Casual, etc.

Try the period now and strengthen your in-house delivery management ecosystem with Upper Route Planner.

Get Upper for Route Planning Integration

Transfer your data from your device to the Upper Route Planner in a matter of seconds. Use Upper to minimize your route planning time and increase business productivity. Try now!


Integrating a professional route optimization software is that you can automate your delivery business process, which can help you save time, effort, and money.

You can install a professional delivery route planner to help optimize your delivery process and ensure that you can achieve.

Route planning helps the drivers remove the guesswork and focus on the planned delivery path to achieve the desired business outcomes.

Choose The Best Software For Delivery Route Planning Integration

A professional delivery route planner that seamlessly integrates with other digital assets can help ease the management process and help you skyrocket your business scale.

Choose the Upper Route Planner for your delivery drivers to avail the benefits of integrating a professional route planning software.

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