10 Best Delivery Route Planner Apps That Make Life a Lot Easier 2021

Making deliveries professionally isn’t as simple as picking up couriers from point A and dropping them to point B, then points C, D, E, and F.  Planning the best route to make these deliveries in a manner that saves both time and money is crucial for any organization making last-mile deliveries.

Route planning is more than finding an optimized route for a single vehicle that has multiple stops. Usually, there is a fleet of vehicles involved and a vast area that has to be covered in a limited time and in a way that is friendly economically.

Does sitting with a pen and paper and trying to fit multiple destinations on a map or using Google Maps manually to find a route for delivery drivers seem redundant and a big waste of time? Then you are at the right place. 

We have done the heavy lifting for you and you can find the right delivery route planner

For drivers to make life easier and more organized.

What is a Route Planning App?

A delivery route planner app is a tool that helps delivery businesses and drivers in scheduling the most efficient route for daily deliveries. In addition to creating multiple routes, the tool also offers:

  • Route Optimization;
  • Turn-by-turn navigation;
  • Route monitoring;
  • GPS tracking; &
  • Proof of delivery.

A delivery route planning app helps delivery teams create more efficient shift schedules and be on time for each delivery task. 

Deliver More, Earn More

Upper Crew helps you accommodate more orders & organize your delivery operations in the most cost-efficient manner.

Top Delivery Route Planners Comparison

Delivery Route Planner AppsRatingsKey FeaturesDownload Pricing
Google Maps
  • Augmented Reality combined with Street View
  • AI-powered virtual assistant
  • icon
  • icon
  • icon
  • Free
Most PreferredUpper Route Planner
  • One-click Driver Dispatch
  • Human-centric Design Approach
  • Curbside Delivery
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Analytics & Smart Reports
  • icon
  • icon
  • icon
  • Drag & Drop Scheduling
  • Add Details/Notes for each stop
  • icon
  • icon
  • icon
  • RouteXL20: Free
  • RouteXL100: €35 EUR per month
  • RouteXL200: €70 EUR per month
  • Covid-19 Infor & Resources
  • Book Hotels, Flights, and Rental Cars for trip planning
  • icon
  • icon
  • icon
  • Basic: $99 per month
  • Plus: $199 per month
  • Business: $399 per month
  • Business Plus: $799 per month
  • Optimizes routes on vehicle types
  • Direct navigation with Tookan
  • icon
  • icon
  • icon
  • $5 per user, per month
  • Modern interface
  • Extremely easy to use
  • icon
  • icon
  • icon
  • Starter: $149 per month
  • Basic: $349 per month
  • Premier: $799 per month
  • Professional: $1,999 per month
  • Real-time Order Tracking
  • Live Tracking & ETA
  • icon
  • icon
  • icon
  • Starter: $17 per driver, per month
  • Business: $26 per driver, per month
  • Enterprise: $35 per driver, per month
  • Predictive Weather
  • Avoidance Zones
  • icon
  • icon
  • icon
  • Route Management: $149 per month
  • Route Optimization: $199 per month
  • Route Optimization Plus: $299 per month
  • Multi-user Support
  • Progress Tracking
  • icon
  • icon
  • icon
  • Basic: Free
  • Pro: $10 per month
  • Flex: $10 per month + $10 for extra driver
  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Automatic SMS & Email Customer Notifications
  • icon
  • icon
  • icon
  • Essential: $39 USD/user
  • Professional: $59 USD/user
  • Premium: Custom Pricing

Based on the key features, pricing plans, and the user ratings, you can choose which route planner works the best for your delivery business and your delivery teams.

10 Best Delivery Route Planner

  1. Google Maps

    Google Maps Delivery Route Planner

    Google Maps is the first option that comes to mind when you think of route planning and navigation, right? With Google Maps, Google has built an incredible delivery route app that helps millions of people across the globe to reach their destination on a daily basis. 

    Some of the features that will be useful to you:

    • Create a list of stops and save them or share them with your friends and family;
    • Send real-time location to others;
    • Turn by turn navigation;
    • You can create a route and download an area map ahead of time and use it offline;
    • Get real-time traffic updates;
    • Add route preferences to avoid toll roads, highways, country borders, and ferries;
    • Google Street View with Augmented Reality;
    • Virtual Assistant powered by artificial intelligence.

    Available on: Mac, PC, Android, and iOS.

    • It is a free app, available on Android, iOS, and the web.
    • Google Street View, accurate estimated arrival time, and Offline navigation.
    • Plan a multi-stop route with up to 10 stops.
    • Receive traffic rules and live traffic updates.
    • It provides an efficient route for biking, walking, cycling, driving, and public transit.
    • Users often miss exits and get the wrong route.
    • TThe actual routing can be quite inefficient at times.
    • The GPS drains your phone battery very quickly.
    • It can only create a route with up to 10 stops, including the starting point.
    • Does not consider breaks, time constraints, or time windows.
    • No proof of delivery.
    • Collects customer data.
  2. Upper Route Planner

    Upper Delivery Route App

    Upper Crew is accepted as the best route planner app and the top pick for delivery drivers who are planning delivery routes with multiple stops. It is used by couriers, retail delivery customers, food delivery customers, and meal-kit delivery, and last-mile delivery. 

    Users love the fact that it’s very straightforward to add stops, receive optimized routes, navigate to the stops, record data, and create reports. Users also love the beautiful style of the whole system.

    Some of the features that will be useful to you:

    • What makes Upper Route planner stand out is both the simplicity of the design and the powerful optimization algorithms;
    • The app was created with users in mind, using a “human centered design” approach. This means that every step of the process is easy and intuitive;
    • It syncs across all platforms in real-time. So whether you are using it on your desktop or mobile app, you can add stops in one, optimize in the other, and record them in a third app, and they will sync across platforms;
    • Some of the favorite features reported by users are the Location-based Auto Detect and Error-proof Address Input;
    • It offers the ability to avoid toll roads and highways;
    • It can dispatch the routes to the drivers in a single click;
    • Import stops using Excel;
    • Create proof of delivery on mobile device (which is a major feature for delivery businesses).

    Available on: Mac, PC, Android, & iOS

    • Offers quick, time and cost-efficient route planning in a few seconds.
    • Mobile app for drivers to create routes on the go.
    • Create multi-stop delivery routes for multiple drivers simultaneously.
    • Human-centric design approach for an intuitive user experience.
    • Reports, analytics, and proof of delivery.
    • Set parameters like driver breaks, time windows, curbside pickup, priority stops.
    • Can be utilised by independent contractors, drivers, small and medium-sized businesses.
    • A multi-platform route optimization software.
    • The Crew app allows you to manage an entire team of delivery drivers through a single dashboard.
    • No text notifications.
    • No real-time driver tracking.
    • No street view.
    • No voice directions.
    CTA image

    Upper Crew Crew

    A Simple-to-use route planner that every one is talking about.

    • Save up to 95% of planning time
    • Save up to 40% of time on the road
    • Plan 500 stops at once

    No credit card details required

  3. MapQuest Route Planner

    Mapquest Delivery Route Planner App

    MapQuest is the most downloaded free delivery route app for drivers to plan optimized routes. It offers various features for both personal and professional needs. The free app allows a limited number of stops. If you have more complex needs, it has several paid versions depending on your requirements.

    Some of the features that will be useful to you:

    • To plan efficient routes using MapQuest delivery route planner, you can either import a spreadsheet containing all addresses or manually copy-paste addresses into the search bar and view your optimized schedule on the map;
    • MapQuest offers an option to automatically re-orders stops to find the shortest/ fastest route and create a round trip;
    • It has an option for round trips which is perfect for businesses that have a central warehouse for drivers to pick up their deliveries;
    • Also, it allows you to prioritize between the shortest time and shortest distance to plan the route, depending on the urgency of the delivery;
    • All these features are in addition to regular route optimization software features like avoiding U-turns, toll roads, etc;
    • It also allows you to share the route to drivers through a text message and can be viewed on other GPS navigation software like Google Maps;
    • It offers a free version that allows a maximum of 26 addresses on a trip and can be used for one driver only.

    Available on: Mac, PC, Android, and iOS.

    • Has a website version as well as an android and iPhone application
    • Gives both drivings and walking directions if needed
    • Driving friendly features like night mode, speed display, real time traffic data, etc.
    • Has pop-up ads in some versions
    • Hard to see the design on  mobile phones with smaller screens
    • Can be used only for 1 driver
  4. Route XL

    Routexl Best Routing App

    Route XL allows you to make multiple stops when you map a route that includes multiple drivers, in a way that saves both time and fuel, thus lowering costs and emissions. It has a free version that allows up to 20 locations per route and has paid options that allows you to have 100 and 200 addresses per route.

    However, the route optimization settings can’t be changed from driver to driver, and one set applies to all. Thus Route Xl is best best routing app for small to medium fleets with less than 100 vehicles. 

    Some of the features that will be useful to you:

    • Offers GPS tracking;
    • Address import feature from a spreadsheet;
    • You can send routes to drivers by printing or through email;
    • Offers WEBFLEET integration;
    • It allows you to export delivery routes to different programs like Apple Maps and Google Maps;
    • Offers more advanced route optimization that allows you to split the stops among multiple vehicles with different load-carrying capacity.

    Available on: Web, Android, and iOS. 

    • Allows splitting of deliveries between multiple drivers
    • Gives the route with lowest carbon emission
    • The route plan/map can be viewed on 3rd party apps
    • Not a very robust delivery route planner for businesses.
    • Doesn’t support real-time optimization or allow automatic updates.
    • No way to update customers, generate reports, or proof of delivery
  5. Flightmap

     Flightmap Route Planner

    Flightmap is another good route optimization service that has a free version, allowing you to make 200 stops per month between 2 drivers and has small business and growth plans for more volume of deliveries. It is quite similar to RouteXL.

    Some of the features that will be useful to you:

    • It allows vehicle-based optimization;
    • It has an interactive drag-and-drop interface;
    • Share routes with the driver in a single click;
    • Integrates with Tookan, since they belong to the same parent company;
    • Offers advanced route settings like a maximum number of vehicles, maximum stops per vehicle, etc. to plan your resources better;
    • It allows you to monitor and manage routes easily, and import data quickly through a spreadsheet or by copy-pasting.

    Available on: Website-only.

    • Advanced route settings like the maximum number of stops per driver
    • Allows live driver tracking
    • Gives performance metrics
    • Doesn’t support spreadsheet uploading
    • No room for driver customization
    • Additional monthly charge for Tookan integration.
  6. Onfleet

    Onfleet Delivery Route Planner

    Onfleet has revolutionized the concept of last-mile delivery, with a complete toolkit for its users that includes end-to-end route planning, and analytics that help you improve customer satisfaction. Onfleet is a complete solution for some businesses, offering both multiple stops route mapping and delivery management services. 

    Onfleet allows you to create individual driver profiles and settings, like different start/endpoints, shift times, etc. which is a crucial feature if all your drivers have different shift times or start their deliveries from different points. 

    Some of the features that will be useful to you:

    • Dispatch routes and manage operations from a single dashboard;
    • Auto-dispatch and route optimization;
    • Provides proof of delivery and real-time data;
    • Allows driver chat and predictive ETAs;
    • Real-time driver tracking;
    • Integrated consumer communication;
    • Offers comprehensive reports; 

    Available on: Cloud, SaaS, Web, Android, and iOS

    • Easy to use and implement
    • Customer can track the progress of their deliveries easily
    • Great chatting interface for quick updates
    • Ability to have individual driver settings
    • Easy integration with existing technology.
    • There are reports of technical difficulties with the application, resolved quickly.
    • Inaccurate map for hard to reach the location within the United States
    • No way to view previous day’s tasks.
  7. OptimoRoute

    Optimoroute Best Routing Apps

    “Organizing the Mobile Workforce” OptimoRoute provides routing and optimization services to every kind of business, food delivery, cleaning and maintenance services, retail and distribution services, waste collection, eCommerce, etc. 

    Some of the features that will be useful to you:

    • It allows you to easily import routes through a spreadsheet containing all addresses;
    • It supports multiple parameters like service time windows and plans your route in support of all parameters;
    • sends the directions directly to drivers’ phones and accommodates mid-route changes easily in drivers’ phones;
    •  It also accommodates rush orders easily along with living tracking of your drivers’ progress and accommodates personal driver settings. 

    Available on: Cloud, SaaS, Web-based, Android, and iOS.

    • Higher cost-effectiveness over some other apps
    • Can plan the whole week with multiple driver settings
    • Easy to use software
    • Ability to add stops to route in progress
    • No SMS notification for customers
    • The software has no option for delivery verification
    • Can’t adjust routes easily using drag-and-drop interface.
  8. Route4me

    Route4Me Best Delivery Route Planner App

    Route4me delivery route app is designed “For every business whose employees, subcontractors, or vendors are on the go”. Route4me saves businesses from early morning routing chaos, and it is ideal for companies with 10+ addresses per driver and claims to generate 25-30% shorter routes.

     The subscription fee is based on your customizations and you can select features by paying a price for each one.

    They give a ton of information as well as allow for a lot of customization on the routes and gives you the ability to view them as a grid on a map, single route views, etc. However, this delivery route planner app assumes all your drivers start at the same time from the same point. 

    Some of the features that will be useful to you:

    • It promises to plan routes in 60 seconds every day;
    • Offers route monitoring;
    • It offers cross-platform functionality, syncing across web and mobile apps;
    • Offers turn-by-turn directions;
    • Works automatically with Google Maps and Waze;
    • Offers route customization for multiple drivers simultaneously; 
    • It offers GPS tracking and collects driver data.

    Available on: Cloud, SaaS, Web, Android, and iOS.

    • Easy to use and quick
    • Improves scheduling and makes the most effective deliveries
    • Easily add new stops to vehicles already in route
    • Ability to plan routes using pre-set ETAs
    • Can become very expensive
    • No room for customizing driver profiles
    • Add-on features have additional fees.
  9. Road Warrior

    RoadWarrior Delivery Route Planner App

    Road Warrior is the perfect multi-stop route planner to create unlimited routes for drivers. Road Warrior offers a free version with limited features, an individual and a team plan depending on the number of drivers. 

    It, however, doesn’t allow drag and drop scheduling, and the team dispatching experience is not a smooth one and drivers’ progress can be viewed only through the website and not through the mobile application. 

    Some of the features that will be useful to you:

    • Dispatchers are easily able to create and optimize routes by importing spreadsheets containing addresses and then send directions to drivers’ phones;
    • The dispatchers are able to view the progress of the drivers and make updates in the in-process routes as needed;
    • Dispatchers can create round trip routes;
    • Receive real-time location and estimated arrival time using GPS tracking;

    Available on: Cloud, SaaS, Web, Android, and iOS.

    • Works well with Google Maps, Apple Maps, etc.
    • User-friendly website version
    • Great pricing
    • Uploading stops without attaching them to a driver
    • Annual plan offers unlimited routes.
    • Customer service only through email
    • Difficult to change routes once they are sent to mobile apps
  10. Routific

    Routific Route Planner App

    Routific is top delivery route planner app “Route Planning without the Hassle”. With Routific, route optimization is very quick, sending directions to drivers’ phones is easy and keeps track of drivers’ progress throughout the day and updates ETAs automatically. Furthermore, it is very easy to update and change routes with Routific.

    Some of the features that will be useful to you:

    • It sends automatic messages with the planned delivery times and delays to customers, captures the signature within the mobile software, which makes the administration of the process relatively easier;
    • The Routing Algorithm distributes a number of stops equally rather than distributing deliveries based on time and distance;
    • Routific has great support through phone, live chat, and email which can be handy for drivers facing technical difficulties on the road;
    • The driver tracking feature is useful for the management;
    • It can capture proof of delivery;
    • Drivers can change routes on-the-fly.

    Available on: Cloud, SaaS, Web, Android, and iOS.

  • Sends messages to customers regarding ETA and delays
  • Easy to modify routes
  • Easy to learn
  • Manually modifying route is hard
  • Unreliable map in remote areas within the United States

Important Features of Route Planning Apps For Delivery Drivers that Make Life Easier

Important Features of Route Planning Apps for Delivery Drivers
  1. Availability across different platforms

    One of the first things to consider while selecting a good route mapping application is its availability across different platforms like App Store, Google Play Store, and PC and Mac either through a website or software.

  2. Easy to Use

    Another pivotal feature that is often looked over is the learning curve associated with the software. If the routing tool is hard to get accustomed to and needs a lot of training, a lot of time that drivers can use to make deliveries will be spent learning the program. With a large or growing workforce, this is a big challenge.

  3. An easy and quick way to import data

    This is a very important factor when it comes to choosing a solution that helps you map a route for your business. If you have to make deliveries at more than 10 addresses, then copy-pasting addresses or typing them in the search bar could take hours. If the application supports you to import a spreadsheet then you can jump to the core of the task quickly find route for your deliveries.

  4. Tracking and notifications

    Being able to track your drivers and their progress is the most vital feature in this list. If the software allows you to track your drivers and see if they are stuck in traffic jams due to accidents or weather, something that occurs quite regularly you can make necessary updates and increase your customer satisfaction. Also, if the app automatically sends notifications to your clients with changes in ETA that just makes things easier.

  5. Ability to make modifications to routes

    The capacity to make changes to routes within the app with just a few clicks is very significant in the practical world. A lot of deliveries get rescheduled, canceled, or added at the last moment. If the app can find route with these changes and quickly do so, then it is quite good.

  6. Customizable driver profile

    Managing a large workforce or a fleet that works around the clock can be quite tricky when the app doesn’t allow you to integrate individual driver preferences like the number of stops per driver, different start/endpoints, different work times, etc.  


No one application that fits the needs of every company that operates with a mobile workforce. You have to decide which route planning tool is the best for you based on the size and type of your business. Certain apps are more practical for your needs. Route planners like Upper Crew, Onfleet, Speedy Route, and Circuit route planner are quite popular in their game.

It is possible to plan a route using google maps by adding each address in the search bar and reordering stops on the map. But it is practical for companies making less than 10 deliveries, and the frequency of making those deliveries is very low. Google Maps was developed to provide driving directions and not to find the shortest route.

Most route mapping solutions do offer a basic version with basic features that can be experimented until you know what features are the most valuable to you. However, in most free versions, a limited number of stops can be made and can be used with a limited number of truck drivers. You will still find free route planners with multiple stops like Waze, Google Maps, and Mapquest.

Any delivery business that makes last-mile delivery like small couriers, food deliveries, retail stores, waste collection, etc. that operate on the B2C (Business to Customer) model needs a multi-stop route planner app to maximize profits by planning the fastest route with unlimited stops and using resources in an effective way. The best free route planner will be either Google Maps or Mapquest.

Make Your Deliveries Quick & Effortless

We hope that these 8 route planning software options will help you manage your deliveries easier. Offering free and paid versions of a route planning software along with a variety of features make offering delivery service seem effortless, quick, and organized. 

There are countless more great route planner apps like CoPilot, Workwave Route Manager, Speedy Route, and Circuit which perform the same functions and make a good support system for the delivery industry.

As a delivery service business, you must look for a tool that helps you to add unlimited stops, add trip duration limit, create truck specific routes, and provide unlimited routes for multiple drivers simultaneously. 

If you still have any questions or want to share your views on this topic, you can connect with us through our contact us page or head over to our blog for further reading.

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