10 Best Route Optimization Software Solution For Your Delivery Business

The route optimization software market is expected to reach USD 5.057 billion at 11.4% CAGR by 2023.

It means that the importance of optimizing routes in the delivery business is increasing gradually. So, you need to include the best route optimization software solution in your business. But the main question: how to select the best one? What are its features? What are the essential points that need to be taken care of while choosing the software?

In this article, you will come across the top-rated route optimization software that helps to make your delivery route planning more easier.

What is Route Optimization?

Route optimization is a technique to determine the shortest route available to reach the destination. However, optimization is somewhat more challenging than just finding the shortest path available between source and destination.

By using robust algorithms, route optimization helps you deal with either a single route or multi-stop route by considering time windows for deliveries.

Best Route Optimization Software (Comparison Table)

Route Optimization SoftwareUser RatingsTop Features PriceAvailable on
Most PreferredUpper Route Planner
  • Multiple stops, turn-by-turn directions for multiple routes
  • Plan 500+ stops at once
  • Auto Import with Excel
  • One Click Driver Dispatch
  • Proof of Delivery (photo/signature)
  • Analytics & Smart Reports
  • Human-centric design approach
  • Curbside delivery
  • $39/Driver/ Month (Paid Annually)
  • icon
  • icon
  • icon
  • Create and monitor optimal routes
  • Update customers with delivery times
  • Collect proof of delivery
  • Setup specific constraints like avoiding highways or tolls completely to customize your route to your business needs
  • Import from spreadsheet
  • Real-time driver tracking
  • Dispatch: $40/ Driver/Month
  • Recipient: $60/ Driver/Month
  • Premium: $100 Driver/Month
  • icon
  • icon
  • Live GPS tracking
  • Proof of delivery
  • Delivery analytics
  • Shopify integration
  • Dispatch to the driver app
  • Essentials:USD 39 Per Vehicle/Month
  • Professional USD 59 Per Vehicle/Month
  • Premium (Custom Pricing)
  • icon
  • icon
  • Live driver tracking
  • Easily import multiple addresses from email or spreadsheet
  • USD 41.62/Month
  • icon
  • icon
  • icon
  • Real-time tracking of driver progress
  • In-built GPS navigation
  • Fleet management system
  • Mileage tracking
  • Track your drivers’ itinerary to avoid employee fraud
  • Order management
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Monthly Plan – $10/Month
  • Annual Plan – $79/Year
  • icon
  • icon
  • icon
  • Proof of delivery (photos, signature, notes)
  • Even track the status updates in offline mode
  • Automated planning
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Real-time route notification
  • Starter: $17.10 Per Driver/Month
  • Business: $26.10 Per Driver/Month
  • Enterprise: $35.10 Per driver/Month
  • icon
  • icon
Workwave Route Manager
  • Plan around service time windows and customer requests
  • Manage schedules/routes as needed
  • Confirm driver ETAs
  • time window planning
  • Order management integration
  • Dispatch approved route plans
  • $49 Per Month/Per Vehicle
  • icon
  • icon
  • Real-time updates
  • Drag-and-drop management
  • Supports digital documents
  • Take customer’s signature of proof of delivery
  • Reporting and analytics
  • $15.31/User/Month
  • icon
  • icon
Verizon Connect
  • Support asset tracking
  • IFTA fuel tracking
  • Work order delivery
  • Electronic proof of delivery
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Reporting and analytics
  • $40/Vehicle/Month
  • icon
  • icon
PTV Route Optimizer
  • Optimize fleet use
  • Plan better routes & schedules
  • Fleet optimization
  • Include customer preferences & vehicle restrictions
  • Calculate overall costs precisely
  • Provide customers with exact ETAs
  • Integrate with other software systems
  • Live Driver Tracking
  • Mileage Tracking
  • Performance Metrics
  • Driver management
  • Contact PTV Group for detailed pricing information.
  • icon

Top 10 Route Optimization Software

  1. Upper Route Planner

    Upper Route Planner, one of the top-rated and multi-stop route planning software, allows you to optimize routes for multiple drivers quickly. Many delivery businesses use this powerful route planning  software to increase productivity for drivers and dispatchers.

    Upper Route Planner

    Using a human-design-centric approach, Upper Route Planner is the perfect tool for route planning and optimization, giving a delightful user experience.

    • Best useful for: Couriers, retail delivery, food delivery, curbside pickup & delivery, meal-kit delivery, and last-mile delivery

    What do users mostly like about the Upper Route Planner?

    • It’s very straightforward to add stops
    • The way to showcase the optimized routes
    • Navigation between multiple stops
    • Easily create reports and analytics
    • Responsive style of the whole system
    • Create and manage your route more efficiently.
    • It offers a mobile app for drivers and creates routes on the road
    • Create optimized and multi-stop routes for multiple drivers simultaneously
    • Offers a 7-day free trial
    • Set advanced parameters like time constraints, time windows, and priorities
    • A multi-platform route optimization and planning software
    • Voice instructions for navigation, lane assist (lane guidance), and road indication.
    • Settings for truck size and load type;
    • Syncs with Google Maps API.
    • Premium routing app.
    • No real-time driver tracking
    • No voice directions
    CTA image

    Upper Crew Crew

    A Simple-to-use route planner that every one is talking about.

    • Save up to 95% of planning time
    • Save up to 40% of time on the road
    • Plan 500 stops at once

    No credit card details required

  2. Circuit

    The Circuit is a route optimization platform that allows you to optimize, track, and manage your multiple delivery operations.


    With its advanced technology, Circuit allows you to know the current traffic condition on your delivery route. Moreover, it allows you to quickly optimize multiple delivery routes and get proof of delivery on your mobile.

    • Best useful for: Startups, small and medium-sized businesses, and global corporations

    • Have an option to select your preferred GPS like Google Maps, TomtomGo, and even Maze
    • Gives estimated arrival times for your planned route
    • High costs
    • Lack of route customization options

  3. Routific

    Routific is a routing optimization software solution that makes it easy for you to calculate the most efficient route by considering essential factors like time windows, delivery types, vehicle capacities, stop priorities, driver breaks, and shift times.

    Routific Route Planner App

    The good part about this routing software is that you can even perform activities like route customization, stops re-assigned, and last-minute orders can be added.

    • Best useful for: Small and medium-sized businesses involved in logistics
    • Routes are saved and can be analyzed at a later date
    • Easy to make modifications to your stops, drivers, and routes
    • Very expensive
  4. RouteXL

    RouteXL is a route optimization platform that makes it easy for you to calculate the best route for multiple destinations.


    By using RouteXL, you have an option to take printouts of the route or even directly export them to various integration apps available in the market. In addition, the communication feature facilitates interaction between onfield drivers and back-office managers.

    RouteXL helps users plan routes using geocoding, a global positioning system, and various other features, as mentioned above in the comparison table.

    • Best useful for: Delivery businesses & individual delivery drivers
    • Ability to add multiple addresses and locations to a route plan
    • The free plan offers up to 20 stops per route. The paid plan offers up to 200 stops per route
    • Free up to 20 stops per route
    • Save previous route features
    • No proof of delivery
    • Not user-friendly or intuitive for delivery drivers or businesses
  5. Route4Me

    Route4Me is a fleet management solution designed for performing route planning and routing guides. With its optimization engine, this software allows you to compute through millions of possible routing scenarios to provide the time-efficient and most efficient routes.


    Route4Me allows you to upload thousands of customers simultaneously and even draw regions and specify times at which customers should be visited.

    • Best useful for: Deliveries, pick-ups, outside sales, as well as home and business services
    • Easily maintain route efficiency
    • Supports daily, weekly, monthly, and occasional delivery of service
    • Challenges in accessing and extracting large data sets

    Plan quickly, deliver faster, delight customers and get home early.

    Everyone deserves to have simple and easy route planning.

  6. OptimoRoute

    OptimoRoute is a web-based route optimization and schedule planning tool designed explicitly for delivery and field service businesses. 


    This software solution allows you to create and plan the routes for your drivers easily. Moreover, this routing software helps you to get the route map, complete the schedule on time, order information, and navigation in one place. 

    • Best useful for: Delivery and transportation businesses
    • Works even when there’s no cellular signal or Wi-Fi
    • Ability to divide the route between drivers based on time, percentage and miles
    • Supports outdated maps
    • Lacking GPS system
  7. WorkWave Route Manager

    WorkWave Route Manager is a route planning software solution that allows you to plan routes for delivery personnel quickly, track drivers, and stay connected in real-time. 

    Workwave Route Manager

    This software solution supports route planning systems that make it easy for you to build optimized routes and utilize functionalities like drag-and-drop. Moreover, it enables you to assign last-minute orders and send alerts on violations. This strengthens customer service to another level.

    • Best useful for: Transportation and logistics businesses

    • Provides accurate ETA
    • Awesome customer’s receiving windows
    • Generates tricky reports

  8. GSMtasks

    GSMtasks is a fleet and field service management solution with route & task optimization capability for any company that manages a mobile fleet of drivers, couriers & technicians.


    With its route optimization feature, it becomes easy for you to know your driver’s current location and even keep up-to-date with the status of daily tasks in real-time. Moreover, this cloud-based solution allows you to check the up-to-date information on every driver’s movement using its web dispatcher dashboard. 

    • Best useful for: maintenance repair, home delivery, bike repair, logistics

    • Supports excellent onboarding & training
    • Easy to use for drivers to add multiple stops in planning routes
    • Technical problem while running software

  9. Verizon Connect

    Verizon Connect is a routing optimization software that helps you plan multi-stop routes to save your time and money. 

    Verizon Connect

    This route planning software allows you to track the driver’s driving patterns, making it easy for you to give incentives for safe driving to your delivery drivers. In addition, this routing software will enable you to create optimized routes for your drivers and provide them with the most efficient route while driving.

    • Best useful for: Small businesses involved in transportation and logistics

    • Highly personalizable dashboards
    • It can be integrated with many other Verizon Connect services to provide customer satisfaction
    • Long contract periods
    • Expensive compared to similar services

  10. PTV Route Optimizer

    PTV route optimizer is a route planning software specifically designed to save your time, fuel costs, and, most importantly, money.

    PTV Route Optimizer

    This route optimization platform is available on web-based and on-premise route planning technology to provide the best delivery services to every business.

    • Best useful for: Transportation & retail business
    • 24/7 customer service
    • Granular functionality for alerts
    • The Learning curve can be steep

Plan quickly, deliver faster, delight customers and get home early.

Everyone deserves to have simple and easy route planning.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Routing Optimization Software

After looking at the detailed information about the best route optimization platforms, you must consider essential factors before selecting the best one for your business.

  • Connectivity: First of all, you need to select a routing software such that it can be accessed remotely via cloud-based applications, Android, iOS apps and can be accessed from anywhere, just like Upper Route Planner is.
  • Flexibility: You must look for software that can quickly manage territories, plan strategic movements, perform business mapping, and even find a delivery logistics platform that provides more than one function.
  • Pricing:  It is an essential factor that you need to consider. You must select the software as per your budget. Because monthly subscribed plans can sometimes prove to be highly costly for you.
  • Reviews: The next thing you need to concentrate on is checking the reviews from driver’s and business owners’ perspectives. They are the only ones who can easily share their experience to help you to select the best one.
  • Accuracy: The route optimization software you select must have good accuracy in providing the perfect driving direction to your driver.

These are the detailed information about the software solutions and essential factors that you need to consider before selecting the software for your business needs.

Still, do you have any questions related to route optimization software? Don’t worry; we have highlighted the frequently asked questions in the next section.


The route planning software that helps you achieve goals on time and efficiently manage the business operations is the best one. The best example is Upper Route Planner, as it offers route optimization features, making it easy for you to save time and dispatch routes for your drivers.

Google Maps is limited to only ten stops per route and has zero route optimization features. So, it’s better to opt for routing software like Upper Route Planner that allows you to add 500+ stops at a time.

Route planning is essential to bring more convenience to drivers and enhance business productivity. Here is the reason why?

  • Cut transportation costs
  • Improvement in customer service
  • It helps you perform better planning
  • Increased safety

Route planning helps your drivers to handle their delivery orders by providing an optimized route traditionally. On the other hand, route optimization uses algorithms to handle thousands of changing parameters like vehicle weight, route traffic, route distance, delivery window times, vehicle mileage.

Optimize Your Delivery Routes with Upper Crew

So, which is the best route optimization software solution for your delivery business?

The answer lies in this article, as we have highlighted the list of top ten routing software and their pricing and benefits. All the software solutions provide almost different functionalities to deal with planned routes and enhance the operational efficiency of your delivery business.

To optimize your delivery route and improve your delivery productivity, you can try out Upper Crew. We strive to provide the best-optimized routes and deal with more and more delivery services to your customers.